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RUSH: So Trump has gone there.  Trump has gone to all of this Clinton conspiracy stuff.  And I got people saying, “Why is he doing this, Rush?  Why doesn’t Trump just stick to the issues?  He’s got this Make America Great theme going, he’s got the wall and Mexico, why is he deviating from it?”  I want to remind you, I predicted this.I have nothing to do with the Trump campaign.  Zilch, zero, nada.  A lot of other people do, but I don’t.  And I told everybody way back when that Trump’s gonna go where nobody else goes with the Clintons.  He’s gonna go there.  And it’s not unusual for Trump to rely on tabloid data for his attacks.  He’s been doing it since the campaign began.  You gotta remember there’s lots of people that read those things.  There’s lots of people that think those things are gospel.  I mean, it is what it is.

It may not make you happy.  It may make you disappointed for the future of our human race and so forth, but it’s not unusual: tabloids.  It’s no different than E! Entertainment Television or TMZ or what have you.  I mean, they have various locations on the strata, but that kind of gossip, what have you, it’s always gonna have a big audience.  And Trump is getting to it, I think, early for a reason.  He’s getting it out there.  He told everybody he was gonna get it out there, and he’s getting it out there.  Nobody else will touch it.  Nobody else has wanted to touch this stuff ever, any of it.

You know, I had a story in the Stack yesterday, I suspect that somebody was in here monkeying with my desk last night, because I left a whole Stack of Stuff from yesterday’s show that I didn’t get to, as I do every day, I left it there and there’s a Stack there, but it’s from two weeks ago, it’s not from yesterday. I said, “What the heck happened?”  The cleaning crew is not engaged enough to — I can’t lay it off on them.  Anyway, I remember there was a story in the Stack — I don’t remember where it was from.  I’m not sure of the source, but it was a substantive Drive-By Media house.

The point was that at this stage of the presidential campaign, there is always a staple that is part of the campaign that is not part of this one, and that is criticism of the sitting president.  Evidence:  Go back to 2008.  The entire Obama campaign was about how rotten George W. Bush was.  Remember that?  I mean, it was incredible.  Everything Obama stood for, he told us, was the opposite of George W. Bush, from the Iraq war, to the War on Terror, to the economy, the economic collapse, you name it, George W. Bush and his Regime were the entire campaign of 2008.  Obama ripping into it, McCain trying in various different ways to defend it.

Now, as I say, that’s not unusual.  It’s a staple of campaigns.  And, in fact, the Democrats had spent the last four years of Bush’s two terms doing nothing but.  It’s soft selling it to call it criticism.  They were engaged in political manslaughter, I think what they were doing to the Bush administration.  I mean, for four years, the body counts in Iraq, the never ending “Bush lied, people died,” Bush-Hitler, movies on how to assassinate Bush, books on how to assassinate Bush the media told us were important works of art that we needed to read, we needed to understand the rage.

There has been none of that about Obama at all in eight years.  The Republican Party won’t go anywhere near criticizing Obama.  The point of the story yesterday was that they won’t even do it now, that Obama is still hands off now and due entirely to one thing:  his race.  There is such fear, so much fear, lingering fear of Obama’s race and being called a racist that nobody, Trump, nobody’s going there, nobody on the Republican side.  And in fact, the entire reason that we have Trump leading this campaign right now is precisely because of what Obama has done in the last seven and a half years.

Now, Trump is focusing on Hillary, admittedly, she is the opponent, will be, and that makes total sense.  And he’s focusing on things that Hillary did while she was secretary of state and so forth and things Hillary did when her husband was president, but strangely missing is anything about Obama.  And I have to admit, it’s frustrating to me.  I don’t care what color he is or gender or trans, he’s president of the United States.  The guy has attempted to subvert the US Constitution every day of his presidency, it seems like, and nobody’s willing to go there, very much.  Trump does some, but it’s amazing how insulated the Obama presidency is.

I mean, there are all kinds of ways to criticize the substantive policy initiatives that have come from this administration that have given us this rancid economy.  I mean, just the things happening with open borders that continue to happen.  Do you know now that arriving illegals are being separated into three different categories?  Adults, children, and trans.  I’m not kidding you.  There are separate facilities for transgendered illegal aliens now.  One-tenth of one-tenth of 1% of the illegal population and we’re making special accommodations for ’em.  I’m not saying to zero in on that, but I mean the point is, there’s no end to this.  There hasn’t been any slowdown.  The invasion is continuing.

