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RUSH: I got an e-mail this morning, “Could you tell me why you are endorsing Rubio?” I said, “I’m not endorsing Rubio. I haven’t endorsed anybody. I haven’t endorsed Trump, I haven’t endorsed Cruz, I haven’t endorsed anybody.” “Well, okay, why are you…?” Is it really that complicated, folks?

What I happen to be supporting is: When people say something that I think needs to be said, I’m going to amplify it. To me, all of this is about ideas, and it certainly matters who wins. And it certainly matters the ideas that they have. Now, if Rubio is out saying what nobody else in the party other than Ted Cruz, will say, then I’m not gonna condemn him for saying it. I don’t care how many times he says it. I don’t care if he looked robotic when he said it.

Yeah, he didn’t look good, but that’s not what’s important to me. It’s not complicated at all. Barack Obama has an executed strategy to transform this country. He has said so. If you go back and listen to Obama as we have in audio sound bites dating all the way back to the early 2000s, I don’t care if it’s single-payer health care, national health care, our superpower status, whatever it is — the problem with equality, the racial problem in this, whatever it is — Obama has let everybody know he doesn’t like the way this country was founded, and he thinks this country needs to be chopped down to size.

And he said when he assumed office and when he campaigned that he was going to transform this country. He loved what Reagan did. He thought Reagan was transformative, and Reagan was a success in the sense that he converted this country for a few short years into a unabashed, no-doubt-about-it, market-based, entrepreneurial, opportunity society, reducing the size of government (at least thematically), lowering taxes, and promoting individual liberty. Obama thought it was massive what Reagan was able to do.

He disagreed with all of it, but he wanted to do the same thing but with his ideas. He’s not accidentally making mistakes. He’s not rooted in incompetence and incapability. Barack Obama is doing exactly what he planned on doing, and he’s doing it well. He’s done it. I think Obama and Michelle probably pinch themselves at night unbelieving how easy it has been. I think they sit there and, when they’re honest with themselves, they can’t believe how little opposition there has really been to it. Oh, yeah, there have been some Republicans out there talking about it.

But when it comes to actually pushing back and stopping any of this, there hasn’t been any. Obama’s got everything. The last budget deal, even he couldn’t believe how much the Republicans gave up. Even he couldn’t believe how much he won. It’s not rooted in incompetence or inexperience what Obama’s doing, whatever you think of it. It’s rooted in he’s got his ideas, he’s got his beliefs. They are not great about this country. He thinks this country has been unjust and immoral from its founding, and it’s his job to change it and turn it around.

And that’s what he’s doing.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are the only two guys saying it. I’m not gonna go out and condemn somebody for however many times they say it when I think it needs to be said. I think everybody needs to learn it. I think everybody — as many people as possible — need to understand what has been going on. And when you have… Like I said yesterday, folks: How come these governors do not say this about Obama? Take your pick of any of them. Kasich, Christie, any number of them. Rick Perry was an exception.

But for the most part, none of them will go anywhere near the idea Obama’s doing this on purpose. They all fall back on the fact that it’s just Obama’s inexperienced. “He wasn’t qualified, he wasn’t prepared, and that’s why we don’t want Rubio in there, and that’s why we don’t want Cruz in there. These guys haven’t done anything. They have no experience doing it. We governors, we make tough executive decisions every day — like destroying our states and working with Obama.” And that’s the key.

They can no more go out and tell the truth about Barack Obama because they have helped him. That may sound a little bit hard-hitting or brutal, but they have. They have worked with Obama. They can’t turn around and then accuse Obama of having this negative agenda because they have helped him make it possible. Not that that was their desire. See, that makes it even worse, if you ask me. I don’t think any of these Republican governors agree with Obama that the country sucks. I don’t think they agree with him that it was founded in an unjust and immoral way.

But they didn’t stand up to it, for whatever reason. They needed money, wanted photo-ops. I don’t know what the reason was but they worked with Obama; they didn’t push back. They did not, as Republicans, tell the people in their states why the destruction that’s happening in this country is happening. They didn’t point the right finger in the right direction at the right person to blame for this, which is crucial in turning this around.

