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RUSH: The AP has a story here. Trump did a town hall. He has a big debate coming up Sunday night and a lot of people have a lot invested in the debate.  The Trump supporters hope that Trump is different.  They wish he would go prepare; they wish he would rehearse. Trump is saying, “Screw it! I’m not gonna rehearse, not gonna have somebody pretend to be Hillary. I’m just gonna do what I do.” He’s not listening to advice.  He never has really.  He’s confident in who he is and how he does things. 

And he’s got these advisers that advise, but it doesn’t mean he’s gonna listen to ’em.  And the word I get is that he doesn’t listen to most of it anyway, which frustrates the advisers, which I kind of like.  I mean, if you really know your stuff why would you need…? I don’t need an adviser to tell me what I think about things.  Can you imagine I run for president one day and I get this cadre of advisers? You’re gonna say, “Why do you need ’em? You ought to be telling the advisers what to think!”

Exactly right.  If you’re really into this why you need advisers?  Now, maybe advisers for strategy and all that, but not to tell you what you think.  And Trump doesn’t need ’em and doesn’t use them.  So he’s claiming he’s not gonna do anything special. In fact, he’s saying he’s not even gonna bring up Bill Clinton and the he then parade of bimbos.  He’s made a point.  Which I find strange, ’cause Trump’s out there ripping to shreds everybody that’s telegraphing our plans, say, in Syria; telegraphing our plans against ISIS.

He said, “Why would you telegraph your military op?”  Well, why would he tell Hillary what he’s not gonna talk about, unless of course he is.  But the headline of the story the AP: “Trump Gets Softballs at Townhall Ahead of Clinton Showdown,” and it’s by our old favorites at the AP, Jonathan Lemire and Julie Pace.  “It had the trappings of a town hall debate. There was a moderator. The audience members had questions. There was a two-minute countdown clock for answers. And Donald Trump carried a microphone while patrolling a small stage.

“But the similarities between what Trump faced Thursday night in New Hampshire in a warm-up town hall and what he’ll see Sunday night in St. Louis versus Hillary Clinton end there,” which is true.  Because on Sunday night the moderator will be a Hillary supporter.  The moderator is gonna be from the State-Controlled Media.  Trump is gonna be two-against-one like it was last time.  It’s gonna be two-against-one this time.

At his little town hall in New Hampshire, there wasn’t a Hillary supporter as the moderator.  So he’s gonna be facing that. In fact, there’s two moderators on Sunday.  It’s Martha MacCallum and Anderson Cooper.  So you’re gonna have two Hillary supporters from State-Run Media, which Trump didn’t face in his town hall.  And all the questions were not aimed discrediting Trump in New Hampshire, like they will be on Sunday night. 

And the questions that Trump did in New Hampshire were not scripted by the Hillary campaign or some other Democrat operative like her town halls are.  The AP says, “Trump didn’t actually interact with the audience, instead only conversing with a friendly moderator who read the questions — nearly all softballs submitted from the invitation-only crowd.” Okay, fine.  That’s in the AP.  Can I share with you the details of another story about another candidate who’s also preparing? 

Hillary Clinton the last two days have been doing her own public appearances in her own town hall-type things.  This week, she was given all the questions she would be asked while being interviewed by Steve Harvey, the comedian, who’s also one of these great defenders of the state.  Steve Harvey, comedian, was given all the questions.  By the way, there’s no dispute.  I’m not telling you something they don’t want known.  There is no dispute that Hillary was given all the questions by Steve Harvey that he was gonna ask. 

This the guy that does Family Feud TV show.  That’s the hardball moderator Hillary’s rehearsing with.  Then there was a little girl who asked Hillary a question in the forum concerning “body shaming.”  What was she, 15?  There was a little fifteen-year-old girl who asked Hillary a question concerning “body shaming,” and Trump, something along the lines of, “What can young girls all over the country do when Mr. Trump is making us ashamed to be little girls by making fun of our bodies?”

