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RUSH: The Drive-Bys, folks, are finally figuring out here that something’s not right with Hillary Clinton. The Republican side, too. It’s amazing, when the campaign gets to where the Drive-By Media lives, it’s amazing how the coverage changes. When the media has to go to foreign countries to report the news, like South Carolina and Iowa and Wisconsin, there’s a certain flavor to it that usually has as part of the coverage, “You know, this is about the rest of you people, but it’s not about us here in the media. We’re not affected by all this that’s happening here in these countries like Wisconsin and South Carolina.”

But when it gets to New York, where they live — and of course the New York and Democrat primaries are in New York on April 19th — then whole focus changes. And when it comes to Hillary and Bernie, man, oh, man, has this changed. The Politico, a Jeff Greenfield story, “What’s Wrong With Hillary?” I had the same kind of questions. You know, Hillary Clinton is a former senator from New York. She ought to have very tight, close relationships with New Yorkers.

Why is Hillary Clinton having to work so hard in her home state? Why all of a sudden when we get to New York are the Drive-Bys all of a sudden taking Bernie seriously? Bernie’s been on a roll long before we got to New York. But now that we’re here… I mean, it’s gotten so bad the Drive-Bys covered Hillary Clinton on a subway today like it was the moon landing. I mean, it was that unique. It was that rare, and they were so excited about it. We have audio sound bites coming up.

Why does Hillary Clinton’s husband spend so many nights away from home? Why can’t Hillary Clinton sell her own books? Why do flocks of people not show up at Hillary Clinton book signings when there’s an opportunity to meet the candidate without having to fork over $2,700 to do it? I mean, it’s one thing if you’re limiting the crowd by demanding people pay $2,700 to your campaign to get in, but at a book signing when it’s free, well, you might have buy the book you’re never gonna read, but why won’t she draw crowds? Why will not Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren endorse Hillary Clinton? We will figure all of this out in due course.

On the Republican side, this is funny. You knew this was gonna happen. So here’s Ted Cruz, he of “New York values” fame finally finds himself in the state, and the anti-Cruz New York forces are just marshaled. They are loaded up and they’re in gear, led off by the New York Daily News and the front page cover, “Take The F U Train, Ted!” with a picture of Cruz and his wife.

You’ve got all these phony protesters showing up at Cruz events, New Yorkers acting like their feelings were really hurt when they’re not hurt. New Yorkers are honored when you rip ’em. I’ll tell you something, New York is one of the most provincial big cities I have ever lived in. And what I mean by that is this.

Not only is New York the center of the universe for the people that live there, it’s the most important part of the universe, not just the center. And, in fact, it’s the only place in the world where things that happen actually matter. You would think that they’re so big and so encompassing that everybody would know it, they wouldn’t have to constantly act that way, but they do. It’s quaint. It’s cute.

I’ll give you an example. During it is OJ trial… Have you been watching that on TV, by the way? Have you been watching? I have. You know, I was getting livid watching that show, reliving the OJ trial, because I realized I didn’t see a lot of it ’cause it was on at the same time as this program was. The trial was every day. It went on for a year, and we had a “no OJ none of the time” policy here. Because everybody was doing OJ, so we didn’t, and so there’s a lot that I missed. I got the crux of things.

But it was FX, and it was I think a 12- or 13-part (might have been 10-part) series, American Crime Sorry: The OJ Simpson Trial. And there were things that I didn’t know about the defense lawyers, the defense team, how they did what they did. The jury scenes… Just fury. I literally sat there got mad watching this. But, anyway, the provincial New York. Here’s the thing. Marcia Clark was the prosecutor for the DA’s office in Los Angeles.

And at the time it was going on, Marcia Clark had once stopped on the New York State Throughway at a rest area, and that made her a New Yorker. So the Daily News or the Post, I forget which, did a story on Marcia Clark as though she’s a New Yorker. Of course somebody involved in the OJ trial would have to be a New Yorker, which is what I mean by the provincialism. So when the campaign shows up and here comes Ted, “New York values,” you’ve got people acting like they’re really mad.

It’s like their feelings were really hurt, like Cruz has gotta really have it handed to him. And, of course, it’s all a game. Well, for most people it’s a game. I think there are some dangerously deranged people that show up in these anti-Cruz protests. But it is what it is. Ted… (interruption) No, I’m not trying… (interruption) No, no, no! This is insulting? (interruption) What…? (interruption) No, no, no, no. (sigh) Snerdley, are you telling me that the average, ordinary New Yorker was really offended when Cruz said “New York values?”

(interruption) Okay. Well, if you’re really offended, far be it for me to downplay being offended! I don’t have time… I just… I’ve never wanted to give anybody else that amount of power over me, to run around claiming, “I’m offended!” I’ve just got better things to do. But I’m trying to make a compliment here. I’m saying that New Yorkers have much more to do than worry about what some guys from Texas is saying about ’em.

I mean this in a complimentary sense, and I think there are a lot of ’em acting in protests out there who aren’t offended by it. They’ve got better things to do. Granted that there are some people tightly wound. Anyway, so Ted shows up in the Bronx; it didn’t go well. He goes to upstate New York which a little bit more comfortable. Meanwhile, Trump goes out to Bethpage out on Long Island, which… It’s kind of home to him, the Bethpage public golf course. Bethpage Black is one of the great golf courses, public courses.

It’s tough as it could be, and the media is talking about Trump’s crowd, big crowd. But they really focus on the fact that there were 200 protesters when Trump comes home, even though the crowd was over 10,000 and they’ve gotta turn people away. And apparently the location of the Trump rally was where they had a location where they filmed the movie The Dictator, and so the Drive-Bys are making a big deal out of the fact that Trump chose a place to do a public appearance where they had once filmed the movie The Dictator.

