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RUSH: Crazy Bernie’s up there saying — and this is key, folks — (impression) “We become stronger when we all stand together.”  That’s Bernie this morning for Hillary.  “We become stronger when we all stand together.” Stand together for what?  What is the unifying thing in our country today?  Can somebody tell me?  Is there one? (interruption)

No, no.  I’m not trying to be snarky or humorous or anything. I’m serious.  What is there in America that we could all unify around?  Police brutality? Cops mistreating blacks?  What is it?  They don’t ever identify what it is we all have in common.  They don’t ever identify what it is that we can all rally around and stand together so that we can become stronger.  “We become stronger when we all stand together.”  Doing what?  Standing together for what?  And who gets things done when they’re standing around anyway?

What does it mean, “stand together”?

Stand together for what?  Stand together for who?  What cause are we unifying around?  What is it that we all have in common, that the Democrats Bernie and Hillary see, that, if we all just came to a common understanding, it’d be no-holds-barred and we could just make tracks for greatness like it’s never been experienced before? What is this unifying thing? What is this principle? What is this idea? What’s the notion? What is this mysterious unknown, that if we all unified and stood together around it, magic would happen?

Well, here’s the truth:  There isn’t anything.

There isn’t a single thing around which we can all unify anymore.  These people have torn that aside.  There used to be. There used to be a single thing that everybody stood together on, unified around.  I don’t even like that terminology.  It’s the way liberal Democrats speak.  But there used to be something that we all had in common. (interruption) You know what it is?  Want to take…? (interruption) No.  Well, I’ve got wild guesses coming in now from the staff.  (interruption) “Terrorism?” No, I’m not think… (interruption) Yeah.  There you go.  Snerdley’s close.

What used to unify us all — one thing we all had in common — is we were all Americans.  They’ve blown that up.  They don’t like America.  They don’t like the America as founded.  They don’t like the America of eight years ago.  It doesn’t sound much like they like the America of today, even after 7-1/2 years of Barack Hussein O.  Yeah, we all used to have that one thing in common. “We were all Americans,” meaning there was a common cultural understanding of who we are and how that distinguishes us.

And they have been assaulting that intensely since the 1960s.  There has been an all-out assault on the concept of being an American, because to these people — to Hillary Clinton, to her husband, to Barack Obama, to Bernie Sanders (take your pick, they’re all a bunch of leftist “progressives” now)  — there’s nothing redeemable about that America.  It has to be “transformed,” I think is the word Obama uses. Yes, we must transform the old America! That thing we all used to have in common?

Ah, that was always bogus.

That was always racism, a bunch of bigotry, a bunch of homophobia. People weren’t nice to the transgenders.  It was a police state. It was destroying the planet, fossil fuels.  Virtually everything, ladies and gentlemen, that has distinguished this nation as great, these people have been attacking since the 1960s.  Virtually everything that set this nation apart, virtually everything that defined this nation as exceptional, they have been on the warpath trying to tear it apart, tear it down.  And they still are.

I’m sorry; there’s nothing to unify.  I don’t want to unify with these people; I want to beat them.  I don’t want to stand together with them; I want to stand over them, in victory.  I want them relegated to the minority they probably actually are, which is gonna require a lot of education, is gonna require a lot of persuasion.  Along these lines, Victor Davis Hanson, a brilliant piece in National Review Online today. Here’s just the beginning here.

“Multicultural societies — from 19th-century Austria-Hungary to contemporary Iraq, Lebanon, the former Yugoslavia, and Rwanda — have a poor record of keeping the peace between competing tribes. They usually end up mired in nihilistic and endemic violence.”  Multiculturalism has been an active part of the American educational curriculum for 20 years.  I correctly identified it when I saw it.  Multiculturalism exists specifically to destroy the single dominant American culture and to replace it with a bunch of tribal, Balkanized population groups.  Back to Victor Davis Hanson.

“The only hope for history’s rare multiracial, multiethnic, and multireligious nations is to adopt a common culture, one that artificially suppresses the natural instinct of humans to identify first with their particular tribe. America, in the logical spirit of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, was exceptional among modern societies in slowly evolving from its original, largely European immigrant population to a 21st-century assimilated, integrated, and intermarried multiracial society, in which religious and racial affiliations were incidental, not essential, to one’s public character and identity.”

I have to interrupt myself to take a break, but I won’t lose my place.

And don’t you, either.


