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RUSH: Sharon, Tucson, Arizona. Great to have you. I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: Well, I’m just devastated that Senator Cruz dropped out. I was a Cruz supporter, but I will say that I will vote for Donald Trump. I will support him and vote him. I don’t believe what the polls say that you can’t beat Hillary. I think he can beat her.

RUSH: Why do you think so?

CALLER: Because everybody I talk to — a lot of my friends — are Trump supporters, and the thing they like about him is that he’s cutthroat. He takes it to the media. He takes it to the Democrats. They’re hoping he’ll take it to Hillary, because Donald Trump is a winner. No matter what. He doesn’t want to debate you. He doesn’t want to work with you. He’s gonna do whatever it takes for him to win and get whatever he wants done.

RUSH: Did you —

CALLER: And that’s what they like.

RUSH: Pardon me just a second. I’m gonna talk about you in third person for a minute. Do you mind?


RUSH: Folks, did you hear that? Did you hear what this woman just said? Here we have a woman who is devastated that Ted Cruz dropped out, and she can make the case for Donald Trump as well as ardent Trump supporters. You’re conservative, I’m assuming?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: That’s why I supported Ted Cruz.

RUSH: Exactly. And yet you think Hillary Clinton should be the focus?

CALLER: Yes, I do. She’s the one… We know what’s gonna happen if she gets elected.

RUSH: Well, I want to share something with you. I’m glad you called, because one of the things I have the potential to use in the program today is a piece from the Daily Caller by a young conservative named Jamie Weinstein. He happen to be the boyfriend of Michelle Fields, the reporter that had the dustup the Trump campaign with Corey Lewandowski. I want to read this paragraph to you from his piece in The Daily Caller today. “But as bad as Hillary would be as president, there is little threat another Clinton presidency would end the American system as we know it.

“You can’t be so sure with Trump. What are the odds a President Donald Trump would attempt to become honest-to-God American dictator? Five percent? Ten percent? No one can say for sure, but certainly greater than any other presidential contender in my lifetime.” So here we have a “conservative journalist” at the Daily Caller — who, admittedly, his girlfriend had a dustup with the Trump campaign, and he mentions that at the end of the piece. But he’s saying he’s gonna vote for Hillary. At least she won’t ruin the country. (snorts) But Trump could become dictator. Meanwhile, we’re living in a near dictatorship, if you ask me!

CALLER: Yes, we are! Yes.

RUSH: If you let these clowns get one more Supreme Court appointment, whether we call it a dictatorship or not, we’ve got a generational domination — liberal domination — for two or three generations here. But this is… This is… He’s not alone, either. I don’t mean to be harping on him. He just had the guts to write it. There’s a lot of young, idealistic, conservative journalists/blogger, who think the same thing. They have so much hatred for Trump. Trump could turn America into a dictatorship. Hillary, she’s not gonna do anything bad. Not nearly as bad as Trump will.


RUSH: That’s enough of the Weinstein piece. But you get the flavor. “Ah, Hillary’s a known quantity. She’s establishment. We know what we’re gonna get. She’s not going to…” I want to get the exact phrase. “But as bad as Hillary would be as president, there is little threat another Clinton presidency would end the American system as we know it.” What in the world is happening now? You know, you talk about disconnects? What in the world is happening now? The America as founded is under direct attack. It’s under direct assault.

Up until seven years ago, it was disguised. But ever since Obama, it’s right out in the open. There’s no doubt about it. There’s nothing going on that you can’t see. They’re telling us, “We’re gonna put the coal business out of business.” We’ve got 30 Democrat attorney generals filing a lawsuit that would essentially strip the First Amendment’s freedom of speech clause away from anybody who disagrees with man-made global warming and subject them to prison — and you want to talk about Trump becoming a dictator?

We’ve already got people who want to be dictators. They’re called the Democrats, and they are well on their way. I know how frustrating it is that articulating conservatism as an antidote, as a fix or a new direction to go… There were times when the campaign I cringed. I’m sure you did, too, over how certain things were said. But we’re not in the arena. We’re not running. Cruz and some of the other guys were. The most frustrating thing is to see what is happening that other people supposedly don’t, and don’t know what to make of it, when it’s happening right in front of their faces each and every day.

