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RUSH: You know what today is? On this very day 17 years ago, this very day, January 7, 1999, Bill Clinton faced the United States Senate to answer for the charges of perjury in the Monica Lewinsky case. Seventeen years ago today, Bill Clinton faced the United States Senate for charges of perjury. And have you noticed, speaking of this, have you noticed now all of the older liberals who, in the old days, vouched unconditionally for Bill Clinton, are now slowly starting to turn?

The most glaring example is the supermarket magnate, Ron Burkle. Ron Burkle used to be inseparable. Wherever Clinton was and wherever women with Clinton were, that’s where Burkle was. When I met Clinton at a restaurant in New York City one night, Burkle was in the entourage there, along with the mayor of Los Angeles, who came over to distract me while Clinton hit on my date. It’s a true story. It’s funny as heck.

Anyway, all of these people now are starting to express concerns over Clinton’s behavior back then, but back then these same people, “There’s nothing to see here, just sex, no big deal. Nobody got hurt. It didn’t affect the way he’s doing his job, leave it alone. Everybody has sex, it’s just sex.” But now, Mr. and Mrs. Baby Boomer are having to explain to Millennial sons and daughters why they donated money to this reprobate and this predator and why they were in such support of this guy and why they took such great pains to look the other way and why they supported and voted a serial abuser of women.
Your average Millennial today will say, “Okay, Dad, Mom, what’s the difference between Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton?” What are you gonna say if you are Mr. and Mrs. Baby Boomer? And if you have an on-the-spot young Millennial woman who starts hearing about the truth back then and says, “Hey, Mom, why did Hillary enable Bill Clinton to cheat on her? Why did Hillary Clinton join her husband’s efforts to destroy these women who came forward and said that Bill Clinton had abused them or hit on them? Why was Hillary helping him try to destroy those?”

These are questions that are being asked of adults today who were all-in on what the Clintons were doing back in the nineties.

See, Millennials have parents, and many of those parents voted for and donated big money to the Clintons. Now that all has to be explained. I’ll give you a little illustration. This happened on the golf course recently. I’m thinking of the shortest way to tell the story here. I was shocked to learn that a couple, three, maybe four really pro-life Catholic males, friends of mine who are in their sixties, have all of a sudden become pro-choice. They used to not be but they’re now pro-life. What changed?

They all have daughters. They all have daughters, and they all are scared to death of the men that their daughters are meeting and running around with, and they’re scared to death that their daughters are gonna get pregnant and have their lives ruined, and they can’t rule out abortion to fix it. It’s all about kids, it’s all about their kids. It’s not that they changed their attitude about themselves. Well, the point is the same kind of thing, reality, realization is happening with some of these adults who thought way back in the nineties thought that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were the cat’s meow and now all of a sudden they don’t.

They’ve either grown up or they’ve got kids or whatever and it’s something later in life, how do you defend what the Clintons did today when you were defending it back then? You can’t. Not in the current era, not with the political correctness as it’s evolved, not with the attitude about sexual predators and so forth on campus, date rape, this kind of thing. There is just no leeway, latitude for understanding it, accepting it, and excusing it, i.e., Clinton type behavior.

So a lot of adults who thought, “No big deal,” and really even back then I’m convinced that much of the support for Clinton was really not support for Clinton. It was just standing firm against conservative Republicans and making sure we didn’t win on this, making sure they didn’t harm Clinton. It wasn’t really about defending and protecting Clinton’s behavior, although there were some cad guys who thought Clinton was cool for getting away with it, was a role model.

But most people back then were defending the Clintons only to make sure that the Republicans/conservatives didn’t get a political victory over the guy on it. Well, now that’s all gone now. There’s no reason to protect Bill Clinton unless you really are invested in protecting Hillary. And I’m telling you, the people that have all of that emotion and support invested in Bill Clinton do not have it invested in Hillary. Not nearly to the same degree, as evidenced by Burkle.

Just one glaring example.

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