And Hillary said, “That is such a serious and great question, and it’s time this kind of bias and sexism come to a screeching halt.” Ah, this 15-year-old is an actress and her father is a lifelong Democrat political operative and officeholder who coached her. But nobody was told that.  People watching this thought that it was a random-selected 15-year-old girl in the audience who came up with that question on her own. 

The reason I think Trump ought to unload, is I don’t think there has ever been a more coddled and comforted candidate in the history of time, short of Obama, than Hillary Clinton. It’s why the first 30 minutes of the first debate, Trump owned them.  She was reduced to her robotic, politically tainted/oriented answers to everything.  She clearly had deer-in-the-headlight eyes.  And why he changed pace and dropped the energy, I don’t know. But she’s not used to it.  None of them are.  Hillary’s not used to it; Obama’s not. 

These people couldn’t stand one day of the kind of media treatment Republicans get.  It’s softballs here and there, because it’s all they’re all on the same team and they all have the same objective.  In a companion story from the… What is this website?  This is Academia.org.  Of course, an institution of higher learning is the academy, academe.  The headline: “Trump Baffles Academics.”  Like that would be hard.  “The ‘best and the brightest’ in academe…”

This by Malcolm A. Kline, just to give you a byline here.  “The ‘best and the brightest’ in academe have been trying to unravel the Trump phenomenon for about as long as this election season has run. Martin Kich of Wright State University devotes about three blogs a week to the subject on the academe blog maintained by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP).  Here’s a clue: You can only convince people that we have a good economy if they actually have jobs.

“A pair of scholars of fairly diverse backgrounds has figured this out: They are, of course, a minority in academe. We have written about the phenomenon today in which more budding businesses fail than succeed. It turns out that we aren’t the only ones who noticed. ‘Nowadays, more businesses die each year than are started,’ Angelo Codevilla writes in The Claremont Review of Books. ‘In this century, all net additions in employment have come from the country’s 1,500 largest corporations.'” 

Now, while all of this reality is going on, academics — the pointy-headed, super-educated — can’t figure Trump out.  They don’t know why people lining him.  They can’t figure out what his appeal is.  He’s an embarrassment.  He’s a clod! The guy’s a bull in a china shop.  He’s coarse.  He’s bombastic.  He’s rude.  He’s crude.  Why would anybody like him?  They can’t understand; so they are delving deep within each other’s blogs to try to explain why Trump is succeeding. 

And they don’t understand why Trump is selling this trade that’s making him popular and all this other stuff on the economy because, to them, they all have jobs.  They’re working in universities and no matter what, they have jobs, and they can’t… They’re the ones that can’t relate to people that don’t have jobs. They’re the ones that can’t relate to people that do not think the economy is just chugging right along, because if their world — which is the only world they ever experience, they never venture outside it — everything’s fine! 

The alumni continue to donate. The football team continues to sell out. The money’s flush at the university. What do you mean we’ve got a bad economy? 

And they claim to be the smartest in the room.  


RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number 15.  Bob Schieffer from the Jurassic Park of the Drive-By Media recently retired. They brought him back for the campaign.  He’s journalist emeritus, and he was on CBS This Morning with Charlie Rose, and they were talking about the second presidential debate on Sunday.  Charlie Rose said, “Look at the dynamics, because it’s a different style of setting here.” They’re gonna be sitting having this debate. It’s a roundtable forum or whatever they call it, roundtable type.  They’re not standing up there in podiums, I don’t believe. 

So here’s what Schieffer said about it…

SCHIEFFER:  Yes, it is.  And I’m not sure who that favors.  Climbing up and down off those high stools that they’re gonna be sitting on presents certain challenges, I suppose.  I’ve never liked this format, to be quite honest about it.  Remember Algore getting up in George Bush’s face? It just goes off in all directions, so heaven knows what’s gonna happen this time around.

RUSH:  Who in the…? Who’s he referring to here getting on and off a stool?  You know he’s not worried about Trump getting up and down. (impression) “Eh, climbing up and down off those high stools? Ahhhh, I don’t like this.” He’s obviously worried about the effect it’s gonna have on Hillary. 

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