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JASON: The governor of Minnesota is going to “phase in” — phase in — liberty. I called for that phase-in a year ago. Man, oh, man. I tell you, these people. Well, I mean, if you look at what they’ve been able to do electoral-wise on all of this… Think about it: Under the fear of covid, we couldn’t go vote. So what did they do? The secretary of state here in Minnesota and throughout the country, got liberal groups to sue him, sue the office and say, “Oh, gosh.

“You’re disenfranchising people, because under covid, I can’t go vote. So I ought to have a mail-in ballot and I shouldn’t have to attach my signature and there shouldn’t be a deadline of Election Day or a couple of days thereafter and la-di-da-dee-da.” Well, naturally these liberal secretaries of state got their buddies to sue them and then they settled, usurping the power of the legislative branch which writes election law.

So here we have the specter of Governor DeSantis signing a voting law in Florida that tells people they’ve gotta prove who they are and you now gonna have a yearlong vote and that’s somehow restrictive. But in Minnesota, where you can have somebody vouch for you to vote — where they want universal mail-in without signatures — why, that’s not restrictive.

No, that is disenfranchisement because it encourages fraud. And when you have an election in 2020 where the Democrats used lawsuits — used lawsuits — to end deadlines, to end witness and voter ID proof, that’s also defrauding the country and people who vote legally. Rush told us about the importance of voter ID not long ago. Audio clip 13.

RUSH: The old photo ID business. Can you think of anything you do in your life where you do not need a photo ID? You need a photo ID to cash a check. You need a photo ID to get on an airplane. You need a photo ID for everything. For the most mundane things in life, you need a photo ID! But yet, Eric Holder and his gang tell us that to require a photo ID when one votes is intimidation, and it is discrimination.

And it will cause people to hole up in their homes and not vote. When people say, “But no, no, no. We’ll be glad to provide them a photo ID free if they just come down to city hall to get it,” that’s a trick also to get people out of their homes! It’s the state using its awesome fist to discriminate and intimidate people who don’t have photo ID. Okay, all well and good. Let’s take it at face value.

The Democrat Party is standing tall, standing strong for people who want to be able to vote but who can’t prove who they are. Now, by the same token, are these people who do not have photo IDs thus also not able to get on an airplane? Are they not able to get a credit card? Are they not able to cash check? I mean, look at all the things you can’t do if you don’t have a photo ID.

Look at all of the areas in our society, in our economy where you are shut out if you don’t have a photo ID. Just think about it. The Democrat Party, which claims to “stand for the little guy,” wants to maintain that status for certain of its constituents. No photo ID! Because it’s just too scary and intimidating to have to have one of those to vote. But at the same time, those people are shut out of the U.S. economy.

Now, you would think the Democrat Party would care about that. I mean, here are people — their voters — who can’t on the airplane, can’t cash a check, can’t do anything. Whatever you need a photo ID for, they can’t do it! They can’t get married, what have you, and the Democrat Party seems content for them to be shut out of such a large part of the U.S. economy.

Now, why don’t we ever hear anything about that? Why don’t we ever hear that the Democrat Party doesn’t care a whit about their voters being shut out and excluded from so much of the economy because they don’t have an ID, a photo ID? All the Democrats care about is that they don’t have a photo ID so that they can vote.

Ask yourself this: What is discriminatory about producing a photo ID to vote and not discriminatory about producing a photo ID to get on an airplane or to get married? Why is one discriminatory and the other is not? Well, we all know the answer to this. The answer is vote fraud. The answer is the Democrats want to cheat, and a photo ID goes a long way towards stopping voter fraud.

People can vote numerous times pretending to be different people, but you can’t pretend to be somebody else if you have to produce a photo ID. Now, there’s not a person on earth with common sense who understands the charge that a photo ID is discriminatory. There’s not a single person with a shred of common sense who understands that argument.

You can have the civil rights coalition leaders all stand up with their megaphones and start shouting, threatening, caterwauling, complaining about having a photo ID. “It’s discriminatory! It will take us back to Jim Crow days!” How does that possibly compute? What is…? What are they afraid of? Are there people who are already living lives that are a lie? Are they afraid that so many of their voters are gonna be found to be not who they are?

Are they gonna find that Jack Smith is actually Jack Somebody Else? The idea that having to have a photo ID is discriminatory and intimidating should mean that it’s discriminatory and intimidating everywhere you have to display one. They never say that! Only when you vote. There’s not a person in this country with a shred of common sense who doesn’t understand what this is all about, plain and simple.

This is about making sure that the Democrats can continue to cheat and have people vote more than one time. That’s what they’re trying to protect. They’re also trying to ensure that it is never established that that, in fact, is happening — and the requirement of photo IDs would lead to all kinds of discoveries like that.

JASON: And yet, as Rush points out, these are the same people that have no compunction whatsoever in demanding that you get a, quote-unquote, “Real ID,” by October of 2022. I think it’s been pushed back now. Some states… In Minnesota, I think it’s been pushed back. You have to have a Real ID, a new driver’s license that comports with federal requirements to get on airplanes. Here’s a novel idea: How about having a Real ID — when you go get that, you’re gonna have to get it — to vote as well?

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