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RUSH: I spent 30 minutes of a monologue two days ago in the last half hour of this program really, really digging down deep to what all this is about to me. And I don’t… I would love to repeat it, actually, and I could, even though I don’t have it written in front of me. I didn’t have it written then. It came from my mind and from my heart. And it was all about this woman who called and said that we need somebody can unify us.

And that just set me off for some reason. ‘Cause unity isn’t what this is about. And to me, it never has been. I’m not of the belief that getting along with these people is the route to the solution to our problems. Defeating them is. They don’t want to get along with us, and this whole idea that we’ve gotta have a candidate who can bring us all together isn’t gonna happen. That was Obama. That’s as close as we’re ever gonna have to a candidate that people think can bring us together.

When you had Republicans thinking a vote for Obama would end racism, you had Democrats thinking a vote for Obama would… Whatever dream they wanted to hatch. And it’s just gotten worse and worse and worse. And the frustrating thing for me is, the caller also brought up Ronald Reagan, how unified we were. Reagan didn’t unify everybody. He ended up getting 49-state landslide in two elections, but we weren’t unified back then. The press and the Democrats despised Reagan. You had Ted Kennedy trying to sabotage Reagan, making trips to the Soviet Union.

The Democrat Party was making alliances with the Soviet Union and client states in Grenada and Nicaragua. The efforts to undermine Reagan were ongoing and never ending. Tip O’Neill, the media, I don’t care who you were, it didn’t end. It was vicious, it was mean-spirited, it was personal disgust and hatred. Despite all that, Ronald Reagan put together two terms that produced an economic boom the likes of which this country had not seen in 30 years or maybe 40. And all of the monsters that were gonna slay us were tamed.

The deficit, unemployment, interest rates. They were all erased as problems. There was more individual wealth created in those eight years and the subsequent eight after Reagan left office. The pie, the economy continued to grow. More and more people got jobs. They got valuable careers. College educations meant something. And it’s really frustrating. Why don’t we still have that? How did that get torn down? We had eight years of that, and include the four to 10 years afterwards. I mean, the Clinton economic boom is just tail end of the Reagan boom.

Clinton wouldn’t have happened if the Reagan eighties hadn’t, and I can’t tell you how frustrating that is for me, ’cause people lived it. We didn’t have to tell ’em how great it was gonna be; it was. People were able to buy homes. Interest rates came down, unemployment came down, individual wealth went up, wages went up. Everything was positive. People lived it. And it didn’t take long for them to be talked out of it. It didn’t take long for the media/the Democrat Party to convince everybody it was not true.

It was ingenuous, it was fake, it was what have you. “We had a big party that we didn’t deserve, that we didn’t have any right to have! We ran up all this mythical debt, and it came time to pay the bill,” which meant “higher taxes,” and everybody signs on to it and falls for it. To me, it was evidence that you never win. You have to keep winning. It’s never final. Republicans come back and they win the House in 1994 and assumed, mistakenly, that that meant the country had finally again moved conservative, and they stopped teaching it.

They stopped explaining why they were doing what they were doing, and that allowed the Democrats once again to come in and defame everybody. I don’t want to unify with these people. They have to be defeated. Defeating the Democrat Party is paramount. If that doesn’t happen… The Democrat Party is the agent of transformation in this country, and by that I mean I don’t… Folks, this is serious stuff. You have heard all about… From the nineties on, you heard the term “the culture war.” Well, there’s been one.

And overturning the culture of this country as established in our founding has been the objective of the Democrat Party for the past… Since the sixties. The Democrat Party became its radical, left-wing self following the Kennedy assassination. I’ve gone to great lengths explaining how that happened on previous programs, so I’m not gonna go into it again. But the main reason was that the left of that era could not let it stand that a communist fantastic had killed their beloved president.

They had to make it look like a crazed, right-wing bunch of people in Texas had done it. So Lee Harvey Oswald, a defector — an angry, deranged, lunatic communist of Soviet Union and Cuba fame — did assassinate Kennedy. There is no question. Whatever else went on, Lee Harvey Oswald pulled the trigger. He killed Kennedy. He was a deranged leftist communist. The New York Times leftists and the Washington Post leftists of the day could not let that stand. Beginning the day after JFK was assassinated, go look it up.

Front page the New York Times op-ed pieces on the dangerous crazies of the right wing in Texas who killed our beloved president. And so it began. The modern era of the Democrat Party thinking America sucks began the day following the JFK assassination. And they haven’t stopped, and they haven’t let up. And their transformation of America is to simply take away the culture that has been established since the founding of this country, that was established by democratic majorities on the basis that those democratic majorities are illegitimate, unfair, immoral.

And that era — the era of dominant American culture — is under attack, and some might say it’s over, those who’ve given up. But that’s what’s stake here. That’s why the Democrat Party has to be defeated, not unified with, not gotten along with, not compromised with. They have to be stopped. If you value the institutions, the traditions, the liberty, freedom, principles of the founding and our Declaration, then you have to defeat them. You have to be for defeating them, on an ongoing basis. One election doesn’t mean diddly-squat.

Where we are right now, no matter where you go — our think tanks, our media — every day, myself included (because this is where we are) are devoted to stopping. You know, it’s a tough sell, trying to reach the American people, the low-information crowd, those that are not devoted, interested, paying attention on a daily basis. We’re not gonna make connection to ’em by simply shouting, “Stop. You can’t do that! Stop! Stop!” That appears anti-progress. It appears anti-everything. But that’s what we’re…

You don’t have any choice.

I mean, we have got to stop the march of the left. But when that’s your message, the Democrats’ message isn’t stopping anything. What do they think they’re doing? They’re telling people they’re modernizing, they’re growing, they are accommodating. “Civil rights are expanding! Human rights are expanding. The old groups of people responsible for this mess are being defeated. They’re having their lunch hand to ’em. All this good stuff, positive action, moving forward.” Our whole message is: Stop ’em here, stop ’em there, stop ’em everywhere.

That’s what we have to do first. They’ve gotta be stopped, and they’re stopped by losing elections. And the frustrating thing is we have succeeded in defeating them. In the 2010 and 2014 in the midterms, they have suffered huge, huge defeats. But when it comes to the national Republican Party, there hasn’t been any commensurate action, no joining of the fight. You know the drill after that. That sets up the circumstance in which we find ourselves now. It always comes down to messaging.

After we say we want to stop this and stop that… We come out, say, for limited government. What does that mean to people, when government’s become Santa Claus? Balance the budget? Big whoop! Who cares about balancing the budget? I’m talking about messaging now, not reality. So these are the things that interest me, focus my attention each and every day, and this is the base on which I’m informed each day and in these circumstances that I analyze/judge the events of the day and how they’re playing out and so forth.

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