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RUSH: This is Trump in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We’re at number five now. Trump in Fort Wayne, Indiana, at a campaign event talking about our economy and the ChiComs.

TRUMP: Don’t forget, we’re like the piggy bank that’s being robbed. We have the card. We have a lot of power with China. When China doesn’t want to fix the problem in North Korea, we say, ‘Sorry, folks. You gotta fix the problem,” because we can’t continue to allow China to rape our country, and that’s what they’re doing. It’s the greatest theft in the history of the world.

RUSH: I hope he expands on that. It’s one thing to say China’s raping us. It’s one thing to talk “the balance of trade.” I don’t know how many people know why that matters and what the balance of trade is. I mean, I, of course, do. And I’m sure you know it’s not good when we end up owing them more than they owe us. But the China is raping us? I mean, they own how much of our national debt? You know, if they called in the marker on that, we’d be in heap big doo-doo. That’s one of the things he’s thinking about.

But that’s for another time, because there’s one other bite that Trump has. I want to comment on this. I may have to continue the comment into the next hour. This was on Fox & Friends weekend on Sunday morning on the Fox News. Clayton Morris said, “In an interview last week, Hillary Clinton talked about how she would deal with a tough general election campaign with you, and she said that she’s used to men sometimes going off ‘the reservation.’ I know how to handle them.’ What do you say to that?”

TRUMP: I thought it was a terrible answer. She said, “I’m used to dealing with…” And what was the word? She used a certain word, men that were “off the reservation.” And I said to myself, “That’s a horrible expression.” Now, if I would have used that expression maybe in the opposite forum, it would have been a front-page story. She uses it; she gets away with it. That’s a very demeaning remark to men, in my opinion. And I don’t even know. Was she referring to her husband? I think she was referring to her husband.

RUSH: Well, you know, that’s the interesting thing about this. My original reaction to this was that that she was referring to Bill ’cause she’s The Most Cheated-on Woman in America. And, folks, I don’t care if that sounds crude. It is just true. At least in public life, she’s the Most Cheated-On Woman in America. I mean, it might be close with… No. No. It’d have to be Hillary. I was thinking of a couple of Hollywood starlets, but it would have to be Hillary. But maybe she was talking about something else. Maybe she’s referring to all these men she’s had to deal with in college, at the Rose Law Firm, and state government in Arkansas, the federal government. Maybe she’s thinking of all these men.

Let me expand on this when I have more time.


RUSH: Let’s go back to this Clinton, ’cause there’s one thing that I think we actually have to point out before we start dissecting this “off the reservation comment.” She has dealt with all kinds of men that have been “off the reservation.” There’s one thing that we know for sure. I bet even some of you in the audience who are women might be offended at this, but only if you take it personally, and I would caution you not to. This is specific about Hillary and not women. It’s specifically about her. Off the reservation, maybe.

But one thing we know is that Hillary Clinton has never been off of her husband’s coattails. In fact, Hillary Clinton has never gotten a job, a position, that wasn’t due to Bill, that was not due to her husband. I mean, she marries Bill; she knowingly gives up on her own life and career path and decides to hitch up with Clinton, for whatever reasons. But among those we know that she intended to follow everywhere he went and take over at various stages and to make his career hers, and then as he cheats and goes “off that reservation.”

She stands by him, thereby indebting him and the Democrat Party to herself for as long as she lives. By not leaving, by not even blaming him, by trying to blame the vast right-wing conspiracy, she makes sure that Clinton’s reputation holds. She makes sure that Clinton doesn’t have to resign. Through all of the women — I don’t care, from Gennifer Flowers to Kathleen Willey to Juanita Broaddrick, Monica, all of them — Hillary’s in there. She’s the insurance policy, and she happily signed it.

She did everything she could to ensure that Bill Clinton was never going anywhere but up. So she moves to Arkansas, which is the last thing somebody who goes to Vasser wants to do — or Smith or Wellesley. It’s the last thing you want to do. “Go to Arkansas? For crying out loud, that’s like going to Mississippi! It’s like going to slave central! What the hell is this?” But she did it. She sucked it up and she went down there, and she got a gig at an Arkansas law school. Well, yeah, her husband’s gonna be the future government. How else…?

He was going to be the governor. And then she gets hired to the Rose Law Firm when he became attorney general. You think that would have happened otherwise? She made partner at Rose Law Firm when Clinton was elected governor, and on and on and on it goes. One of the reasons Hillary went to Arkansas — people forget this — is she could not pass the bar exam in the District of Columbia. Probably because it was discriminatory. Probably because it was biased against women. Probably because of all these social things constructed to make it tougher and tougher for women.

In her world, that’s what feminists of her era believed. She had been fired from the Watergate committee because she wanted to deny Richard Nixon due process during the hearings. So the Democrats on the Watergate committee got rid of her. She literally has never been off of Bill Clinton’s coattails. And, by the same token, Bill Clinton has never been “off the reservation” when it comes to advancing her career. They are glued together. They’re inexorably tied. So when she comes around and starts talking about how she’s dealt with all these men that have gone “off the reservation,” it’s entirely possible that she was not referring to being cheated on.