It ought to be a gigantic teachable moment, and yet we haven’t had any teaching. It ought to be the greatest opportunity to contrast who we are and what we believe with our political opponents because they are succeeding every day in their mission to fundamentally transform and change this country from a beacon of freedom to a beacon of welfare state dependence and forever debt. They want to cut this country down to where it’s no longer a superpower. They don’t want to have any international involvement whatsoever.

They believe the United States is the problem in the world, not the solution. And we have people on our side who won’t say it — and, in fact, can’t say it because they have, in one form or another, at one time other another, worked with and cooperated with Obama. I’m sure they would say, “Hey, Rush, I mean, I gotta deal with it as I see it. I’m the governor of a state. My state needs money. My state needs this federal cooperation. I can’t go out there, can’t be bashing Obama.” I’m not talking about “bashing” Obama.

I’m talking about telling the truth about why the country is dregs that it’s in, why this country’s headed in the direction it’s in. We’ve got to turn it around. We’ve got to stop it. Too many people in this country are being educated that socialism is great, that socialism is fair, that socialism is the way to go. We are killing the engine that creates wealth, and we are going to maintain wealth in the hands of the people who have it now and nobody else.

We are putting in place obstacle after obstacle after obstacle toward the creation of wealth by average, ordinary people. And it’s happening because there is an ideology leading this country called liberalism, socialism, whatever you want to call it, that wants total power over citizens, that believe that average citizens cannot take care of themselves and will not make the right decisions with their own money or otherwise. And a great teachable moment has gone to waste here for seven years, except there have been people who have been speaking up.

So when Rubio comes out and says what he says about Obama over and over again, I’m going to amplify it because Rubio’s right. When Ted Cruz says it, same thing. When Donald Trump earlier in the campaign is demonstrating that you don’t have to fear political correctness, I’m gonna point it out. And I’m gonna say it’s a great thing. When Donald Trump has demonstrated that you don’t have to be afraid of the media, that you can triumph being who you are if you are confident, if you believe in what you believe. We don’t need to tiptoe through the American political system when we’re trying to save the country.

You don’t have to be afraid of these things. All of this has been in evidence. I have been trying to point it out whenever somebody says or does anything I happen to agree with, that’s what I promote. Sadly, I don’t think it’s all contained inside one candidate. There are a couple that are there that come close to embodying all of this, and some that don’t embody any of it. But I have always promoted the ideas I believe, and I have always championed people who publicly articulate them. Even if they might have a credibility problem here or there.

And I think it happens to be very crucial. I think it’s relevant as it can be that as many people as possible understand that what’s happening in this country is not coincidence, it’s not unfortunate because we elected somebody that doesn’t know what he’s doing. We elected somebody who knows exactly what he’s doing, did not have the guts to tell us what he was gonna do per se. If Obama had told you all of this that was gonna happen, would you have voted for him? There is no way in Sam Hill that he would have been, certainly not reelected, and he wouldn’t have been elected in the first place in my view if Obama had been honest about what his purpose is.

If Obama had promised to take the national debt to $20 trillion from 12 trillion when he was in office, when he assumed office, if he had promised to make a total mess of our health care system so that in the future he can have the government run the whole thing, if he had told you, “My plan is to so screw up the health care system that in a number of years you’re gonna be begging the government to do it,” would he have been elected? No.

He had to position this as though it was already broken and he was the savior to come in and fix it all. He was the guy that was gonna make all this great. He was gonna reduce global warming and lower the sea levels. He was gonna bring about love and unity and respect for the US all over the world.

How’s that working out for us? It’s the exact opposite of what he said he was gonna do. Sorry; people need to know it. We have a Republican Party that has not engaged in one day’s worth of this kind of push-back over the course of seven years. And it’s just too important to continue to operate as though this is just politics-as-usual and Democrats happened to win two elections in a row and it’s coming up on our turn.

This is not your dad’s Democrat Party, and it sure as heck isn’t your grandfather’s Democrat Party. This is a Democrat Party that Fidel Castro and Mao Tse-tung and V. I. Lenin would applaud and say, “Keep going, guys, you’re on your way.” This is not the Democrat Party everybody thought existed for the working man, the blue-collar guy, the union assembly line worker, the downtrodden, the thirsty, the hungry, the little guy. The little guy is getting creamed by this administration, along with everybody else except rich, uber-rich people who buy and pay and get involved in cronyism with the administration or the Regime. They’re doing gangbusters and they’re all gonna see that Obama does gangbusters after he leaves orifice.

