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RUSH: Hillary’s out there barking now, trying to imitate. I guess the story is that back when she was somewhere, sometime, they had a dog, and the dog barked when the dog heard a lie. Something. Really short version of the story. And so now Hillary is out there saying that we need a dog. We need a new dog to bark every time the Republicans start telling lies. And then she started barking like a dog with a big crowd behind her on stage. It was at a public appearance, she started barking like a dog. I’m looking for the audio sound bite ’cause I know I saw it. Here it is. Grab number 16. I asked for a montage, I want a montage of some sounds Hillary’s made, and they’re working on that now. But it was in Reno.

And Dingy Harry’s mad at her because she went out she said, you know, the Nevada caucuses, it’s not really that important because there’s no diversity in Nevada. Eighty percent of the vote out there is white, and they’re all gonna go for Bernie Sanders. Dingy Harry blew a gasket over her insult to the electorate of his state. Anyway, here’s Hillary barking a long time ago dog in Reno last night.

HILLARY: One of my favorite, favorite political ads of all time was a radio ad, rural Arkansas, where the announcer said, “Wouldn’t it be great if [when] somebody running for office said something, we could have an immediate reaction as to whether it was true or not? Well, we’ve trained this dog, and the dog, if it’s not true, he’s gonna bark.” I’m trying to figure out how we could do that with the Republicans, you know? We need… We need to get that dog and follow — follow them around and every time they say these things like, “Oh, you know, the Great Recession was caused by too much regulation.” Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf!

RUSH: It goes much longer than that. She kept barking and barking. I’m sorry, folks, that… She went on barking for life 10 seconds like that. But any way, we’re gonna put a montage together. Now, here’s the thing about this, though. There’s two things. Do you notice how she’s obsessed with the fact that they need a Truth Detector out there? Bill Clinton was obsessed with that when he called KMOX St. Louis about me.

They are paranoid out there that people are lying about them, and what that really means is they’re paranoid they’re not getting away with their lies when she talks about, “We need a dog to start barking — Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf! — when the Republicans lie such as, ‘It was too much regulation that caused the banking crisis.'” That’s a side issue. I’ll try to explain once again what that was about. I will if time permits. But, anyway, the second point about this, if this were a Republican, that’s all you would be seeing on cable news right now.

And you would be watching long discussion segments on cable news, assembled experts and guests would be asked to explain the Republicans’ state of mind. “Is the pressure of the campaign getting to him?” they would be asked. “Is this the kind of temperament we want to see in a potential president?” All of these questions. And it would be designed to, once again, by virtue of perception, attempt to destroy and impugn the image and reputation of said Republican. With Hillary, they’re burying it.

And those places that are not burying are not acting like it’s any big deal, and it’s not the first such verbal screw up that Hillary has engaged in such as the screeching, angry, out-of-control woman talking about not being allowed to dissent against sitting administrations, and then the black dialect, “I ain’t no ways tiiired.” All of this kind of stuff, that literally would destroy any Republican. The media would take the occasion of these events to destroy any Republican. This is gonna be looped. It already is looped.

It’s gonna be added to songs. “Who Let the Dogs Out?” You can bet this is gonna be all over social media. The Clintons can’t control that. It’s gonna be out there everywhere. It’s gonna be out there with people laughing at her, making fun of her. It’s gonna be part of social media supporters trying to defend her. I just don’t know the impact that it’s going to have on her as it would damage a Republican. But regardless, it’s funny as hell. And we can ask the same questions:

“Is she cracking up? Is the pressure getting to her?” I think it’s a legitimate question. Remember, this started out as a coronation. This started out that Bernie Sanders was there for a faux fight, and now this has turned into she lost New Hampshire and might lose Nevada, which was supposed to be her western “firewall.” Now we go to South Carolina, and it’s being said that the only thing that will save her there is the African-American vote.

This is not how this was supposed to go.

Bill Clinton was not supposed to have joined the campaign this early, and Bill Clinton joined the… He’s being laughed at, made fun of, and commented upon as looking old and decrepit and out of it and clearly not the same Clinton that everybody knew in the nineties. None of this, I guarantee you, was supposed to happen. But even with all that, I mean, who else could legitimately be their nominee? She’s still gonna be the one, it would seem, the smart money would say.


