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RUSH: There’s a pattern with the Clintons, but the thing you need to know about the Clintons is that since Whitewater — actually, since Vince Foster, since that whole Vince Foster thing, the Republican Party as an institution and its individual members has pulled up short every Clinton controversy. They pull up short. They don’t go all the way, because the Vince Foster thing — it’s kind of like the budget deal of 1995 and the government shutdown.  They’re paranoid now of a government shutdown.  Oh, my God, we can’t have a government shutdown, oh, no.

Vince Foster and that whole thing made ’em paranoid of going for broke and calling out the Clintons for what they really are, so the Clintons get away, they skate.  Name the scandal, name the controversy, Clinton Crime Family Foundation, two years, 21 and a half million dollars doing speeches?  They may reference it, but they will not call it what it is.  They will not say, the Republican Party nor its candidates, will not say Hillary Clinton is selling access on the come to the White House by selling herself to all these foreign entities, and who are they, and what are they buying?

It’s a serious question.  It needs answers because the Clintons, in their quest for personal wealth, which is what this is, their quest for personal wealth, Hillary Clinton has been accepting tens of millions of hundreds of millions of dollars of donations from foreign entities, countries, individuals.  For what?  What in the world do these people think they’re buying?  We know they are investing in her as an eventual president.  That’s what they’re buying.

They also spent this money when she was secretary of state.  They were getting something then.  This is insidious, whatever it is.  But the Republicans will stop short.  They will never go there.  They will never go all the way in calling the Clintons out because of the fear that it’s gonna backfire like it has backfired in the past.  The Clintons know this.  The Clintons know they’ve got the Republicans buffaloed.  They know the Republicans are not going to go all the way.  But Trump, well, Trump is not your typical Republican in any number of ways.

So he’s out there the last two days, he’s actually out there saying that Hillary Clinton bribed Loretta Lynch, and that’s part and parcel of what happened with Comey yesterday.  That’s never said, those allegations, Republicans never go that far.  But Trump did.  And I hope he keeps it up, for two reasons.  A, the American people need to hear it, they need to know it, they need to start considering it.  And, number two, the Clintons have never had to deal with that straight, that full frontal of an attack.

You got to admit, folks, they for the most part get a pass because of fear.  And you know the fear I’m talking about.  The Republicans have the fear of opposing amnesty. Well, better stated, the need to be seen as supporting amnesty so as to not anger Hispanics, so as hopefully to acquire significant numbers of Hispanic votes.  So they do things that are not in their own interest.  As a party, in the nation’s own interest, or they’re do the bidding of the Chamber of Commerce, the donors or whoever.  But when it comes to the Clintons, everybody there is in the establishment, Republican or Democrat, they’re all in the club, and they pull back.

They do not go all out when going after each other, except the Democrats do when going after the Republicans.  But Trump doesn’t pull up.  At least he hasn’t on this.  I mean, do you realize what a big thing it is to accuse Hillary Clinton of bribery because of whatever quotes in the New York Times?  I mean, it’s exactly what it was.  Now, I know what some of you are thinking.  And, by the way, it’s a legitimate question.  What is so attractive about a government job that pays $175,000 a year when you, somebody like Loretta Lynch can go out there and make 10 million a year in private practice somewhere as a rainmaker at some law firm or at some lobbying firm.

Power, folks.  Power.  This is another thing I don’t think average, ordinary people have any concept.  I mean, everybody is aware of power.  Most people are aware of the power being used against them.  But I would venture to say that not anywhere near a majority of people seek power the way somebody like Hillary Clinton does.  Hillary Clinton wants to win the White House for the simple power of it.  That’s the thirst.  That’s the attraction for her.  She wants the power.  I don’t think that’s why Trump wants to be president.

I don’t look at Trump as anywhere near having autocratic power tendencies, as some people are afraid that he might.  I don’t think Trump has ill intentions like I think the Clintons do.  But this quest for raw power is another thing that frightens me about them and argues against them getting it.  People who quest and thirst for power that much, I don’t think, can be trusted with it.  And she wants it.  And Mrs. Clinton is used to skating.  She’s used to the media covering for her. She’s used to the Democrat Party covering for her, and she and her husband are used to the Republican Party pulling up short.

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