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RUSH:  And welcome, my friends, to the Independence Day weekend version of the Rush Limbaugh program.  It’s great to be with you.  It’s also shocking to see all these man-on-the-street interviews, if we can believe them — and I think we can.  So many Americans that have no idea why we celebrate Independence Day, Fourth of July, any of that.  It’s also Friday, so that means…

JOHNNY DONOVAN:  And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH:  Which is a golden opportunity extended — remember, folks, I’m a benevolent dictator on this program.  There is no First Amendment except for me.  But on Friday, there is.  You can talk about whatever you want on Friday.  It’s the grand opportunity afforded, extended by me to you.  Monday through Thursday you have to talk about the things that I’m talking about.  Don’t care what you say about them, but you gotta talk about what I — Friday, could be anything.  Happy to have you.  800-282-2882.  The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

RUSH: I want to welcome to the program a man we’ve had on a couple of times previous, Mr. J. Christian Adams is with us.  He’s an election lawyer.  He served in the voting rights section, the US Department of Justice, and resigned there over a disagreement with the way the Obama Justice Department was not prosecuting abuses in Philadelphia during the 2008 election involving the New Black Panther Party.  Mr. Adams, great to have you back, sir.  How are you?

ADAMS:  Great, Rush. Thanks for having me.

RUSH:  You bet. I wanted to talk to you today about the meeting that everybody else is talking about between the attorney general and Bill Clinton that happened in Phoenix earlier in the week.  You have a column today in the New York Post.  And before I get into the details, did you conclude, finish, and post this column before the news that the attorney general has said that she’s going to accept whatever the FBI and career prosecutors decide to do in this?  Did you post your piece before that decision by her?

ADAMS:  Indeed, it originally ran in PJ Media and the Post picked it up today.

RUSH:  Okay, good.  I wanted to ask you about this new development because what you originally write I found fascinating in and of itself.  You say that many people would not believe that Lynch and Clinton only discussed grandkids and golf in her jet. But that you would because that’s all they would need to discuss because your theory is that the summit here was to send a signal both to the FBI with Lynch and Clinton getting together, no matter what they said, just the fact that they got together was, as you write, a signal to all of the hardworking FBI agents who have the goods on Hillary that the attorney general meeting Clinton makes it clear what team she’s on, and that’s not the side of justice.

She’s on the Democrat Party team, and it’s an unspoken message from her to all the FBI agents on the case, all the front line lawyers at DOJ, that when you send your recommendations to refer Hillary’s case to the grand jury, you better realize your burden to convince me, Lynch, is higher than you thought.  These people are my friends and I’m willing to risk any appearance of impropriety to send that message to you.  So you wrote that, and I think it’s an insightful comment, but what would you say now since you posted that before the attorney general said that she’s going to basically accept whatever recommendations Comey and career prosecutors, which I think is a key point I want to ask you about, decide to do?

ADAMS:  Yeah, ’cause those career prosecutors are still going to be at the Justice Department seeking promotions in the future, living under the Regime.  And so that’s exactly right.  They don’t need to have a discussion about whether or not his wife is going to be indicted.  They aren’t that stupid.  They know how the bureaucracy works.  I was in the bureaucracy.  I know how it works.  And career DOJ lawyers don’t want to fight their superiors.  They don’t want to put up a battle to indict Hillary when it looks like the fix is in.  And so the ministerial state can read the tea leaves, the bureaucrats can read the tea leaves and know that they’ll have a fight on their hands if they try to indict.  It’s even bigger than the fight they thought they had in the first place.

RUSH:  So you attach no substance to the attorney general suggesting that she is going to accept whatever recommendations the FBI submits, and this falls way short of a recusal. A lot of people are mistaking this for a quasi-recusal, but it’s not, is it?

ADAMS:  No.  And it’s even more brilliant than that.  These people are so devious and smart.  The worst thing you want is Lynch to recuse herself.  Republicans who are calling for that are making a big mistake because then autopilot kicks in.  All of the left-wing tendencies of the bureaucracy become unattached from the political winds.  And so you want Lynch now, who’s under the gun, to be the one to be making this decision because the bureaucrats under her aren’t gonna indict Hillary.  They might be working for Hillary shortly.  Lynch will be gone, but they’ll still be working for a potential Hillary administration.

RUSH:  So let’s go back to the meeting in Phoenix.  What we know is what we doubt, that it was spontaneous, that Bill Clinton heard that Loretta Lynch was landing while he was on his way out and said, “Hey, you know what, I want to go say hi and discuss grandkids,” even though she doesn’t have any and he doesn’t have very many.  The question, they’re not fools, Christian.  They knew.  They had to know this was gonna get out.  They probably wanted this to get out.  So who benefits from all of this attention to this meeting and all this speculation from pundits left and right all over the media, who benefits from this?