RUSH: Okay. So the Democrat presidential frontrunner… Can we call her the front-runner? Well, she’s the presumed nominee. I don’t know that she’s the front-runner, now. Well, she is in delegates, so that we’ll call her the front-runner. The Democrat front-runner is barking mad, and everybody’s talking about how out of control Trump is? All you gotta do is visit the Hillary campaign. So she’s out there barking to illustrate Republicans lying, some old dog in a radio commercial from rural Arkansas that she remembers.

But get this headline from TheHill.com: “Frustrated Female Senators Say Clinton Is Victim of Sexism — Women serving in the Senate say Hillary Clinton is being subjected to an unfair, sexist double standard on the campaign trail. … ‘She’s often judged by a double standard,’ said Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), the dean of the Senate women. ‘Many of we women feel that there’s a double standard. What’s being said about Hillary is what women have heard for centuries. You’re too loud, you’re too aggressive, you’re too pushy. Why do you want the vote?'”

Nobody’s saying that anymore.

You know, the whole… Men have been tamed into being practically docile these days. Nobody says that. These people are living in a time warp. They’re living in an era… These people can’t… In Hillary’s case, she can’t get out of the nineties. These female senators can’t get past the sixties and seventies, which is the birth of the modern era of feminism. And just like the African-American community, the civil rights coalition, they still think it’s the 1800s or 1960. It is amazing, these people on the left.

They keep talking about building bridges to the future and so forth, and they are stuck back in the historical period where they think life was toughest for them. And then they talk and complain and whine and moan as though no progress has been made. Here’s Barbara Mikulski with a complaint that feminists were whining about back in the sixties and seventies. Double standard and equal pay are nonissues anymore except in Hillary’s office where women don’t make as much as men.

“What’s being said about Hillary is what women have heard for centuries”? Who’s saying she’s too loud or too aggressive? She’s barking like a dog, Mikulski! What do you mean, too loud? People are saying she needs to cry more like she did in New Hampshire, people say she needs to start making sense, but nobody’s saying she’s being too loud, too aggressive, or too pushy. That’s old stuff, but here they are stuck in the past.

“Senate Democratic women have raised their concerns about the public treatment of Clinton in private conversations with their colleagues, with lawmakers keeping close watch on her primary battle with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). ‘There are many Senate men that feel the same way. It’s an equal opportunity for frustration. When are we going to start talking about ideas?’ Mikulski said.” Who are these men? I’ll tell you, they’re henpecked.

Your average, ordinary liberal metrosexual, docile, hardly notice-the-guy kind of Democrat. Yeah, they’re running around echoing the same complaints the women do ’cause that’s the only way they can get to second base with ’em. Everybody knows that. Everybody’s seen that. “Female lawmakers were particularly galled by [Bob Woodward] characterizing Clinton’s tone as ‘screaming.'” I can see why they’d be mad. It’s not screaming; it’s screeching. She screeches.


RUSH: You know, there is, ladies and gentlemen, a double standard with Hillary Clinton, and we have to be honest about it. She’s being judged by a double standard, I will admit. And it’s this: If Hillary Clinton were a man, with her identical record, she would not even be running for president. She would have been laughed out of it.

With her demonstrable failures like the Russian reset, her wide-ranging incompetence led by whatever went on in Benghazi (and we have a pretty good idea), her willingness to lie to the American people and the families of the dead in Benghazi, her basic lack of understanding of the job of secretary of state (that it’s more than just accumulating a lot of hours and days flying around the world).

I’m serious. If there were a man who had been secretary of state with her horrible record running for president, I guarantee you he would be judged much more harshly than Mrs. Clinton is being. Mrs. Clinton isn’t judged at all, particularly by people on the left. They want to coronate her. She gets the most favorable press of any person in this race outside of Barack Hussein Obama. There’s a clear double standard for which she is benefiting. The fact that she is a woman covers her incompetence and masks it.

And the fact that she is a woman prevents anybody from seriously going after her on that basis. You won’t see Bernie Sanders do it. Bernie Sanders won’t go after her incompetence as secretary of state, even if he thought it, because she’s a woman. And you still don’t hit the woman. No matter how far the feminists advance, there are still certain societal norms. You don’t invade a woman’s space — and you don’t theoretically, figuratively, or literally — hit the woman. You don’t be mean to the woman.

You just don’t do it, no matter who the woman is. Even if it’s Nurse Ratched, you don’t do it — and she benefits from that. She benefits from having a record that is not scrutinized. And the proof… You know what generated that whole story here about these women in the Senate being upset that Hillary is being victim used by sexism? Bob Woodward characterized her speaking pattern as “screaming.” And they’re all having a cow in the Senate off that description of Hillary speaking.

