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RUSH: Now, Ed Rendell, the former governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell stepped in it, but he still doesn’t know why.  Ed Rendell really, really stepped in it, but he doesn’t know why.  What Ed Rendell did — and keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen, my original 35 Undeniable Truths of Life written, created in 1987, number 24, “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of American culture.”

And people think that that’s a statement designed to outrage and anger, and it isn’t.  It’s an attempt to actually explain to people one of the many reasons why militant feminism in the modern era got going.  All you have to do is listen to the leaders, the creators of the modern movement of feminism, and it’s clear what it was that had ticked them off and upset them.  It may have been impolitic to say it, but I said it.  And I’ve been defending it ever since to anybody who actually wants to listen and learn.

So with that in mind, we go to Ed Rendell.  It was an interview with the Washington Post and they were discussing Trump’s chances, how Trump was gonna do with women.


RUSH: Anyway, Fast Eddie, the former governor of Pennsylvania, was he mayor of Philadelphia at one point, too?  He was.  He’s a big Hillaryite, and he used to be a constant fixture with Chris Matthews on PMSNBC.  He was practically a nightly guest out there.  In fact, Ed Rendell, I think, is a season ticket holder of the Eagles, and back when they played at the Vet, he’s one of the guys that threw snowballs at Santa Claus, or threw snowballs at opposing players from his seats in the middle tier.  He is a big, big guy.  He’s a hulk of a guy.

Anyway, he did an interview with the Washington Post talking about Trump’s electoral chances, and he said, “Look, will he have some appeal to working-class Democrats in Levittown or Bristol?  Sure.  But for every one he’ll lose one and a half, two Republican women. Trump’s comments like you can’t be a 10 if you’re flat-chested, that will come back to haunt him.  There are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women, and Hillary will carry ugly women over Trump.”

Now, the thing is Fast Eddie, he stepped in it because he supposedly misspoke here.  You’re not supposed to talk about the attributes of women.  The problem for Fast Eddie and the reason why he’s in trouble is he accidentally swerved into the truth here about something. Let me take a break and you ponder — I’ll explain this.  There’s an explanation for everything.


RUSH:  Let me ask you a question.  In your memory, do famous, well-known Democrats ever get in trouble for lying?  They do not.  Bill Clinton never got in trouble for lying; Obama doesn’t get in trouble for lying.  Jonathan Gruber, who lied to everybody about health care, didn’t get in trouble for that.  When did he get in trouble?  When he told the truth that he had lied.  Ben Rhodes did not get in trouble for lying to the American people in the media about the Iranian arms deal.  He got in trouble when he ultimately told the truth that he had lied.

Democrats never get in trouble when they lie, but they always get in trouble when they tell the truth.  And now we add Ed Rendell to the roster.  Any Democrat you want, Ben Rhodes, Jonathan Gruber, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, they never get in trouble when they lie.  It is only when they accidentally utter the truth that people on their side get mad at them.  And why is that?  Because when they tell the truth, they are unmasking and stripping away the camouflage that is liberalism and the Democrat Party.

Remember, now, Democrats can rarely be up-front honest about their policy intentions, their ideological intentions and desires, ’cause if they were, nobody would vote for them.  Not a majority.  A majority of people would not elect them.  They have to lie.  They have to cover and misdirect, cover-up what they actually believe.  Well, here’s Ed Rendell and he’s talking to the Washington Post, and he thinks that he is in safe confines ’cause he’s talking about Trump, and Trump is in the news for a New York Times story about supposed mean things or boorish things, sexist things he has said about women.

So Fast Eddie thinks he’s in safe company, he’s with the Washington Post, and he makes the mistake of uttering the truth, when, from his perspective, now — I’m not talking about an undeniable universal truth.  I’m talking from his perspective as a prominent Democrat, when Ed Rendell said there are probably more ugly women in America than attractive women and therefore people, these ugly women are gonna be righteously indignant over the way Trump talks to these women and talks about them. And Fast Eddie was feeling safe and confident in pointing out what he believes, that this army of ugly women is going to side with the Democrat Party.

Why does Fast Eddie think that?  I’m trying to walk you through this so you don’t get mad at me here.  Fast Eddie uttered what he believes to be is the truth.  Fast Eddie thinks that the Democrat Party has a connection with the unattractive, with the victims, with the unfortunate, misfortunate, the downtrodden or whatever.  Now we can add to it, he thinks Hillary has a special connection with the flat-chested, the cheated-on, and the forgotten.  And he’s in trouble because he happened to swerve into telling the truth about the way the Democrats look at people.


RUSH:  Remember, folks, Democrats never get in trouble for lying.  You can look it up.  You can go back and consult your own memory.  They never get in trouble.  They’re applauded for it, in fact.  Some cases they’re applauded for how well they do it.  They never get in trouble when they lie.  The fur flies when they admit that they’ve lied.  In other words, when they tell the truth is when all hell breaks loose on their side.

