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RUSH: I just got an email note that says, “How come you haven’t talked more about the Clinton Foundation today?”  Folks, I’ve said everything there is about that, and I know you’ve heard me.  I don’t want to run the risk of being repetitious or redundant.  But I’ve shared with you what I think is going on here, and I think it’s reprehensible, and I think it’s criminal, and I think this activity has no business being rewarded by the people involved being elected president of the United States. 

Our foreign policy has been up for sale by Hillary as Secretary of State — and who knows what Hillary has already sold to donors on the come, donating to her on the pretext she’s going to become president.  And all for personal gain, personal enrichment.  The whole reason for Hillary Clinton’s server that you guys are sick and tired of hearing about, the whole reason for this whole email story? Remember Bernie Sanders? (impression) “I just want to say, the hell with your emails! I want this email story to go away!”

Everybody got tired of hearing about the emails. By design.  The reason for that private server was to cover up and prevent anybody finding out what the Clintons were doing with their foundation, because they were using her office as Secretary of State — her position as Secretary of State — to raise money for their foundation, when much of that ends up in their back pockets.  They’ve become filthy rich running a charity, making speeches, having phantom no-show jobs as “consultants” at these various companies that are donating. 

It is all to prevent anybody from finding out.  That’s why that server exists.  It wasn’t for convenience.  It wasn’t because she wanted secrecy and privacy of government business.  It wasn’t because she didn’t trust the State department network.  It wasn’t any of that.  It was to be able to hide what she and her husband and everybody that has anything to do with that foundation was doing.  It would not withstand sunlight.  It would not withstand random Freedom of Information Act requests.  They had to keep it offsite. 

As a result, it’s been discovered that it’s been under investigation for a year, and it’s serious.  The mainstream media is trying to make it look like there’s nothing there.  There is something there and it is big, and it involves Huma Abedin and her husband, Anthony Weiner, who has now been sent away to a sex rehab clinic.  The FBI is investigating this seriously and are at that stage where they are confronting people with the evidence they’ve accrued, to the point that some might be deciding right now on whether to come clean and flip or take a hit and go to jail for the Clintons.

It’s gotten that deep.  It’s not going to be resolved before the election.  So if she wins, this is what her presidency is going to be.  It’s going to be an ongoing, never-ending series of investigations, which it has always been with the Clintons.  And the investigations happen because they’re real.  It’s because of actions the Clintons engage in.  It’s because of things that the Clintons do.  It’s really simple, folks.  It’s simple. I mean, it’s simple; it’s not hard.  They do what they do to get personally rich.

And they’re able to hide that because as good liberals, nobody thinks liberals do what they do for money, because liberals have so much compassion.  Liberal Democrats, they only care about the little guy.  They care about people in trouble.  You never hear about all the wealth on the left, but it dwarfs how much wealth is on the right now, and Wall Street banks — and New York and California wealthiest-of-the-wealthy money — is all bankrolling the Democratic Party today and the Clintons specifically. 

One of the greatest scams, one of the greatest sleights of hands I’ve ever seen, is the Democrat voters really have no idea what the people they’re supporting are actually doing and how devoted to things that they criticize they are.  For example, the Democrats rip the rich constantly and talk about getting even with them, raising their taxes. They’re not paying enough their fair share and all that?  They are the rich!  They are the very people that are out there.  They are the banks. 

They party with, they sleep with them, they vacation with these people at banks and at hedge funds.  It’s an incestuous relationship. The media, the Democrat Party, lobbying groups, it’s a giant collection of elites.  And the Clintons are trying to get rich by doing all this public work that looks like it’s devoted to charity and helping people.  And one of the greatest illustrations is how they got rich off the Haiti earthquake.  

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