Men are routinely made fun of for the way they speak. They’re routinely commented upon for the way they speak. The words they use, the speech patterns. You know, with men, everything’s fair game. You can go after men for any reason whatsoever, including for being a man. Look at how protected Hillary is because she’s a woman, because she’s a leftist woman. As a leftist woman, she’s a victim. Hillary Clinton, a victim.

Hillary, who has earned 115 or whatever it is million dollars over the years doing speeches, being paid $256,000 by Goldman Sachs to come in and speak for 20 minutes. And she will not release the transcripts of those appearances. You know why? Because she goes in and she tells ’em how wonderful they are. She goes in and tells ’em how important they are to the US economy.

For that kind of money, she goes in and sings their praises. That’s why you’ll never see a transcript of Mrs. Clinton’s speech, or speeches, before banks. Because while she’s on the campaign trail trying to make voters think that she’s gonna get even with ’em and she’s gonna take ’em down and she’s gonna punish ’em, she’s out kissing their butts in private, in order to become independently wealthy. But you can’t say that because she’s a woman; that’s to attack the woman. So, yeah, she’s benefiting greatly from a double standard.

That she is a woman.


RUSH: Now, I want to go back, ladies and gentlemen, to Hillary Clinton, who was recently at a campaign appearance in Reno, and in the campaign appearance she remembered a radio commercial that she had heard in rural Arkansas. And I will bet you that Hillary Clinton remembers every damn second that she spent in rural Arkansas, because I will bet you she hated it and she resented whatever took her there. And it would have been her husband’s campaign, I guarantee you, not the Rose Law Firm. Her husband’s campaign would take her into the sticks of Arkansas, and as a Northeastern elite academic, it’s just demeaning as it could be.

So she remembers this radio commercial in rural Arkansas where there was a dog that barked every time some advertiser or some sponsor or whatever told a lie, she said (imitating Clinton), “You know what? We need a dog like that. We need a dog like that for the Republicans when they start talking about the banking system.” And in the middle of her remarks, this is what she did.

(Hillary barks)

She started barking like a dog. It’s on video. She’s holding a microphone, “Arf arf arf arf.” Now, ever since Chelsea was in the White House dog jokes have been verboten, and here comes Hillary now acting like a dog on the campaign trail and on the stage in Reno, Nevada. So we thought we would add this to our ongoing montage of Hillary Clinton sounds that she emits regularly.

HILLARY: I don’t feel no ways tired. Arf arf arf arf. I come too far. (cackle) Arf arf arf arf. We are Americans. (cackle) And we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration! (cackling series) Arf arf arf arf.

RUSH: There you have it, Hillary Clinton’s campaign reduced to 29 seconds. We have some Hillary Clinton sound bites. Where are they? Oh, here they are. She was in Hooksett, New Hampshire, last Tuesday night, Clinton campaign headquarters, and she was speaking to supporters after losing the New Hampshire primary.

HILLARY: When children anywhere in our country go to bed hungry or are denied a quality education or face abuse or abandonment, that diminishes all of us. That’s why I did start my career at the Children’s Defense Fund. That’s why I went undercover in Alabama to expose racism in schools. That’s why I worked to reform juvenile justice in South Carolina. And that is why I went to Flint, Michigan, on Sunday. When people anywhere in America are held back by injustice, that demands action.

RUSH: And Gwen Ifill then asked her a question. This was in Milwaukee, PBS, a Democrat debate. She asked Hillary if white Americans don’t have a right to be resentful right now.

HILLARY: I’m gonna do everything I can to address distressed communities, whether they are communities of color, whether they are white communities, whether they are in any part of our country. Particularly —

RUSH: Is that a dog barking?

HILLARY: — a proposal that Congressman Jim Clyburn has, the 10-20-30 proposal, to try to spend more federal dollars in communities with persistent generational poverty.

RUSH: Okay.

HILLARY: You know what, if you look at it numbers —

RUSH: Okay, okay, we got it.

HILLARY: — there are actually as many, if not more, white communities —

RUSH: All right. Right.

HILLARY: — that are truly being left behind and left out. And that’s why, as president, I will look at communities that need special help and try to deliver that.

RUSH: We are gonna have that dog barking at every lie Hillary tells, which is pretty much after every sentence. And remember, she started it.

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