And they’re trying to make a big deal out of it. On the Clinton and Bernie side, Bernie is out questioning Hillary’s qualifications to be president based on the fact that she voted for the Iraq war and based on the fact that she’s in bed with the Wall Street banks, and Hillary doesn’t know what to do about it. Her only retort is that she wonders whether or not Bernie is even a Democrat. And then Obama has entered the fray here. Now, what do you all think of this. Barack Obama has not said a word about the Democrat primary.

He hasn’t uttered a word of support or criticism, condemnation for either one, for either Hillary or Bernie. But all of a sudden this week, he is all over the Republican primary. And he’s ripping Trump every chance he gets.


RUSH: Look, on this New York values thing, I got people saying, “You really don’t get this. You don’t understand how offended people are.” No, no. I do. I’m just kind of frustrated in this. I love New York, but I don’t go there anymore because the tax situation. I’ve actually had a governor of New York celebrate the fact that I left and say that if they knew I was gonna leave, they would have raised taxes sooner. Every time I go back…

I was back there on Tuesday night, and it’s like I still live there. Everybody is just great. It’s frustrating. I know New York well, New Yorkers well, and I know that a lot of people were offended by what Cruz said. But I also know that there were New Yorkers who laugh at it, who are not bent out of shape and it doesn’t define their day and ruin their lives or any of that. Those are the people that I was referring to. Whether… I’m not saying it’s not a political liability for the guy, don’t misunderstand. I’m separating two things out.

It was something Cruz probably, if he could have back, would take back. He wanted to say something about liberalism and tying it to specific people in New York while understandable to conservatives outside New York. You’ve got a lot of right-wing New Yorkers, truck drivers and hardworking people who don’t want to be defined that way and I understand them resenting it. But I’m also speaking up for those I know who are there to whom it’s funny.

They laugh at it and so forth. But whether it’s a political liability or not is not? I mean, I’m not saying it isn’t. And it’s made to order. The protests that Cruz is running into were guaranteed to happen. And whether they’re manufactured or genuine, it doesn’t matter. They look real on TV, which is all that matters. So there’s that. Now there’s Obama continually now attacking Trump is designed to help Trump.


RUSH: Yeah, well, the thing about Hillary and the subway and the reason the media covered it like a moon landing, is she doesn’t know what to do in a subway. She botched getting on a subway, folks. She didn’t know how to swipe the fare card. You saw it, didn’t you? She didn’t know how to swipe the fare card on a subway, and of course the media immediately starts covering for her. If that had been George H. W. Bush and the supermarket scanner — which was made up anyway. That was technology that George H. W. Bush hadn’t seen was not even released yet.

He was at a trade show where he saw that stuff. He wasn’t at a grocery store. But here’s Hillary, woman of the people — average, ordinary Joe, Hillary Clinton, broke when she left the White House, no different than your average New Yorker — and she doesn’t know how to get on a subway. She botched it. She didn’t know how to swipe the fare card. So the media’s there covering this desperately trying to save her here, desperately trying to make her look good. She botches it, and so they immediately go into CYA mode trying to make sure that people watching didn’t see what they saw.

Here, I’ll give you a little flavor of this, and I’m gonna get back to Obama ripping into Trump, and I’m gonna ask you what you really think of that, ’cause a bunch of possibilities here. By the way, Bernie botched it, too. Bernie didn’t know how to get on a subway. He thought they still used tokens, you know, like they use in Russia, the Soviet Union. So he thought they still use tokens. He didn’t know how to swipe a fare card, either. So here you have the two primary Democrat candidates for president claiming to be representatives of the little guy.

They’re the guys that are gonna look out for the little guy.

They’re the guys who understand the plight of the little guy, which is a bunch of garbage. They are the reason — their policies are the reason — the little guy is constantly losing ground and falling behind. You notice that practically every constituency supporting the Democrat Party except for two is losing economic ground big time? The two are Hollywood and Wall Street banks and associated industries. Outside of those two groups? African-Americans, the unemployment rate there’s through the roof. Illegal immigrants, Hispanics, it’s a disaster. What happens to people who rely on the Democrat Party?

So here we come. We have the two standard-bearers, the guys out there saying that they understand what life is like (because of Republicans, obviously) for little guys. They’re gonna fix it, and not a one of them knows how to get on a subway car. Here’s just a little bit of an audio from a video that happened on CNN. They actually sent people out there with cameras and so forth to cover this event, Hillary Clinton getting on the subway. I mean, it really is the equivalent of covering the moon landing. Carol Costello of CNN reporting.

COSTELLO: I just want to explain what our viewers are looking at. I think that Hillary Clinton’s gonna ride the subway here! They’re inside the subway station in the Bronx. Forgive me, I’m gonna look away from you guys ’cause I want to watch this video. Oh, is that Huma Abedin behind her! Her right-hand woman, for lack of a better term there, and that’s the borough president standing — holding onto the — her traveling — the rail… Isn’t it amazing that we can get a live shot underground from the subway and the train is obviously moving?

RUSH: Yes, isn’t it amazing. It’s like we almost we got shots from the moon when the astronauts landed and took the first steps. “Isn’t it amazing we got live shots underground on the subway? You’re watching Hillary Clinton get on the subway! Oh, look, there’s Huma Abedin right behind her, right-hand woman. Ha-ha-ha-ha. What do you call those things on the subway, also her traveling… The rail! That’s right, the rail. You gotta look out for the rail. Isn’t it amazing?”

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