ADAMS:  Hillary does.  I mean, look, first of all, Bill Clinton is almost always up to no good when he gets on a plane to meet a woman.

RUSH:  (laughing)  By the way, folks, if you just tuned in, we’re talking to J. Christian Adams who used to work in the Justice Department, now is at PJ Media, has a Public Interest Legal Foundation that he runs. I wanted you to know who it is that just said that, ’cause that’s brilliant.

ADAMS:  Yeah.  And so there’s always mischief afoot when Bill’s going on planes to meet women.  And so, look, he might be a witness.  This was a situation where there was a home brew server with classified information in his basement.  I mean, he may have talked to the tech people.  There’s all sorts of evidence that this man might have in this criminal investigation.  So for him to pal around with the attorney general in charge of the investigation helps kill the investigation.  And so it benefits Hillary to have the story out there and to have all the line attorneys, all of the career prosecutors, all of the FBI agents know that their target is palling around with their boss.

RUSH:  All right.  Now, he’s also, though, in addition to this email problem, isn’t DOJ supposedly investigating the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, in which case he would be more than a witness; he could end up being, I don’t know if you’d officially call him a target or not, but there are two things here that they’re looking at:  Hillary’s email server and the security aspects of that, illegality of that, plus the Clinton Crime Family Foundation they’re looking into.

ADAMS:  That’s right.  Look, I call it in my piece the carnival-style atmosphere of the Clintons. They’re always up to some sort of shenanigan, and now they’re meeting with the Obama-style lawlessness of administering justice, and it’s just a toxic mixture between the two of them.  And he indeed is the beneficiary for sure of this Clinton Foundation.  He lives large off of the Clinton Foundation.  His family lives large.  They travel large.  Lord knows the places he goes with the money from the Clinton Foundation.  So there’s a broad ranging investigation.  Loretta Lynch shouldn’t get one a hundred feet of him, much less pal with him on the plane.

RUSH:  Let me pose another possibility here.  I’m throwing things up against the wall and seeing if they stick. That’s why I wanted you here, to see if any of this has any possibility or any relevance.  ‘Cause I find this whole thing fascinating, Christian.  I mean, here they have the meeting on Tuesday.  We don’t learn about it until essentially yesterday because of one local affiliate in Phoenix who got tipped off by a source.  This guy’s a morning anchor. The guy that revealed this at the ABC affiliate in Phoenix is a morning anchor.

He gets a phone call from a buddy that he trusts, and he gets a second source. The second source does not know the first source. Somebody had to tell the sources. Nobody else knew that Clinton and Lynch were meeting.  Now, everybody’s going nuts here from the standpoint that they think Clinton has screwed up.  They think Clinton and Lynch have screwed up.  That seems to be even the commentary from the left, people like Axelrod (paraphrasing), “I don’t think anything went wrong, but it’s really bad optics.”

You’ve got a bunch of leftists in the media wringing their hands over this.  But these people are not fools.  They wouldn’t do this if it was genuinely going to harm anybody.  I don’t know that they’re that arrogant.  Well, I know they’re arrogant, but, you know, for 20 years, Christian, people on the right have been waiting for Bill Clinton to step in it.  We’ve put bags manure in front of him every step of the way and he never steps in it. But how many times have we thought that he has, or Hillary?

So the question again, who benefits?  But the second thing that I want to throw out at you is the timing of this.  Is it possible that she already knows what Comey’s recommendation is gonna be?  And, if so, what are the odds that Comey, the director of the FBI, is gonna recommend, “Nothing to see here, no action. Further, we’ve got nothing to do, no indictment.”  Is all of that possible?

ADAMS:  Yeah, that’s the real fascinating question.  You have to have an appreciation for the internal dynamics, how things work inside Justice.  And, you know, it is an inconceivable that Comey wasn’t giving intermittent reports about the status of the investigation.  They’re always gonna want to take direction from the people who might end up prosecuting this case.  Assistant US attorneys and other criminal attorneys in the Justice Department are intimately involved with FBI agents in any investigation.  There’s always back-and-forth.

So it’s inconceivable to me that there wasn’t some level of information moving between Comey and Lynch and then Lynch, you know, she might roll her eyes at some point.  It could be as simple as that, that they didn’t like where something was going, and it doesn’t even take a memo or a comment, or, as some people say, a bag of cash on the tarmac at Sky Harbor.  It doesn’t require that.  There’s more subtle ways to move policy inside the Department of Justice.

