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RUSH:  Well, I tell you, folks, I am so glad that I do not play golf for a living.  Man, oh, man.  You know, every other year some real good friends of mine who are very involved with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, arrange for about 80 guys to play the US Open course anywhere from two to four weeks before the US Open.  And they always schedule another course or two in the days preceding.  That’s where I’ve been since the weekend.

And yesterday we played Oakmont outside Pittsburgh, which is the US Open course this year, where Johnny Miller shot a 63 back in 1973, I think, when I lived there.  And I, folks, I was hitting the ball well.  I was creaming the ball. I was putting solid contact.  It’s the most difficult golf course, in a fun way, in a good way.  I’m not criticizing the course.  I met so many great people there, so many of the young caddies coming up.

I can’t tell you the number of people that came up to me and said that they were Rush Babies and that they grew up with their parents listening to the radio program. It really was a lot of people.  It was great.  It was heartwarming. It was a great experience, great time.  The weather was kind of cool and nippy, but it was not a problem.

Everybody we ran into on this trip was… I mean, even an avowed liberal Democrat drove a golf cart all the way out to the 14th hole to say hi.  Yeah.  He didn’t admit that he was a liberal Democrat.  My caddie told me he was when he left.  (laughing)

Anyway, I was hitting drives. I was just creaming the ball and right into a sand…  I should have used a 3 wood, course knowledge, didn’t have it, used a driver. Plus you know us amateurs, we just want to whack it as far as we can, the hell with what the result is.  But it was fun.  It’s gonna be a great Open to watch on TV.  It was just a great weekend, but we’re back here and I’m overloaded.

A point I wanted to make. All these young people, and I’m telling you there were a lot at Oakmont yesterday in Pittsburgh.  I mean, people came up, “I remember you from KQV. I remember you from McKeesport.”  That’s Pittsburgh, my first city, first job away from home.  And I’ve got something that I’m gonna spend some time on today, maybe tomorrow, depends on when I get to it, ’cause it’s not specifically campaign- or issue-related although tangentially it is. And that is what’s happening to today’s college kids, what’s happening to today’s Millennials, what explains this, what explains the fear.

There are actual therapy sessions for students at some southern California university.  Ben Shapiro went out and made a speech.  Some students who didn’t even go to the speech, who were not even on campus when the speech was made, have made appointments with a therapist to deal with the trauma of having had the guy on campus making a speech three months later.  And you’ve heard all about the safe spaces that college students need now.

I ran into the opposite of that yesterday is my point.  I ran into young people who are — I mean, you’d be perfectly fine handing the reins of the country to them.  They’re not afraid of anything.  They’re not politically correct or dominated by it. They were just real guys, real people.  And it reminded me of something, an observation I made to you a couple years ago.  I was down in California, Los Angeles, and I had run into some people that I had met 20 years ago who were no longer conservative and started getting on to me about being conservative and said, “Don’t you want to do something else?  I mean, you do the same thing every day.  Look at us.  We’ve moved on.  We take different directions in life.”

And I’m sitting there, and these people were more hardened conservative than I was when I met ’em.  I was scratching my head trying to figure this out. At first I didn’t know if I was being put on, being played.  Then I found out it was legitimate.  Well, the long short version of this is that their kids had ended up converting them.  They’d sent their kids to college, their kids came home and told the parents how wrong they were about everything.  And David French, I remember making a big deal about this.

David French at National Review has a piece that came out at the beginning of the weekend tackling this very issue about what has happened to kids, what’s become of these kids, why are they the way they are, demanding safe spaces, fearful of things that aren’t happening on campus, making up rape stories and this kind of stuff.  His theory is, and that’s why I relate to it, it all comes back to the parents. The parents, some of us Baby Boom parents have raised kids to be friends and to be always protected and never harmed and never hurt and never have feelings hurt because that attacks self-esteem, and this is the result, what we get.

So that’s really, really just broad brush.  I want to get into this in great detail, because of course that’s the future that we’re talking about.


RUSH: There’s a great piece by Victor Davis Hanson today.  He’s got another one.  The Pajama Boy White House.  It’s related to the stories about what has become of the young generation?  Remember when the Pajama Boy ad came out for Obamacare?  Some nerd in his pajamas urging people to study various insurance policies and talk health care and so forth.  We laughed.

It turns out the joke was on us because that’s who the White House thinks the country is.  That’s what the White House thinks the country, young people are, the Pajama Boy, ’cause Obama’s one.  I mean, they’re basically wusses.  But they are smarmy and arrogant smart asses who think they are smarter and know everything that everybody else doesn’t. They’re hipsters and so forth and according to VDH, you find them in the New York/Boston/Washington corridor, out in Silicon Valley in the tech industry and so forth.  And he’s got a great analysis of it all and how we got here and what it means.

That’s why, again, it was so heartening for me to run into so many of these young guys, young people at two different golf clubs over the weekend. I saw just the exact opposite of the kind of real man portrayed for us in modern American media today.

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