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RUSH:  Here Mike in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Great to have you with us, sir.  How are you doing?

CALLER:  Hey, I’m doing great, Rush.  Thanks for taking my call.  I actually took it a little easy on Mr. Snerdley.  I live in a little town called Lititz, north of Lancaster, about half an hour from Hershey.

RUSH:  All right, cool.

CALLER:  But, hey, Merry Christmas.  I appreciate you taking my call.  I have both a question and an observation for you.  I’ll lead into my question by saying that I believe all of us on the right received an early Christmas present back in August or September and it was given to us, Rush, by none other than Hillary Clinton herself when she selected Tim Kaine as her running mate and not Bernie Sanders.  I think her ego may have gotten in the way, her pride, and she just couldn’t bring herself to select Sanders. And I think if she could, she would (dare I say) Indian-give the gift and take it back, but I wanted your opinion on that.  Do you think she could have won?

RUSH:  Well, maybe.  It’s one of those things you look back with everything we know now and we see how popular Bernie was, and it might have mattered.  It might have made that Democrat ticket a little bit more unified, and mollified the anger that the Bernie Sanders people felt when they learned that his whole campaign was a joke because he’s been cheated and they had engaged in fraud.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  Because then again, they might not have been happy with him as number two on the ticket.  I don’t think they were ever going to get rid of their anger at Hillary no matter what she did.  But I don’t think it matters ’cause you know what?  I’m gonna shock the world.  I think Donald Trump won the presidency the day he descended the escalator at Trump Tower.

CALLER:  Very good.

RUSH:  I do!  I do.  And I really had this reinforced for me, ’cause The Politico’s running a piece… Is it The Politico?  Politico, somebody’s running a… Yeah, The Politico has gone back and looked at all the statements made by elitist experts over how Trump had no prayer, and one guy said Trump lost this the first sentence he uttered.  And I think it’s the exact opposite.  I think Trump hit ’em in the face the first day and they never recovered.  Now, I’m near out of time.  You get your choice of an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.  Which one do you want?

CALLER:  Oh, I wanted to give you my observation first but I can’t do that, I guess.  Okay.  I’ll take the Plus.

RUSH:  What’s your carrier?

CALLER:  AT&T.  It’s my wife’s carrier.  It’s gonna be a Christmas gift for her.  Thank you so much.

RUSH:  Oh, what color does she want?

CALLER:  Gloss black, if available.

RUSH:  Got it.  Got it.  Now, would you like the phone that Rachel from Baltimore didn’t take?  Would you like two?

CALLER:  Wow!  That is awesome, Rush!

RUSH:  Okay, tell Mr. Snerdley what it is ’cause I’m out of time.  

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