Trump talks about it, of course, in the generic sense.  But nobody goes directly to the source.  Nobody, when talking about our rancid economy, equates it to Obama.  It’s the most amazing thing, the fear is palpable, don’t go there because of Obama’s race.  It’s pure and simple.  And I’ll tell you this. I think the Democrats wanted to gain the same kind of advantage with Hillary.  First female president, therefore make her immune to any criticism because it would be sexist.  But there doesn’t seem to be any fear whatsoever on the part of the anybody to go after her.  The fact that she might become the first female president is irrelevant.  It’s not stopping anybody.

But there’s a gold mine of things out there. You people upset with Trump for going after this Vince Foster type stuff that the Clintons are known for in their past, and you want Trump stick to the issues, I’m telling, there’s plenty of stuff Trump could hit on, and he probably will. We’re still early. We haven’t even had the conventions yet, folks, and I do remember telling you that he was gonna be the only guy to go after this Clinton stuff, and he is.  And he’s doing it early on in the campaign.  Maybe to get it out of the way and say he’s done it, but he also, I think, may believe it.

I still think people are having a tough time really understanding what Trump’s all about even now, so out of the box unconventional is he and his personage, if you will, when attached to what we consider to be the norms of a political campaign, presidential or otherwise.

Now, the Drive-Bys, they’re not down with this in any way, shape, or manner.  You don’t do what Trump did yesterday and get away with it in the Drive-Bys.  And this is something that the Drive-Bys are circling the wagons on, not gonna let Trump get away with it, criticizing him in ways that they’ve kind of been hands off on up ’til now.  We got a little montage here to illustrate.

MAJOR GARRETT: Trump’s fascination with conspiracy theories continues. Trump told The Washington Post the 1993 death of Clinton family confidant Vince Foster was, quote, very fishy.

TOM LLAMAS:  Trump is also willing to discuss some conspiracy theories.

BETTY NGUYEN: Trump drudged up another Clinton controversy. This time, the 1993 suicide of Clinton staffer, Vincent Foster.

WILLIE GEIST:  In some dark corners of the internet, I think maybe the Vince Foster story still has some currency.

NICOLLE WALLACE:  To narrow the gender gap among women, you don’t do it by dredging up conspiracy theories.

JOHN HEILEMANN: Once you got to “Vince Foster might have been murdered,” where else do you go into the land of Clinton conspiracy?

RUSH:  And even that is mild.  I mean, that’s the Drive-Bys acknowledging, but they’re not calling Trump a kook.  They’re calling people that lurk in the dark corners of the internet kooks, or buying into this stuff, but they’re not calling Trump a kook.

Now, here. Trump’s put together an ad. You know, this ad has a nice touch.  It’s got Bill Clinton — a black-and-white photo of Clinton — on the golf course with a cigar in his mouth. Nothing more is said about it, just Clinton and the cigar.  We have the audio.  This is an Instagram-type page ad. It’s 15 seconds, and this is how it sounds…

Is Hillary really protecting women?

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

LEWINSKYI: I was very nervous.

WILLEY: No woman should be subjected to it.  It was an assault.

BROADDRICK: He starts to bite on my top lip, and I tried to pull away from him

Hillary: (cackling)

RUSH:  And that cackle is over a screenshot of Bill and Hillary smiling or clapping with a chyron saying, “Here we go again.”  The voices in the ad are Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick, who says, “He starts to bite on my top lip, and I tried to pull away from him,” and what’s not in the… And, by the way, that comes from the Lisa Myers interview that Juanita Broaddrick did on NBC.  Actually televised audio on NBC. Kathleen Willey: “No woman should be subjected to it.  It was an assault.”

I remember how the Kathleen Willey stuff got started.  We were doing… Well, I don’t know if… Kathleen Willey, was she second term stuff or first term stuff?  I forget when, but there was video.  Clinton had arrived on the tarmac at some airport in Virginia, and there was this attractive woman that was seen in the camera shot.  And you could see Clinton calling some guy over and talking into his ear and pointing at that woman.  We later came to learn that Clinton was asking, “Who was that?  I’d like to meet her.”

And that’s how the Kathleen Willey stuff got started.  So I tell you how this stuff attaches.  Clinton’s out in… Bill Clinton’s out in California.  He’s dredging up… Sorry. He’s stirring up support for Hillary in advance of the California primary, and I got an email today somebody commenting on this.  So Clinton’s out there, and he’s telling everybody in his big audience out there trying to get everybody worked up for the election, “Hey, look, I just want everybody just relax, all right?  Just relax.  Everything’s gonna be okay.”

The emails I got from people say, “You know who says this to people, right?  Rapists.  Rapists! That is the first thing they say is ‘relax.'” I said, “Holy smokes! Look how people out of the clear blue…”  So Clinton, with some people… This Juanita Broaddrick story has attached itself in the minds of some people.  But nevertheless there is concern that Trump’s out there focusing on all this stuff while there are bigger issues and fish to try out here, and they’re getting concerned that this kind of attention to the fringe areas of conspiracy theory-dom are gonna derail Trump.