RUSH:  So as a caller speculated here yesterday — and that’s all anybody’s doing — you think it highly unlikely that Bill Clinton would actually arrange this meeting, get on that airplane with her, and talk about how there are gonna be Supreme Court vacancies after Hillary’s elected, and remember, Loretta, I appointed you to the Eastern District.  You don’t think anything like that would have to transpire or did?

ADAMS:  No chance.  These are far more sophisticated people that know how to move policy without sounding like, you know, some idiot in some rural county buying votes with pork rinds.  I mean, this is high-level stuff.  And the mere visit, the mere relationship, the fact that they knew her Gulfstream was there and they rolled over to talk to her, that’s all it takes to put the level of influence on her.

RUSH:  Right.  And the fact that she would take the meeting. Put yourself in her shoes.  You’re the AG, and you’ve got a former president that’s running around doing whatever he does.  His wife is being investigated by your FBI director, and he calls and wants to meet with you.  What do you do?

ADAMS:  Well, I can tell you people like Michael Mukasey would have said it wouldn’t be appropriate at this time.  You know, previous attorneys general, both Democrat and Republican, would have never taken that meeting.  They would have operated with an air of integrity, and integrity is in short supply in this administration.

RUSH:  Right.  But she did, and my point is, they both knew this was gonna happen.  Listening to you, it’s almost as though this is what they wanted to happen because the beneficiary of all this is Hillary.  Would you agree with the proposition that if she’s indicted, it could benefit her much as Clinton being pursued by Ken Starr ended up making him more popular even within the Democrat Party because the party rallied around him against this evil sex pervert trying to put him out of office.  Would you say the same thing could happen to Hillary if there actually is an indictment, that the party would rally around her? Bernie Sanders supporters would forget their anger and join up with her just in solidarity?

ADAMS:  Yeah, I wrote that in my PJ Media piece, that people forget, the Clinton fiasco in the nineties actually helped him and made him more popular.  And there’s data on this, Rush.  There’s polling data that shows incomprehensibly the Democrats would still support her even if she was facing criminal charges for allowing foreign agents and foreign governments to obtain classified information off her home computer. That’s how rotted the Democratic constituency has become.

RUSH:  I keep trying to tell people that the Democrat Party, seemingly overnight, has gone all radical, all-in.  I mean, there aren’t any Bob Strausses left in this party anymore.

ADAMS:  No.  And there’s some Democrats who don’t know it yet.  That’s the only difference.  Some Southern Democrats still think they’re Democrats, but they don’t know what Democrat is.

RUSH:  Right.  Well, where do you expect this to go now?  As a seasoned veteran of DOJ and now running your election legal foundation, where do you expect this to go?  What’s the endgame here with this story?

CALLER:  There’s two irreconcilable American values.  One, we don’t criminalize politics.  That’s what Third World nations do. And you don’t indict people because, you know, there’s some political differences.  On the other hand, nobody’s above —

RUSH:  Wait, wait, wait, wait.  You mean in a campaign or something, our civilized way, we would not bring proceedings because that would taint the purity of the campaign, the election?  Is that what you mean?

ADAMS:  Yeah.  And that’s actually a Justice Department value.  They don’t want to influence an election by indicting before elections.  That’s a written guideline.  On the other hand, nobody’s above the law.  You know, Hillary’s not above the law, and the king should not be above the law.  And so we have these two irreconcilable American values clashing in this, and I don’t know which way it’s gonna go.

RUSH:  Well, I appreciate your time.  I really do.  And your candor as well.  It’s always a treat.  I remember the first — by the way, you’ve got nothing against pork rinds, right?  I just want everybody to understand, you’ve got nothing specifically against pork rinds?

ADAMS:  No, especially if they’re Junior Johnson pork rinds.  Those are the best.

RUSH:  All right.  They’re part of the Atkins diet.  They’re permissible there.

ADAMS:  That’s right.

RUSH:  But I remember the last time we spoke you were very enlightening.  I wanted to know — this was back when Eric Holder was the attorney general and it was obvious that the DOJ was in place to advance the Obama political agenda, and I ask you, how does Obama communicate it, because if something like that, if he calls Holder, if he sends Holder an email, I mean, there’s a record of that, and you said, no, no, no, it’s not the way it’s done. There are intermediaries. In fact, in many cases Mr. Holder wouldn’t have to ask Obama because they’re peas in a pod, but I’ll never forget that; it was very eye opening.  And I appreciate your time here, and best of luck to you, and have a great Independence Day weekend.

ADAMS:  You, too, Rush.  Take care.

RUSH:  J. Christian Adams.  He was at the Justice Department when they were collecting evidence on the New Black Panther Party preventing people from voting.  And when he found out that Holder said basically we’re not gonna prosecute people of color, he resigned.  He’s now writing at PJ Media and presidents of a Public Interest Legal Foundation.

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