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RUSH: Hillary Clinton’s in Warren, Michigan, and she’s announcing her economic policy.  She’s revealing her economic plan.  This, of course, is in response to Trump doing his a few days ago.  And she just… She just made reference to how she knows people want good-paying jobs and quality jobs with dignity that can support a family of four, and people are applauding, going, “It’s great! It’s great!” And she says, “So, on day one…”

By the way, her hairstyle looks just like Trump’s.  I mean, it looks like she’s trying to look like Trump.  She’s got a different hairstyle out there today.  I mean, it’s even a little orange.  But I digress.  So Mrs. Clinton says, “So…” After telling everybody she supports all these big-paying jobs, family-afford jobs, jobs with dignity, jobs that represent the dynamically greatest workforce in the world…  So everybody’s saying, “Okay, this is great. She’s gonna tell us how she’s gonna do this! She’s got the magic wand answers.”  You know what she said?

“So on day one, I’m going to convene experts from both parties.  We are going to put together the best job-creation bill we have ever had.”  Are you kidding me?  Great jobs, high-paying jobs with dignity result from a government program that spends more money, that expand the role of government?  Are you kidding me?  That is not how an economy creates jobs.  That is not how there are jobs with dignity.  Now, government creates jobs in the public sector, if you want to work for the government or maybe if you want to work for a defense contractor. 

That’s not what she’s talking about.  She’s addressing you people who are unemployed, and she’s trying to make you think that on day one, she’s gonna assemble the best bipartisan panel of experts that has ever been, and they’re gonna sit down, and they’re gonna think of the best job-creation bill there’s ever been.  What would that be?  What can come out of Washington, what piece of legislation that will cause — pick any list of companies you want — to start hiring the moment that bill is signed?

“Oh, Rush, if it has tax incentives, if it has tax…”

No, no, no. That’s cronyism, folks.  No, no, no, no.Because not everybody is gonna get those.  You wait.  Only Clinton’s donors are gonna get those tax breaks.  The Wall Street guys.  The answer is, there’s not a thing she can do.  If that answer is the answer, why hasn’t Obama done it?  Why do we have to wait? Why doesn’t she tell us what that plan is now?  If she knows how to do this, if the Democrats have the answer, why have we even had the last eight years?  She doesn’t have the answers.  She doesn’t know how the private sector works because she resents it just like Obama does.


RUSH:  Why didn’t Obama put together one of these bipartisan commissions, the smartest people to create jobs? Wait, he did!  That’s right, he did! Obama did do it.  In fact, Hillary hasn’t suggested a single thing that Obama hasn’t already done, which ought to tell everybody everything right there.


RUSH:  You know, I’m trying to think of new ways to characterize Mrs. Clinton.  I’ve been listening to a little bit of her speech here, and how she’s gonna have this government group just focused on helping small business, and this government group to focus on Big Business, and this group to focus on high-paying jobs with dignity.  Folks, she’s full of crap! For all the years I’ve been following Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton economic policies, she’s full of crap. 

The things that she’s describing and talking about, A, are exactly what has been going on the last eight years.  I’ve never forget one of these Obama jobs summits. They actually televised it, and it was one of these early things that Obama would do. He would announce a study group of a bunch of progressives and liberals he’s calling up to the White House where they’re gonna spend all day long tackling a problem, like job growth or “high-paying jobs with dignity” or whatever the heck it was.

And then, at the end of the day, they were gonna report to Obama, as though the problem was solved! Because of Obama and because of the power of his personality and because he’s president, he had been able to get the best mind in the country to come to Washington for a day to the East Room in the White House, where they’ve been meeting in study groups, one in every corner of the room. And at the end of the day, they come together and they report to the big guy! Problem solved.  And literally that was the image that Obama wanted to project. 

He never had to show any results because liberals never do.  All they have to show is how much they care.  All they have to do is express their gloriously wonderful intentions, and Obama was going the extra mile. “He knew that he alone couldn’t do it!  What an admission.  This is a man with an ego in check that we need,” people said. “Here’s the first person to come along to realize he doesn’t have all the answers, so he assembles a bunch of Nimrods.”  One of the guys I’ll never forget being there in the work study group, the employment study group, was the foreign policy columnist of the New York Times, Thomas L. Friedman. 

Thomas “Loopy” Friedman.  And was seen beaming and smiling with all of his other left-wing buddies as they were sitting in the East Room really thinking they were hot crap, really thinking they were hot stuff.  Man, the president had called on them, and they were in there, and they had they had their sleeves rolled up! That’s how hard they were working.  And they were sitting there, and they were talking to each other, and they had their pens and pencils out and they were taking notes and they were comparing notes and they were…

What were they doing?  This was an extended faculty lounge theoretical discussion engaged in by people who’ve never had a job in the private sector, and certainly by people who’ve never hired anybody or had to make payroll or anything of the sort.  And of course, nothing came of it because take a look our languishing economy and look at our languishing job circumstances.  Nothing ever came of it! But it didn’t matter.  All that mattered was Obama convened a meeting. 