David Weigel wrote the story in the Washington Post in which Fast Eddie said that the ugly women of America far outnumber attractive women, and ugly women are far more likely to support Hillary.  Why do you think that is?  Why do you think Fast Eddie thinks that?  Realize nobody but Fast Eddie said anything here.  Why does Ed Rendell think A, that the majority of women in America are unattractive?  You think Fast Eddie, if he’s got an invitation to go on TV would rather go on Fox News one night or MSNBC, or CNN, take your pick?

Why does Fast Eddie think so many women in America are unattractive?  And Fast Eddie’s a ranking member of the Democrat Party.  You don’t think they look at people this way.  They most certainly do.  The Democrat Party looks at everybody and judges them by virtue of what they see on the surface.  They judge them on skin color.  That’s the first thing they notice about people, skin color, then they go to gender, then sexual orientation, then now sexual preference and whatever else.  It’s who the Democrats are.  Fast Eddie said it.  I didn’t.  Nobody else did.

Why did Fast Eddie think that so many American women are unattractive?  And, further, why does Fast Eddie believe that the vast majority of the ugly women population is going to vote for Hillary?  What’s the connection?  You tell me.  But I’m telling you, you can answer that question if you will honestly examine how Democrats judge people, how they categorize people, how they look at people, and how they size them up as potential voters.  And then how they approach them.

And then if you remember feminism, Undeniable Truth of Life number 24:  “Feminism was created to allow unattractive women easier access.”  It all adds up.  And all I’m doing is pointing it out.  So Fast Eddie’s in trouble, not for lying about something.  No.  He’s in trouble because he told the truth, as far as what Democrats think and liberals think.  And that’s what you’re never supposed to betray or reveal those things, otherwise the party will get in trouble.  The veil will be lifted and people might find out the truth about these people.  That’s the risk that you run by telling the truth.

So Democrats are rewarded and categorized on their ability and creativity and cleverness in lying.  Don’t doubt me.  It is inarguable.  As I say, Dave Weigel, the Washington Post, wrote the story.  He’s out now trying to defend Fast Eddie.  He was joking, come on, he was joking.  It was a joke.  It was a joke.  Okay.  We’ll see how it flies.

What we know now is there’s a story that Fast Eddie’s in Hillary’s doghouse, which means testicle lockbox, so that’s Bill and then that’s Fast Eddie Rendell now in Hillary’s testicle lockbox.


Here is Dave in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  Great to have you, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello Rush.  Major league dittos from the Little League capital of the world.

RUSH:  Yes, sir.  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  I’ve been listening since October of ’88, and I hope I can fulfill my duties as a caller.  What I wanted to say was that, you know, you mentioned how Americans are having less sex than most people would think.  It kind of goes with what Ed Rendell said is that if there’s so many ugly women in the Democratic Party, it may be one of the reasons why Americans are having —

RUSH:  (laughing) You went there, you really went there.

CALLER:  I had to go there.

RUSH:  You made the decision to go there.

CALLER:  I had to go there.

RUSH:  And you do it under the guise of making the host look good.  (laughing)  That’s what he meant, folks, fulfill his duty as a caller.  He’s a lifer, he goes back to 1988 when I made it plain the purpose of callers is to make the host look good. But that’s not by fawning praise or any of that, but rather by inspiring brilliance on the part of the host.  Which you’ve done, Dave.

CALLER:  Thank you.

RUSH: You’ve taken a news story here, again, it’s on Drudge, and it is the average person with a life expectancy of 75 years, has 117 days, full days, not 117 days where sex takes place, but 117 full days, 24 hours, that’s how much sex the average American has, which is 0.45 percent of their life.  And it seems low, based on, you know, what you see on TV and movies and so forth. I mean, sex, that’s all that happens on TV shows and movies anymore, and when you read what people say about their own lifestyles on Fakebook and Twitter, you’d also get the idea that that’s all anybody else is doing.

But you know what they’ve always said?  You know my dad always told me?  Ignore the guys — this is high school advice, now — ignore the guys talking about it.  They’re the ones dreaming, Son.  The guys not talking about it are the guys you need to follow, investigate, pay attention to.  These braggarts are the guys who wish what they were saying was true.  That probably is still worthwhile advice, particularly any of you who think that — well, these problems with Fakebook and Twitter is that it creates so many people to lie and brag about their lives on these sites. And a lot of people, “My God, my life’s so dull and boring. I’ve got no reason to live. Oh, my God, look at all the fun these other people are having.”  And it’s all bogus.  Or a large part of it is.

But, anyway, old Dave here is attempting to explain the low sex with Ed Rendell’s comment that there are many more ugly Democrat women than attractive.  I love my callers, folks.  I do.  Dave, thank you.

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