He’s gonna be fine. Michelle’s gonna be fine, just like the Clintons are fine. The $115 million in speeches in 10 years. I’m sorry, folks. There aren’t that many people with that much money who care that much and think the Clintons are that special, that unique in order to pay them that much money to hear ’em come in and flap their gums. There’s something else going on. And you and I know what it is. They’re all buying influence on the come in the idea that Hillary might someday be president.

These people don’t even get invited to cocktail parties in the afternoon in the Hamptons anymore because all the dregs they attract. But somebody will sure go out and pay ’em gazillions of dollars for speeches, 25-minute, 30-minute speeches, Hillary won’t even release a transcript because if she did people voting for her in the Democrat Party would look at the transcript, “My God, this woman may as well be a banker. She thinks they’re the greatest people on earth. She’s promising to protect ’em. She’s promising to look out after their interests.”

It would be the great betrayal your average, ordinary Democrat socialist voter could discover. But they would never find such a transcript of a speech by Bernie Sanders, ’cause he wouldn’t do it. And, as such, Bernie Sanders didn’t get paid $115 million over the last six years, or ten years or whatever it is. So that’s why I’m making a big deal out of what Marco Rubio said. It’s really simple: He’s right, and a lot more people need to hear it, and even more than that need to start understanding it and believing it.


RUSH: Let me illustrate this one more way. You go back to Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush and his comments about not blaming Obama for a single thing, promising everybody, unlike his predecessor, he’s not going to blame his predecessor if he happens to be elected president. How can you possibly say that knowing this is being done on purpose? What is your purpose in being in the White House?

You know, I have to tell you something, folks. I have been perplexed. I understand the Bush family, and I know them and I appreciate them, and I know the reverence they hold for the office of the presidency and the traditions therein. I understand all that. But what’s been done to this country since George Bush left office, I don’t know how he stays quiet about it.

Now, there are certain things — let me put myself in the equation, the best way to explain this. If I were ever president for two terms and had succeeded in the agenda I believe in and had succeeded in promoting some of my ideas, and the next guy comes in and starts tearing it apart and ripping it to shreds and lying about me, I am not going to stay silent about it. If it mattered that much to me that I ran for president to try to save the country, to try to put my ideas into action nationally, somebody comes along — and I guarantee you, Obama’s not gonna remain silent.

I am here to tell you that whoever the next president is, Republican or Democrat, that does one thing to Obamacare or anything else that he holds dear, he’s gonna be out there calling whoever he likes in the media that day, and they’re gonna make him the lead story of the nightly news saying Barack Obama is warning the United States of what the new president is doing. He’s not gonna sit by and let somebody undo this. Which only makes sense if your heart and soul’s in it, if you really believe it.

So making a pledge not to criticize your predecessor when your predecessor has admitted that his objective was to transform this country and turn it into something it was never founded to be, and you’re saying that for praise, like getting a gold star, somehow that means you’re polite and well manner and you’re going to be executing proper presidential decorum? At what point do the ideas matter?

At what point does your core belief and your principles matter, and at what point do they not? “Well, Rush, it just isn’t done. Past presidents are supposed to disappear. It’s the polite thing to do. The American people have spoken. New man’s been elected, or woman, and it’s time for you to –” Yeah, I understand that, maybe for a couple weeks. But if I’d poured my heart and soul in it and my core and everything else, and some lying SOB comes along, lying about me and impugning the things that I had done for the country, especially the successes that had been had, I’m sorry, the first on my mind is not gonna be, “What’s the tee time today?”

I don’t know. Maybe that wouldn’t be the case. Maybe if I were actually elected president, served two terms and left, maybe the power of the institution and its protocols and its traditions would overcome me. I don’t know. But I’m just trying to find a way here to express to you when the power of ideas, why I think they are important, words mean things. And I’m just befuddled by people who think or who want applause and credit for not criticizing my predecessor or my opponent, even. I mean, what criticism of Obama’s going on now, for crying out loud?

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