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RUSH: You know, Snerdley and I have this running little gag. It’s not actually a gag. Snerdley is convinced that Mitch McConnell and Charles Grassley are not gonna cave to Obama on the Supreme Court nomination. And of course I, Rush Limbaugh — intelligence guided by experience — am not so confident that they’re not going to cave, because the experience is they do. And because they have, it’s easier to predict that they will. But Snerdley is convinced that they are rock solid on this.

So I said to him, “Hey, did you see this: ‘Grassley Scheduling Obama Meeting Over SCOTUS Nominee’? And then the substory: McConnell is also trying to set one up.” So these guys aren’t even coordinating their meetings. Grassley is gonna have his own meeting with Obama, and McConnell’s gonna have his own trying to schedule. So I asked Snerdley, “Does this bother you?” “No, no, no, no. They’re just faking Obama out. They just gotta go through the motions here, but nothing’s gonna happen. Obama invited both of them.”

Snerdley says, “It’s okay, Obama invited them.” (laughing) Doesn’t matter. It’s still gonna happen. The meetings are still gonna happen, and that’s where danger lurks. I happened to be watching Special Report with Bret Baier last night, and a subject came up, and it was funny. It went George Will, and George Will said (summarized), “I really think that they should go ahead and schedule hearings for whoever Obama nominates, because obviously the Republicans need to learn themselves what they want in a nominee.”

And he went on to describe all of the Republican nominees that turned out to be commie libs such as Earl Warren and Harry Blackmun, all these Republicans presidents that nominated justices that end up writing Roe v. Wade. So Will’s point… He’s cracking a joke. Will’s point is the Republicans need to do this to figure out how to do it. Dr. Krauthammer said, “If they do this, they will cave. They ought not exchange one syllable with Obama. If they start the hearings, it’s over.

“They will cave,” meaning the Republicans. And the other panelist was the noted editor at TheHill.com, A.B. Stoddard. You know who she is? (interruption) Well, she… (interruption) No, she’s the daughter of one of the greatest broadcast executives in history: Brandon Stoddard of ABC. In fact, that’s what the B is in her name: Brandon. Xander Brandon Stoddard. She’s at TheHill.com.

Anyway, she’s on there and she thinks the Republicans could do it because the Republicans are rotten anyway and they ought not stand in Obama’s way. Just do it. It’s silly not to do it. So two out of three on the Fox panel said the Republicans should do it. Dr. Krauthammer said, “No, no, no. They will cave if they do it.” Then Obama supposedly has thrown a curveball by suggesting this Republican. Obama hasn’t. It’s a media float. Obama hasn’t mentioned this guy, the governor of Nevada. But the media did.


RUSH: Well, now, this is interesting. The governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, has taken himself out of the running, before he’s even been named as a Supreme Court nominee by Obama. He said he’s not interested. Which kind of destroys whatever trick Obama had planned, if he did. But it’s all moot now because Sandoval says, “I’m not interested in being on the Supreme Court.” So McConnell and Grassley are safe for a while.

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