Obama had a jobs summit — and Hillary’s talking about doing one for herself and another summit here and another summit there. I’m telling you, she’s just full of it.  She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  She’s doing nothing but articulating a bunch of pap theory that is not applicable in the real world. She… Folks, I have such great resentment for these know-it-all leftists who have… They look down. They look down their noses at people who work. 

They look down their noses at people in the private sector and sit there think, “They don’t know what they’re doing! They’re a bunch of plebes.  We are the smart people, we’re the ones with degrees, we are the ones that went to the Ivy League,” or whatever it is they tell themselves, and they tell themselves they have all the answers and if they just had the wherewithal to wave their wand and implement what they believe, then magic would happen.

Well, that’s what we’ve had the last eight years.  We’ve had an extended faculty lounge with all kinds of people coming in and out of it, weighing in on what they think they ought to do, and there’s not a single one of them that has any practical experience in the field of endeavor of economics as it relates specifically to those jobs summits.  She doesn’t… Well, I don’t know if she knows that what she’s saying is full of crap or not.  That’s the thing.  With these people, you never know.  Do they really believe this stuff or do they just know what to say? 

Do they just know how to say it?  


RUSH: You know, I need to rephrase my question about Hillary Clinton.  It’s even better.  The question is just staring me in the face — and because it’s just right there in front of my face, I missed it.  It’s a question that might serve as a persuasive comment on her.  Remember, my focus is on people who know things are not right, who are not happy, who think the country’s on the wrong track, but they haven’t been told who’s responsible.  In many cases, they don’t think anybody is. 

In many cases, a lot of people think it’s just cycles. You know, just a downtime.  And as far as they know, the last person to blame is Bush. “Yeah, ’cause that’s when we had the collapse! Yeah.  That’s when had financial collapse. That’s when almost broke the whole financial system of the world — and poor old Obama, he’s been coming in here, working real hard trying to fix it! Man, it must have been worse than anybody really knew ’cause he been working really hard try to fix it.”  They don’t blame Obama.  They should. 

Millennials don’t, either.  And even if they’re not so much still blaming Bush, they don’t know why.  There are specific explanations for people, unhappiness, doom and gloom in terms of their view of the future.  It would have really helped… You know, and I don’t mean to be beating a dead horse here, but it would have really helped over these past eight years if the Republican Party had been explaining these things.  But they were afraid to. 

Anyway, before I explain the question, I have the sound bite that I mimicked Mrs. Clinton on from her speech in Detroit today — actually Warren, Michigan. I think it was the Economic Club of Detroit — that’s what I was told — the same bunch that Trump spoke to.  I’m not sure it was the same group, but it was an economic speech.  This is what I made fun of, or mimicked when she said what she’s gonna do on day one to start building and creating high-paying jobs with lots and lots of dignity.

HILLARY:  Starting on day one, we will work with both parties to pass the biggest investment in new, good-paying jobs since World War II.  We — we will put Americans to work, building and modernizing our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our railways, our ports, our airports.  We are way overdue for this, my friends! We are living off the investments that were made by our parents’ and grandparents’ generation.  We will also help cities like Detroit and Flint —

RUSH: (groans)

HILLARY: — connect underserved neighborhoods to opportunity expanding affordable housing —

RUSH: What?

HILLARY: — and we will repair schools and failing water systems as well.

RUSH:  Okay.  Feeds right into my question.  But first, underserved neighborhoods?  You know, who was the first president that start calling tax increases “investments,” do you remember? (interruption) That’s exactly right, Mr. Snerdley. That’d be Bill Clinton.  And so here she is. (impression) “I, starting on day one, will work with both parties to pass the biggest investment in new, good-paying jobs since World War II!”  It’s that easy?  We just gonna “invest” in new, good-paying jobs? 

And then she specifies it. (impression) “We will put Americans to work building, modernizing our roads, our bri…”  Why do not people realize they’ve heard this?  If this was gonna happen, it should have happened in 2009 and should have kept happening in 2010! We should have rebuilt the roads and bridges by now.  After eight years of Obama, why hasn’t this been done?  Why does this have to be done over?  Why does it have to be done in the first place?  Why wasn’t it done when Obama spent almost a trillion dollars on it? 

That’s what I… Why don’t people ask that?  Whether the media reports it or not, they hear her making the speech.  Why don’t people say, “Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  Obama said that! Obama said that!” Why don’t they ask, “Why do we have to do this? I thought we did that.”  Of course, they know we haven’t done it, so they should be asking, “Why didn’t we do it then? Why…? What…?” They apparently don’t ask that.  This ought to embarrass the hell out of them! 

This is so incompetent, this is so obviously fake, this is so obviously boilerplate, she ought to be embarrassed to say this.  She’s following a president who promised to do all this eight years ago, and she’s talking about it as though it’s a brand-new, revolutionary idea, when what it is is a lie.  It was a lie in 2009 when Obama promised it with the Porkulus, and it’s a lie here.  My question is this. I’ve been too limiting.  I have been too narrow in my questioning of Mrs. Clinton. 