I don’t think that’s the case.  I think it’s just Trump following through on things that he’s said that he would do.  Now, remember, Trump will tell you, “Hey, there’s stuff in the National Enquirer that’s been true.  I mean, you have to accept it ’til somebody disproves it.”  So there’s that.  We’ll see.  Trump has not run out of substantive issues to discuss, and he’s not said everything about them that there is to discuss.  We’ll just find out.  We’ll see if time goes on if this stuff becomes a distraction and therefore a focal point for Trump or if he just makes it like a one-off.

(interruption) What? (interruption) Well, I… (interruption)  A question from the Official Program Observer: Do I think young people who never heard of this stuff are going to be intrigued by this and thus pay more attention to…? Well, I’ll just tell you.  Let me find the… If Trump is moving dramatically… ABC: “Trump Surge in the Polls Due to a Massive 36% Millennial Swing.” Support among Millennials has swung to Trump by 36%.  That is huge.  That would be the group of people you’re talking about, right, when they find out about…? (interruption)

It is true.  There are a lot of Millennials who do not have any idea about the Clinton nineties.  They were not born or they were not old enough.  At the same time, that means they were not captivated by the media treatment of the Clintons, which was fawning idolatry.  They were not part and parcel of that.  They didn’t live through it.  If they did, they don’t remember it.  And many of them are learning about this for the first time.

You couple that with all this “safe spaces” stuff on campus and the fear that students have that rape is around every corner and behind every tree.  I do think that it stands to be harmful to Mrs. Clinton to a lot of voters. The Drive-Bys inoculated Baby Boomers from this.  Because of Clinton, you know, it was taught in school that Lewinskys are not even sex.  But the people you’re asking about have not even been told. They’re immune.  They are immune to that.  They’ve not been exposed to it.  So I do think that it is possible to have a very negative Clinton impact on that group.  I do.


RUSH:  You know, I’ll tell you the way to look at this. You really want to know how to look at this? As far as the Millennials are concerned, Donald Trump is running negative ads about Hillary — or is Donald Trump doing the job the American media refuses to do? Is Donald Trump telling people who don’t know things, things they don’t know, that the media won’t tell ’em, or is he engaged in just smears?  And I think the odds are it’s gonna be seen as the opposite.  I think it’s gonna be seen as Trump doing the job the American media and the Republican Party won’t do.

Look, folks, I predicted long ago that Millennials would be appalled to learn about the Clintons’ past.  To me, that’s a no brainer.  Especially women Millennials and how Trump is reaching out to them, educating them.  By the way, according to that ABC/Washington Post poll yesterday, Trump has just swung a lot of Millennials over to his side.  It’s a 36% swing.  Now, “Clinton’s support among young voters 18 to 29 has dropped 19% since March, and Trump has gained 17% support from the same demographic group, a 36% swing among Millennials.”

Here’s another: What is so wrong about people being reminded of the legitimate past of Bill and Hillary Clinton?  You know what? The reason why people are shocked and go, “Oh!” is because the media wouldn’t do it.  Way back in the nineties when the media wouldn’t do it, a message is conveyed that it would be improper to discuss these things. “After all, the man is our president of the United States, and his wife tried to save every American with health care! It’d be terribly bad form to do this.”  The media wouldn’t report on it.

That conveys a message that it would be uncool to talk about these things.  But what is so wrong about people being reminded of the Clinton past — or, in some cases, being told about it for the first time?  I mean, is anything in the past ever out of bounds for a Republican candidate?  The media go back 25, 30 years.  The media will quote sources that are 20, 25 years old (that have personal grudges and so forth) in their efforts to destroy Republicans.  When it comes to the Clintons, no reporting of any of this stuff ever went on.

That conveys the message: We shouldn’t discuss it.  So Trump comes along and discusses it, and people of a certain age say, “Oh, oh, oh! We’re not supposed to. We’re not supposed to talk about this. Ooh, ooh,” and they get the vapors.  But Millennials and other young people say, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! What’s this? Whoa, whoa, whoa! We didn’t know this.”  Now, it’s hard for people to think that people don’t know this.

“You didn’t know about Bill Clinton and all women? You didn’t know about Bill Clinton Juanita Broaddrick? You didn’t know? ”

“No! We didn’t know!”

They don’t know, and the Drive-Bys clearly are not gonna tell them.  We heard claims about Mitt Romney giving noogies to freshmen in high school, and putting his dog on the roof of the car.  We don’t hear a thing about the Clintons’ past.

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