RUSH:  Back to Victor Davis Hanson.  He’s pessimistic, by the way. He’s close to believing that Obama has succeeded in fundamentally transforming America and destroying this thing that we once all had in common, this distinct American culture that every immigrant that came to this country wanted. And that was to be an American.  This distinct American culture, it was rooted in liberty and freedom, and they all were escaping tyranny, bondage, and they wanted that.  And, yeah, they might have lived together among their similar nationalities, but that was secondary to them.

They wanted to be Americans.  Not today’s progressives.  Being an American has gotta be torn down.  Being an American, there’s nothing proud about that.  Oh, no.  America’s guilty, America’s evil, America’s racist, sexist, bigoted.  His point here is: “The only hope for history’s rare multiracial, multiethnic, and multireligious nations is to adopt a common culture.” That multicultural societies always end up descending into warfare, mired in violence as tribes segregate rather than unify around something they all have in common.

“But such a bold experiment was always tenuous and against the cruel grain of history, in which the hard work of centuries could be easily torn apart by the brief demagoguery of the moment.”  The point here is, from the founding 240 years forward, it was a marvelous, successful foray into a common culture, and along comes a disgruntled, angry, unhappy grievance-based president who, in 7-1/2 years, can deal near fatal blows to it.

“… easily torn apart by the brief demagoguery of the moment.  Unfortunately, President Obama, ever since he first appeared on the national political scene in 2008, has systematically adopted a rhetoric and an agenda that is predicated on dividing up the country according to tribal grievances, in hopes of recalibrating various factions into a majority grievance culture. In large part, he has succeeded politically. But in doing so he has nearly torn the country apart. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to suggest that no other recent president has offered such a level of polarizing and divisive racial bombast.”

So I go back to Bernie Sanders.  “We become stronger when we all stand together,” right?  Around what?  For what?  What is the one common thing organizing us?  There isn’t anymore, because you people, the progressive left, have done your best to rip it to shreds.  This distinct, unique American culture you have now labeled guilty.

You are attacking those who you think were guilty of creating it.  You seek further punishment of those who you accuse of creating this fraud known as the United States of America.  We are indeed being torn apart and descending into a nation of groups that have as their number one noteworthy aspect: grievance.  They’re mad.  They’re ticked off.  They have to make up reasons to be, in large part.


RUSH:  Let me give you a specific that Mrs. Clinton mentioned.  Of course she and Bernie brought up how unfair the cops are in America and how racist the cops are and how we need federal this and federal that and national this and national that to deal with these problems brought on by systemic implicit bias that she said only exists — well, not only, but primarily exists with law enforcement.

So one of the things that Hillary Clinton said was, she shouted, she screamed it, she squawked it, you know that screaming, that irritating voice.  She said (paraphrasing), “We need national guidelines on police use of force.”  Yeah.  That’s all we need, a bunch of wusses like this, handcuffing local law enforcement the way they have handcuffed the United States military with some of the most senseless rules of engagement that you could possibly dream of for a nation that sends its soldiers off to war.

That’s all we need, Hillary Clinton and her Justice Department in charge of national guidelines on local police department use of force.  But, hey, we’re already on the way, because the DOJ has already populated 30 major police departments in America, from Ferguson, Missouri, to Baltimore, by demanding new definitions of racism, implementing federal guidelines on policing in local communities in exchange for the continued receipt of federal funding.

So why not add to it and have federal, national, Hillary Clinton-inspired guidelines on police use of force?  Can you imagine what those would be?  (laughing)  I mean, you couldn’t turn on a green light to criminal intent any faster than putting these people in charge of national guidelines on the use of force.

And then she said (paraphrasing), “We must remove the possibility that weapons of war can be used on the streets of America.”  Rounds of applause.  But don’t think for a moment she wasn’t also talking about militarized police departments as well and SWAT units, you name it.  We’ve had 7-1/2 years.  We’ve had 7-1/2 years to see the utter destruction that progressivism and liberalism brings to a country politically, culturally, socially, economically. No matter where you look, we can see the crumbling.

How many of you have been to Rome, seen the famous Roman Colosseum?  Until they were able to stop it, it was falling apart, crumbling at the edges, fraying away because of age and so forth.  Sometimes I feel like that about this country.  It’s the just happening right before our eyes, and the frustrating thing is that we’re living it, 7-1/2 years, we’re living it, and people somehow, some way, find a way to blame George W. Bush for this, or who knows who else.  Anybody other than those who are actually responsible for it.

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