The truth of the matter is that Hillary Clinton’s been in public life for 30 years, and for the past 25 she has been at the nadir of power.  She been the first lady, she’s been a senator, she’s been secretary of state, she has run for president. This is the second time.  Why, after all of these years of consistent policy theory and belief, has what she believes led to this?  Why has what she believes not made a difference?  Why has what she advocates not happened? 

Why, after 30 years of compassion and caring for the children, are more kids aborted every year than the year before?  Why are families busted apart? Why are there more single mothers than ever before? Why?  Why have things gotten worse?  Hillary Clinton! We were told at the Democrat convention that nobody has done a better job of caring for the downtrodden. Nobody’s cared more for our children than Hillary Clinton.  She cares more than you parents care about your own kids. 

Barack Obama looked us in the eye at the Democrat convention, and he said (imitating Obama), “Bill, we may not want to hear it, but I gotta tell everybody. She is more qualified to be president than either one of us, Bill.  You know it and I know it.”  My mouth fell open on that.  Because where is it all?  She’s been prominent.  Children’s Defense Fund, first lady, Hillarycare, she has been at the forefront of all of the policy initiatives offered and implemented by the Democrat Party.  Where is — to hell with utopia — where is the increase?  Where’s the upswing?  Where is the economic growth?  Where is the job creation? 

Where is the roadway to utopia?  It’s a long way of saying, I think Mrs. Clinton disqualifies herself on the very basis of her 30-year record.  Thirty years, nothing to show for it, other than a bunch of accolades about how much she cares, how much hard work she has put into caring.  But, seriously, 30 years.  Why do we still need to build roads and bridges, 30 years, why do we still need a jobs summit put together by the White House?  Why, after 30 years, and many of these years run by the Democrats, why haven’t these ideas worked?  Why is Mrs. Clinton even needed?  Why aren’t we reveling in so much joy and happiness and prosperity?  Why can’t she just retire with the legacy of “job well done”? 

Instead, we get a Hillary Clinton after 30 years in government complaining about the things she was complaining about when she was running as first lady, when she was handling bimbo eruptions and when she was handling Hillarycare. Why, after 30 years, is there not a shred of evidence that what she believes and what she has helped to implement worked? 

Therefore, why is there such blind support for this woman, who cannot point to a track record at any time in her 30 years saying, “Give me the full boat. Give me the White House. Give me all the power, and I’m gonna build on what I’ve done to date.”  She can’t even say that, because there’s nothing to build on.  We are at a permanent state of decline, and we’re being told to accept it, that that’s our new norm. That our best days are behind us, and we can’t hope to recapture ’em because our best days behind us were actually kind of phony.  Yeah, they were built on a false premise that we were a superpower.  But we really weren’t.  We were racking up all this debt. We had to pay the credit card off that Reagan ran up like crazy. 

That’s what they told us.  Why, after 30 years, can Hillary Clinton not point to anything in her career and say, “Remember when I did that?  Well, give me the full boat and let me really make it happen.”  She can’t do that.  Why?  Why does Hillary Clinton’s 30th year in public office sound identical to her first year?  Same complaints, same acknowledgments of problems, same rotten people, same rotten corporations.  Why haven’t they been put in jail?  Why haven’t these evil corporate guys finally been punished for all of the drugs that they’ve put on the market that kill people and make people sick, why are they still roaming free?  Why is there still global warming, why is there still climate change?

For 30 years Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have been warning us and telling us that big corporations and people wasting energy are creating this situation we’re gonna destroy the planet.  Why, after the 30 years, have we not turned that corner?  Why are we still at day one?  Why hasn’t anything Hillary Clinton proposed that would solve any of these problems actually solved anything?  You realize they were warning us 30 years ago of climate change, destruction of the planet.  Where is all of the progress in saving the planet?  Why, after 30 years, do we have to give her the full boat in order to take the first step toward solving these problems? 

I think the full public record of Hillary Clinton itself disqualifies her.  Her public resume is one of failure.  No, she cares, I don’t know how much she cares, they say she cares a lot, cares about kids, love kids, done more for kids than anybody in America.  Show me the evidence.  Show me where caring accomplishes anything.  I care about a lot of things.  Doesn’t get ’em done. 

So why isn’t her 30-year track record, her 30-year resume, why isn’t it seen for what it is?  Abject failure.  Lack of any appreciable accomplishment in the areas of her agenda that she promotes and has been promoting. Why has the only thing that’s really changed in the last 30 years of Hillary Clinton being in public life, that she and her husband are now worth $300 million? 

They’ve done pretty well.  Nobody else has that they’ve been trying to help or caring about.  How is it that’s the single greatest thing of note about Bill and Hillary Clinton is their personal wealth accumulation, in their 30 years in public life earning government salaries?  If you ask me, her political life is the greatest disqualifier of her candidacy that anybody could come up with.


RUSH:  An emailer points out that Hillary’s done great charity work for children in foreign countries through the foundation.  Really?  Why don’t they talk about it, then?  What’s that got to do with being president anyway, creating jobs?  You people, you Hillary people, you got nothing.  You’ve got nothing.  That’s the whole point.

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