It could be. A hundred percent of the people that hear it probably don’t think that, but it’s entirely possible that she was referring to all of these men that she’s had to deal with as a feminist — all these rakish, chauvinist know-it-alls, telling off-color jokes in her presence. Whatever offensive male behavior she’s had to put up with, all these men going “off the reservation,” she had to deal with ’em all in college, the Rose Law Firm, state government in Arkansas, federal government. She’s an activist first lady. Here she’s given health care as a payback for all the things that she has enabled Bill to do so that…

I mean, his testicles been in the lockbox ever since they got to Arkansas. That’s the point, is that she wants health care when they get to Washington; she gets health care. She botched that, and of course that was all a man’s fault. She had to deal with all those men in the congressional committees and all the Senate. Those rascally Republican guys show her no respect. And as secretary of state she had to deal with all these career men that dared to thwart her or disagree with her or stand up to her. So, in her view, it’s entirely possible.

In the way Hillary Clinton looks at the world and looks at her life and looks at her career, she’s had to pretty much vanquish a veritable army of men who have stood in her way. And don’t forget the feminist angle in all this. Men versus women is a war, in Hillary Clinton’s liberal Democrat, feminist generation. Men were people you had to constantly be at war with and battle. The male characters, let’s go to the vast right-wing conspiracy. All of the male characters there that she’s had to put up with and deal with like me, the Mister Big of the vast right-wing conspiracy.

Of course, I remain unvanquished, to her great fury. But she has vanquished a lot of other people. But old Bill himself, he has never been “off the reservation” when it comes to her career. She took care of that from the get-go with that testicle lockbox, and a couple of other things. Now, then, this off the reservation comment. Trump’s saying that that was offensive to him. I think what he’s talking about here was, “Well, who lives on reservations? Native Americans, the original owners of this land, the people who were the one with this land when while the European settlers came here and basically took it away from ’em.”

And here’s Hillary talking about all these guys “off the reservation. Is that what she thinks of Native Americans, that they ought to be on the reservation all the time? We got a place for ’em to live: Keep ’em on the reservation and out of sight, unless they want to donate to a Democrat. We’ll put up with ’em for a while. But other than that, they’re off the reservation?” That’s what Trump was thinking in terms of its being an offensive remark. Who lives on reservations? And don’t just give me this “figure of speech” stuff.

They don’t allow Republicans to get away with that. What do you mean, “offensive figure of speech,” and “everybody uses it”? Well, we’re gonna start holding Hillary to all these kinds of things, too, and every other Democrat. They try to glue these kinds of supposed acts of misbehavior to us. You know, in addition to this, Hillary Clinton, is that interview that she did with Jake Tapper on CNN. That’s where all this came to light, this “off the reservation” comment. CNN played an advance clip of this on Friday prior to the actual interviewing airing on the Jake Tapper show at four o’clock on Friday afternoon CNN.

And Citizens United… You know, the Democrats hate that. You know why they hate that? Is because that Supreme Court decision allows anybody to donate to anybody in politics, including corporations. The hypocritical thing about this is that the Democrats own corporate America. The Democrats are propped up by Wall Street money, and they are corporations. What the Democrats don’t like is when corporations give money to Republicans ’cause corporations have a lot of money, and Hillary Clinton was asked about Citizens United.

And, if you remember, Citizens United… Dave Bossie will tell you this. He runs Citizens United. And it was all about they made a movie, essentially, about Hillary Clinton. Hillary tried to get it blocked, and she failed, and the Supreme Court said, “You can’t stop people from running this movie. Who do you think you are?” Well, they didn’t say that, but that was the effect of the decision. So when Jake Tapper asked about this, she said, “I really respect the important point of getting money out of politics.” Now, come on. There couldn’t have been a greater hypocritical statement.

I know Democrats do not get held to any hypocrisy and it never hurts ’em, but still, “I really respect the important point money”? This is the woman whose husband runs the Crime Family Foundation, for all intents and purposes, where people all over the world have made advance payments on policy payback in case she is elected president. There’s no other reason to donate millions of dollars to the Clintons. Bill’s nothing now, in terms of elective office. She’s secretary of state when this is happening.

Why in the…? You must be expecting some payback, some quid pro quo for it. Ditto with the banks giving her a quarter of a million dollars to come give a 20-minute speech. And here she is talking about getting the money out of politics? Well, here’s why. She said, “Remember, Citizens United was an attack on me. So I take it very personally, and even before Senator Sanders got into the campaign way back in April of last year, I said, ‘We’re gonna reverse Citizens United,’ and if we can’t get the Supreme Court to do what I think would be the right thing, then I will lead a constitutional amendment.”

Now, Citizens United, as I said, did involve a movie critical of her.

The Supreme Court decision in Citizens United essentially held that the federal government could not constitutionally bar the movie from being shown regardless whether an election campaign was in progress. So she wants that overturned. And if she succeeded, it would mean you couldn’t criticize her. If they succeed in getting Citizens United overturned — either by Supreme Court decision or constitutional amendment — she’s saying she wants to make it illegal to be able to criticize her in a movie, in a book, or in a pamphlet. Now, she’s not going to come out and say it that way, because very few people would embrace it. As long as she casts Citizens United as a bunch of right-wing corporate money, well, then she’s gonna have all kinds of people on her side.

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