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RUSH: We’ve got some new polling numbers in here on the Trump race. TheHill.com/NBC/Wall Street… NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll. Trump’s at almost 40% in this one now. Thirty-eight percent. This is nationwide. Trump 38%, Ted Cruz 20%, Marco Rubio 11%, Ben Carson 9%, and Jeb and Christie and Paul are tied at 3%. Three weeks before the Hawkeye Cauci.


RUSH: Donald Trump, in addition now to the NBC/MonkeyBar poll. Whatever that monkey poll is. What the hell is it? Monkey what? SurveyMonkey. Okay, Trump 38%, Cruz 20%. From the New York Times: “Donald Trump Has Commanding Lead in Latest New Hampshire Poll.” Trump’s 32% among likely Republican voters… Oh, by the way, speaking of that, Byron York has piece in the Washington Examiner saying that any of you who are not Trump fans, any of you in the media, any of you Republicans who think that Trump’s people are not going to actually attend the caucuses in Iowa, you may have another thing coming.

It might well be that Trump’s supporters are more motivated than anybody else to show up at these caucuses, which would stand to reason, would it not? You know something? It’s always amazed me, just in the logical sense. Here you have Trump with the biggest crowds, the most energetic crowds. You have people standing in line. Thousands and thousands of people far beyond the capacity of the venue are standing in line in all kinds of inclement, bad weather, and then they tell us, “Yeah, but they’re not the kind of people who are going to show up and vote.”

Really? You got all this enthusiasm but all this is is a bunch of people going to a circus act? That’s what they want to tell you and what they want you to believe, is that all these people supporting Trump, they don’t really support Trump. “They’re just they’re bored. They’re looking for things to excite ’em. They live in cold-weather towns! Trump flies in, so it’s a big deal to go see him, a big yuk. But they’re not gonna go vote! They’re not gonna go to the caucuses.” Trump supporters are showing more enthusiasm than anybody else’s out there. He and Cruz.

But where do you get this? Why is it axiomatic that all of this support don’t show up and vote or doesn’t show up the caucuses? The two don’t go together. So I think it’s just more of the powers that be — the establishment Republican side, media, whatever — trying to make themselves feel better about what is obviously a phenomenon. I saw this happen during the Perot phenomenon. You had people on the Republican side saying, “Well, he’s not real. He’s not in this for real. He’s got a personal vendetta against George H. W. Bush. These Perot people, they’re fly by nights! They’re not going to be there in the long haul.”

And they were!

Perot, the reason he got out is ’cause he was going to win! He didn’t want to win. Eugene Robinson, Washington Post, liberal columnist, wrote today that Trump could win. He’s warning the Democrat Party against underestimating Trump’s chances. “For Democrats who might be rooting for Donald Trump, thinking he would be easy to beat in November, I have some advice,” writes Eugene Robinson: “Be careful what you wish for. … The important thing is that Trump, by being transgressive in the way he speaks, gives listeners the license to be transgressive in the way they think. When he rails against ‘political correctness,’ he’s talking about the manners and courtesies that many of us would call being ‘civil.'”

No he’s not! Political correctness is not civility!

Political correctness is censorship. Political correctness is a bunch of bullies. Political correctness is intimidation. There’s nothing civil about it. That actually ticks me off. “When he rails against ‘political correctness,’ heÂ’s talking about the manners and courtesies that many of us would call being ‘civil.’ But his in-your-face bullying strikes a chord with the large segment of the Republican electorate that is tired of being polite.”

That’s not at all what this is about. It’s not being about polite. It’s about being smart versus stupid. It’s not about being polite. It’s about being afraid. Mr. Robinson, you’re confusing things. You’re confusing politeness. You’re not seeing what it is. It’s fear. All these people being polite, they just fear what people like you are gonna say about ’em in the media which doesn’t make any sense, but that’s what it is. Political correctness is who the bully is. Look at what political correctness people do to enforce what they believe. They set out to punish people for what they say and for imagining what they think.

Daily Caller: “Trump Leads In Florida, Virginia, Michigan.” Overtime Politics poll shows Trump ahead of Texas Senator Cruz by nine. Leading Clinton and Bernie Sanders and would beat them both. Now, I mentioned earlier the Politico has some ironic stories. There are two of them, and let me give you the first one. The first is from The Politico magazine. You know, a magazine like the New York Times has a magazine. New York Times Sunday magazine. Liberals love it. They get that and they go out and find their coffee beans and they smash ’em and grind ’em up there and they drink their coffee and imagine organic heaven and start reading the New York Times Magazine.

The other spouse is reading the newspaper and they switch off about three in the afternoon. They spend the whole day reading the New York Times. So The Politico wanted to get in on it an actually get their own magazine. Headline: “TrumpÂ’s Campaign Is Damaging His Brand — New data obtained by Politico Magazine shows that among the high-income consumers TrumpÂ’s business relies on, his reputation is plummeting.

“If Donald Trump is nothing else, heÂ’s an American brand. The Trump name adorns luxury condominiums, hotels and golf courses around the world; it has sold a TV show, millions of books, a line of cologne and even, briefly, an airline.” Remember that, the Trump shuttle? Remember that, Snerdley? Did you ever fly the Trump shuttle? He bought it from US Air, so it was Delta and Trump competition. He served champagne on his first flight only. He was not on the flight. He was on the plane, but got off of it before it took off. It’s all coach. Flew his own plane down to meet his shuttle plane on arrival.

“Trump has built his distinctive trademark over the course of decades in public life.” They go on to talk about how Trump’s business brand was big, fabulous, and great, but now Trump is destroying it. He’s damaging his brand. His reputation is plummeting.

The next Politico story. “Trump’s ‘Strange New Respect’ Moment — You saw it here first,” says The Politico. “The media is coming around to the mogul. Having survived public thrashings from his political foes and the press for his policy proposals, his increasingly outrageous speeches, and his personality, Donald Trump now finds himself receiving strange new respect from unexpected corners.

“If youÂ’re not familiar with the ‘strange new respect’ trope, a short primer. The American SpectatorÂ’s Tom Bethell introduced the concept in a 1992 article to ridicule the practice of liberal journalists who would reward conservative politicians who migrated from right to left by commenting in print on how they were now commanding ‘strange new respect.'”

Another way of putting it was, this politician is showing growth. Why, he’s actually growing. That meant becoming liberal. Transferring from conservative to liberal. So what they’re now saying is that Trump is a recipient of strange new respect just like McCain had it. All of a sudden the media’s coming around now. They have a strange new respect for Trump. They’re trying to say it signals the end of the guy. Just like when they said McCain had it, you know, McCain did, McCain fell for it, he thought the media was his base. He thought the media would never abandon him.

There are those of us that tried to tell him, Senator McCain, the minute you have a Democrat opponent, this love affair is over and the media is gonna be all over you and hate you. (imitating McCain) “It’s not gonna happen, it’s not gonna happen, because I spent years and years building these relationships, isn’t gonna happen.” And it happened. So they’re trying to run the same shtick here on Trump. But they’re still amazed that all of a sudden the media is now treating Trump with newfound respect.

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