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RUSH:  Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, the videos that prove Democrat corruption, that prove it’s the Democrat Party, the Hillary campaign that was responsible for all of the protests at Trump rallies, James O’Keefe can’t believe his videos aren’t being covered.  He can’t believe that his videos are being ignored by the Drive-By Media.  He fully expected to be guesting on all kinds of shows with his videos being shown to the nation.  He can’t believe it. 

You know what? This Robert Creamer guy that Scott Foval — we played the videotape from the videos from James O’Keefe yesterday, and this Scott Foval with direct contact to the Hillary campaign reporting to this guy Creamer, who also had direct access to the Hillary campaign, he’s the husband of Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. He is the architect. He was the guru. He was the guy that all of these underlings looked to for inspiration. 

It turns out that this guy who oversaw the Trump rally agitators visited the White House 342 times and had something like 47 person-to-person meetings with Obama.  But it’s just coincidence, you see.  Oh, yes.  Creamer, by the way, has now resigned his position as Foval has been fired from his position.  But they’re just gonna be lateral moved someplace.  They don’t get fired.  They actually get bonuses and awards and accolades, like Dan Rather did for trying the fake story on the National Guard against George W. Bush.  

Forty-seven personal meetings with Obama, Robert Creamer responsible, the architect of all of these paying the homeless and busing them to Trump rallies and having them wear T-shirts designed to incite Trump supporters.  It was the Democrats that started the fights, that started the fires, that started the fisticuffs, and it was planned and orchestrated by this guy Creamer using his underlings like Scott Foval. 

Now we find out that Creamer met with Obama, who is the top dog of all of this, community organizer supreme, who lectures us on civility after all of this happens! After Democrats go in and raise hell at Republican events, Obama then goes on and wrings his hands and talks about how sorry he is and how we must become more civil to one another, and he’s the guy pouring gasoline on it all and lighting the match. 

It all comes from the top.  The decision not to indict Hillary Clinton, the decision to leave her alone on the emails, the decision not to punish her on Benghazi, it all comes from the top.  

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