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RUSH: Yeah, I’ve never seen the media so obsessed with somebody that is supposedly losing so bad. They are. They’re literally obsessed with everything Trump does. They can’t stop themselves, and they’re analyzing everything Trump does as another nail in the coffin. I don’t know. Maybe they think they’re celebrating it or whatever. They can’t help themselves.


RUSH: The big news of the day is what is being labeled a Trump campaign shakeup, but I don’t know if it’s a shakeup ’cause nobody got canned. A couple of people were added to the roster. Steve Bannon, who’s been running the Trumpbart website, has moved over now to executive chairman of the campaign. He’s a former US Navy operator. He was chief of staff to somebody in the Pentagon, the Department of The Navy. He’s a Harvard MBA. He was a banker at Goldman Sachs. And he was one of the early investors in the TV show Seinfeld, so he has acquired and amassed wealth.

He’s known Trump for a while, and he’s been running the Trumpbart site for — well, I don’t know, he’s executive chairman at Trumpbart for what, Snerdley, a year or two? Something like that. So he’s taking a leave of absence there and moving over to be the executive chairman of the Trump campaign. Kellyanne Conway is becoming the campaign manager. And of course the Drive-Bys are obsessed.

There’s another story out there. We touched on this yesterday. Roger Ailes is providing formal advice to the Trump campaign on the upcoming debates. The Trump campaign, no matter who you talk to, is denying that. There’s no formal arrangement with Ailes. There’s no informal arrangement with Ailes. Ailes isn’t doing anything with the Trump campaign according to a Trump spokesman on TV. It doesn’t matter to CNN what the Trump campaign is saying because CNN is continuing to report that that’s what’s going on.

CNN also has put on their tinfoil hats, and what they see the campaign shakeup today meaning is this. That Trump knows he’s gonna lose. All Trump is doing is setting up a future media empire to take on Fox News and CNN. This is the CNN theory. That when Trump loses the election, he’s gonna have Steve Bannon and Ailes and they’re gonna set up this brand-new news network to take everybody else out. They’re gonna swamp Fox News. They’re gonna swamp CNN. That’s the CNN theory.

I know some of the players here. I’ve not heard a word of that. I can’t do thumbs up or thumbs down on it. I have no idea whether any of that has any truth to it, if there’s any validity. I do know that CNN’s off the rails on this. They’re acting paranoid and they’ve got their conspiratorial hats on and they’re dreaming and imagines things. One thing, though, that needs to be pointed out here, and I’m not the first to do it. If you’ve been watching cable news all morning you no doubt have heard this. Trump was in Milwaukee last night, actually 45 minutes north of Milwaukee, and we’ve got the sound bites coming up.

He gave another good speech. Folks, it was a damn good speech. It was knockdown good, and you will hear how good it was by listening to the sheer panic in the aftermath of the speech from CNN, from their commentators and their Democrat strategists. So what did the Trump campaign do? They promptly gave the media an excuse to not report it. They promptly gave the media an excuse to ignore Trump’s speech last night by announcing this campaign shakeup or change or whatever they’re calling it. So that now is the news about the Trump campaign, meaning the two new hires, Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, and nobody is talking about the speech that Trump gave.

You know, somebody there should have understood something here. You know, you gonna shake up the campaign, you gonna add some people to it. They’re very insistent that it’s not a shakeup ’cause nobody got fired and nobody’s been reassigned. It’s just a couple of people were added, whatever. You know, announce this Thursday or Friday. You know, announce it when I’m not here. That way you’re guaranteed to sneak it under the radar and let the news of Trump’s speech lead, because he took on the problems in Milwaukee, I mean, he dove head first into it.

We haven’t seen anybody take on these cultural problems at all, particularly from the Republican side, and Trump did last night. But you don’t know about it because the news is the campaign shakeup. It’s an error. It’s a tactical error. Look, it’s not a long lasting thing. It doesn’t mean win or lose. There was a smarter way of doing this, and I’m sure they know it.

Now, there’s a new Reuters poll out that Hillary’s lost a point. She’s now only up six, 41 to 35. You know what the interesting point in that poll is to me? Hillary Clinton’s only at 41%, after all this time, after all of this adoring, free media that she gets. She’s buying a lot of spots, but it’s anti-Trump stuff. The media, as you know, is her protector and they’re doing everything they can to promote her and cover up whatever weaknesses she has and ignore whatever deficiencies. To only be at 41% after all this?

Now, yeah, there’s some of the third and fourth party candidates that are getting significant numbers here. But that’s… Even so, how in the world…? Now, she can win with 41%; that’s the unfortunate thing. You know, Bill Clinton never got 50% of the vote in either his two presidential campaigns, ’cause third-party candidates came in there and took votes. In the first campaign, he won 43% and won the presidency. He got the electoral votes, and it’s all that matters.

But Hillary Clinton continues to be beatable. Hillary Clinton is maybe not a sitting duck, but she’s not invincible. She has glaring weaknesses. She has many vulnerabilities. She is not a good candidate. Everybody talks about how Trump’s not a good candidate. He’s not this, he’s not that, he’s not this. She’s not a good candidate in the sense that she doesn’t excite people. She has no charisma. She doesn’t light a fire, creates no energy. She doesn’t have a connection with most of the people voting for her.

That’s party loyalty more than it is to Hillary. And, as such, she’s very vulnerable. But they’re gonna have to go after her. They’re gonna have to start that pretty soon, because, folks, as many in the Drive-By Media have excitedly pointed out today, early voting starts pretty soon. Six weeks in some states. Here we are in August and early voting starts — and you know what early voting is. I mean, it’s a scam. It’s a scam the Democrats run.

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