But this statement — and Jamie Weinstein, he’s a Millennial. He’s a young guy. “[T]here is little threat another Clinton presidency would end the American system as we know it.” What in the world is already underway? The open borders, the quest here for amnesty, not to mention the refugee problem. The entire structure of American society is under assault. So is the whole concept of Western Civilization! I really remain convinced that an activist minority is making all this happen. I know some of you say, “How can you say it’s a minority when they win the White House?”

Because I don’t think Obama could have gotten elected telling anybody he was gonna do this. He’d-a gotten some votes, don’t misunderstand. But he wouldn’t have won the landslide he won by with announcing this as his agenda. What would happen to federal spending, what he’s gonna do to the immigration system, what he’s gonna do to the health care system. If Obama had told you your health care costs were going up as much as they have — if Obama told you that everything, every aspect of Obamacare — if they were honest about it from the get-go about rationing and all that, how many people do you think actually would have voted?

What did they think Obamacare was? They thought it was gonna be free health care for a lot of people — mostly the uninsured, the poor — and they thought it was gonna become more affordable. They were lied to about it. They wanted to believe the lies, but nevertheless they did.


RUSH: Checking the emails during the break. A couple of people said, “Rush? Rush, thank you for trying to keep everybody good frame of mind today, but don’t feel so bad for Cruz. He can be back in four years in 2020.” Folks, I know that. We don’t… I’m gonna just tell you the truth. We don’t have four years, and it isn’t gonna be four years if Hillary Clinton gets elected. If she gets elected… This is what… I don’t understand anybody who calls themselves a conservative or anybody calling themselves Republican — I don’t understand anybody — voting for Hillary.

Anybody who is a Republican or conservative that thinks they’re gonna vote for Hillary doesn’t think the country is in the dire straits that I think it’s in… I’m prepared to acknowledge that there are many people that do not think that we are in a crisis. You and I know that most of the establishment Republican Party doesn’t think that ’cause they’re not affected by it. They’re gonna prosper no matter who wins elections — unless, of course it’s Ted Cruz, and that means conservatism would be ascended in the Republican Party.

They can’t have that.

Yeah, they’d rather have Hillary Clinton. You give Hillary four years? How many Supreme Court justices are already writing their own eulogies, for crying out loud. The next Democrat president is gonna have three or four Supreme Court justices. The left on the Supreme Court is not a bunch of judges. It’s a voting bloc. The left does not put judges… Well, they’re judges, but that’s not why they’re on the court. They are ideologues. They are activist leftists to advance the Democrat Party agenda. Right now there’s only four of ’em.

And maybe on some cases a fifth depending on how Anthony Kennedy wants to go.

But you let Hillary Clinton be elected, and they’re gonna get their fifth and their sixth and their seventh. When 2020 comes along, yeah, there’s gonna be a presidential race, and, yeah, the country may be in such dire straits that we’ll get a Republican. But why do we…? I’d rather not have to deal with five or six or four leftists on the Supreme Court for another 30 years. It’s all good and well to talk about people’s future career prospects running for president in four years, but that seems to assume that Hillary’s gonna win and that’s what this means last night, and it need not.

And I honestly… I tell you truthfully. I don’t know how anybody… I am gonna project here my own view of things on other people. I’m gonna project. I assume my view is common-sensical. I assume my view is noncontroversial. The Democrat Party is why we are all animated, it’s why we’re all energized, it’s why we’re all involved in this. It’s to stop them. It’s what 2010 was about. It’s what the Tea Party was about. It’s what 2014’s about. It’s what conservatism is about. It’s about stopping the Democrat Party. It’s about stopping Hillary Clinton.

It’s about putting the brakes on the Obama agenda.

And anybody who says that they’re gonna vote for that agenda who also claims to be a Republican or conservative must not see the existential crisis that I see. And that’s makes me really curious. How do they not see it? Because we’re living it. It’s a great puzzlement to me.

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