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RUSH: Here’s an exclusive story that’s running on Reuters today.  The headline:  “White House Plans Community-Based Prevention of Violent Ideologies.”  Really?  What are violent ideologies and who gets to determine that?  Who gets to define what is a violent ideology?  We know what this is.  Here are the details. 

“A new White House plan aims to convene teachers and mental health professionals to intervene and help prevent Americans from turning to violent ideologies, work that is currently mostly done by law enforcement, a draft of the policy seen by Reuters shows.

“The 18-page plan, to be announced on Wednesday, marks the first time in five years that the Obama administration has updated its policy for preventing the spread of violent groups.”  What they’re talking about here is conservatism, folks.  “Authorities blamed radical and violent ideologies as the motives for attacks in the last year in Charleston, South Carolina; San Bernardino, California; Orlando, Florida; New York and New Jersey.”

Now, you might think, “Wait a minute, Rush, some of that, San Bernardino, that’s Islamic extremism.”  Yeah, but Obama’s not worried about that.  “Orlando, that’s the guy that blew up the gay bar, again, another Islamic –” No, no.  Obama doesn’t care about that. 

“A self-styled white supremacist is accused of shooting dead nine black people inside a historic African-American church in Charleston and the other shootings and bombs were inspired by Islamist militants. Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have questioned Department of Homeland Security officials over the delay in updating the department’s approach to countering recruitment strategies by Islamic State, which controls parts of Iraq and Syria, and other groups.

“Under the new guidelines, ‘local intervention teams’ made up of mental health professionals, faith-based groups, educators and community leaders will assess the needs of individuals who may be showing signs of converting to a violent ideology.”

I don’t think there is any doubt when you talk about this kid that blew up or shot people in the church, they’re gonna associate that with conservatism.  We know that the Department of Homeland Security in Obama’s first term released internal documents warning of the dangers posed by violent right-wing groups.  So you say, “Well, yeah, but Obama’s leaving.”  It doesn’t matter.  The left runs everything in Washington no matter who the president is, and this work will continue. 

I think that there’s no question that an ongoing effort to stamp out or intimidate anybody who happens to lean in any direction to the right is going to be undertaken, and I just wanted to mention this here at the top while everybody’s attention is focused. 

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