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RUSH: Katie Couric — who’s not a good person, folks. That’s just it. She’s not a nice person.  She’s finally… The pressure got to be too much and she’s now personally taking responsibility for that foolish edit, nine seconds of her guests on gun control supposedly being stumped by a question she asked. 

It was a totally fake and phony edit, and she’s now taking responsibility for it because the pressure obviously got to be so intense.  Right, and I bet you there will not be a single story on how many sponsors she’s lost because of this.  Not a single one.  Nor will there be any stories on how many sponsors lost here and wanted to come back and we said “no” to.  There won’t be any coverage like that at all, ’cause that’s not the point of the coverage. 

So they’re gonna try to cover it up for Katie and limit the damage to her as much possible.  That’s why she feels confident going out there and taking the hit ’cause she knows it’s gonna all be over by the next day.  And no harm, no foul, and she’ll still be doing what she’s doing the same way she’s doing it.  In other words, getting away with it — except when she’s caught.

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