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RUSH:  Chuck Schumer was elected the Democrat leader in the Senate today.  That’s not a surprise.  He’s replacing Dingy Harry.  He had a little press conference here today, and some of the things that Senator Chuck-U Schumer had to say…  He said, “First, we heard the American people loud and clear.  They felt that the government wasn’t working for them.  They felt that the economy was rigging against them in many places and the Big Government was too beholden to big money and special interests.” 

Well, this sounds like he agrees with Trump.  He says, “We heard the American people loud and clear.  They felt…” Now, don’t be fooled by this.  He says, “We heard what they said.  They think the government wasn’t working for them.  They think the economy was rigged. Big Government was too beholden to big money.”  Then he said, “We will unite our caucus and speak to the blue-collar worker in West Virginia and Michigan as well as the people who live along the coasts.  We can unite the disparate factions of our party and country. 

“Our whole leadership team is emblematic of that.  Our team is ideologically and geographically diverse.”  There it is again: Diverse, based on skin color. Diverse, based on whether you have a penis or vagina. Diverse, based on your gender, your orientation. Diverse, based on a bunch of things that don’t really matter.  “There is a debate going on,” said Chuck-U. “There’s a debate going on whether we should be a party of the diverse Obama coalition or the blue-collar America in the heartland,” Schumer said. 

“Some think we need to make a choice.  I believe there does not have to be a division.  In fact, there must not be a division.  We need a sharper, bolder, stronger economic message.  We needed to let the American people understand that we all believed the system is not working for them and that we’re gonna change it.”  To me, this is exactly… In the 2002 midterms, first George W. Bush term, after the Wellstone memorial, these people got shellacked.  Now, in midterms the party out of power — in that case, Democrats — always picks up seats in the House.

It’s just the way it works.  And they didn’t.  The Republicans gained seats, and it was shocking.  So the Democrats — and the reason exit polls was given that “value voters” wanted no part of the Democrats.  So they went out after election, two weeks after it and said that we’re gonna examine how we’re seen on values questions and we’re gonna make the necessary adjustments and changes, and they didn’t.  And they’re not gonna do it this time, either.  The Democrat Party’s in the position it’s in largely because they govern against the will of a majority of people, by definition. 

The majority of the people we now know and are assured are not believers in Big Government and socialism and all this.  They oppose it dramatically.  And the Democrats aren’t gonna give any of that away or change any of that, but they’re gonna try to make tracks here by saying that they hear people and they’re going to make necessary adjustments.  But don’t look for it.  It’s not who they are, and they’re not gonna change.  They think you need to change, not them.


RUSH: Here is Jacqueline in Canton, Ohio.  Great to have you on the program, Jacqueline.  How you doing?

CALLER:  I’m good.  How are you, Rush?

RUSH:  I’m well. Welcome.  I’m glad you got through.

CALLER:  Thank you.  Hey, first of all, I want to say my family loves to listen to you and we sit around and listen to your show and actually your comic relief is great. We enjoy it.

RUSH:  Thank you.  Thank you very much.  I appreciate that.

CALLER:  I want to know what you think is gonna happen now that… I don’t think everything has, you know, settled as far as, like, it all sinking in, what has happened to the Democratic Party in this election.  I want to know what you think is gonna happen with them, like, the blame game, because I think it’s just begun, and I think you will actually get it.

RUSH:  Here’s the thing to look out for.  It has been said, and I agree with it, that Barack Obama will remain the titular head of the Democrat Party.  It will not be Hillary.  She lost.  She’s lost twice.  Hillary and the Clintons are going to be retreat whether they want to or not, but Obama is going to continue to be the face, and I think the spokesman for the Democrat Party.  He’s not leaving Washington.  He will be constantly on TV analyzing what Trump is doing trying to stop it, if Trump’s trying to unwind Obama policies and so forth.  

As such, the Democrat Party will remain a prisoner to the ego and the “legacy,” quote/unquote, of Barack Obama until such time as somebody surfaces as a potential new nominee that could win the presidency.  It’s gonna be a problem for them, because Obama’s gonna continue to be in denial.  None of this will have been his fault.  He will not have to have changed anything.  It will be Hillary’s problem for losing, the Democrats problem — and, as such, I don’t think they’re gonna have very easy road at doing whatever reforms they need to reverse their fortunes.

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