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TODD: So, Elise Stefanik is in and Liz Cheney is out. So now watch what happens. The mockingbird media will now make Liz Cheney the face of the “thoughtful” GOP. She’s the new Mitt Romney. She’s already… Someone asked her, “Are you gonna run for president? To keep President Trump from getting into the White House, are you gonna run for president?” And she hasn’t ruled this out.

There is a group of young legislators up-and-coming in some of these blue states if we stop H.R. 1, which is the Democrats seizing control over all elections so that they are no longer elections. If we stall the court-packing scheme, and if we get true election integrity in the states, this young, new wave of Republican legislators who’ve come up in states like New York, they know how to win elections in those places.

At some point, there has to be a whiplash, because people will at some point this stuff will start to harm them. Like in New York, 40% of businesses are gone and commercial real estate’s tanking, and people are fleeing to Florida and to Texas. There will be… There has to be, there’s an inevitable backlash. Eventually. Even now. Like Fauci’s scaring people into compliance thing finally folded in the face of the polls for Biden.

So there’s people. For instance, Assemblyman Colin Schmitt from New York, is very good, solid young conservative. I think Colin is running for Congress. So Elise represents the people who just have this insane notion of, “What if we…? What if we put America First? What if we rebuilt the lifeboat of the world? What if we had our interests at heart?

“What if instead of buying (as John Kerry wanted us to do) useless, inefficient windmills from the Chinese Communist Party manufactured by people in concentration camps — slaves — we just became energy independent?” So Liz Cheney is out of GOP leadership, Elise Stefanik is in, and Rush would be really pleased with this news. He admired Stefanik’s tenacity during hearings about Trump’s phone call (laughing) with the president of Ukraine. You remember that phony conversation that Shifty Schiff made up?

RUSH: A lot of people are going to say that Marie Yovanovitch is a sympathetic figure because it’s just the easiest way to show you support a woman. Why don’t you think Schiff isn’t going to let a woman question her? So Mrs. Stefanik, the Republican woman congresswoman, wants to ask her some questions. “Nunes can’t allocate any of his time to you.”

She doesn’t want another woman asking her questions because there goes the whole idea that there might be some sexism here. Because if Trump is involved, there has to be, right? Now, you might not think this is any big deal. I am an etymologist. I am a student of words. I am a student of the usage of words and how they are selectively used to manipulate the emotions of people.

It’s very easily done, very easy to do, and it is being done here. By declaring that she is a sympathetic figure, you’re automatically conferring upon her total credibility and honesty without examining what she’s saying. You’re giving her a pass by calling her a sympathetic figure. By saying she’s a sympathetic figure, you can’t challenge her. She gets a free pass. She’s a sympathetic figure. And yet, ladies and gentlemen, she was let go in May, two months before the phone call the whistle-blower lied about, two months before the phone call Schiff lied about.

RUSH: Here is Schiff. This is Nunes attempting to… What’s the term? He’s “yielding back” some of his time to Representative Elise Stefanik, Republican, New York. This is when Pencil Neck would not allow that to happen.

NUNES: I know, Miss. Stefanik, you had a few quick questions for the ambassador. I yield to you, Miss. Stefanik.

STEFANIK: Thank you, Mr. Nunes.

SCHIFF: (banging gavel) The gentlewoman —

STEFANIK: Ambassador Yovanovitch, thank you for being here.

SCHIFF: The gentlewoman will suspend! The gentlewoman will suspend!

STEFANIK: What is the interruption for this time? It is our time.

SCHIFF: The gentlewoman will suspend! You’re not recognized!

NUNES: I just —

SCHIFF: Mr. Nunes, you are minority counsel —

NUNES: I just recognized Miss —

SCHIFF: Under the House Resolution 660, you’re not allowed to yield time except to minority counsel.

STEFANIK: The ranking member yielded time —

SCHIFF: The gentleman — gentleman —

STEFANIK: — to another —

SCHIFF: (sputtering) Nope! Nope! Nope!

STEFANIK: — member of Congress.

SCHIFF: No! (banging gavel) Nope! (banging gavel) that is not accurate.

STEFANIK: That is accurate.

NUNES: You’re gagging (chuckles) the young lady from New York?

STEFANIK: Ambassador Yovanovitch, I want to thank you —

SCHIFF: The gentlewoman will suspend!

STEFANIK: — for being here today.

SCHIFF: You are not recognized, uhh —

STEFANIK: This is the fifth time you have interrupted members of Congress —

SCHIFF: The gentlewoman (banging gavel) is not recognized!

STEFANIK: — duly elected members of Congress.

SCHIFF: The gentlewoman will suspend!

RUSH: So Schiff is the authoritarian. Now, these were the rules Schiff put in place. The Republicans are trying to demonstrate the unfairness of the rules. They know. Nunes knows he cannot yield his time to Stefanik. He makes Schiff bug out his eyes and look like the authoritarian figure that he is. “The gentlewoman will suspend!” It is all part of their effort to make this seem for what it is. It’s a one-sided sideshow disguised as an impeachment hearing.

Elise Stefanik is a star of these hearings. She is a New York congresswoman. She is fabulous. She’s just been doing a bang-up job. She is fearless. She been going on after Schiff and has forced Schiff into a position of being mean to the girl — which, of course, Democrats supposedly never are. She gets both witnesses to say that Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma had the potential for conflict of interest. Number 30.

STEFANIK: Every witness who has testified and has been asked this has answered yes. Do you agree that Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma has the potential for the appearance of a conflict of interest?

VINDMAN: Certainly the potential, yes.

STEFANIK: And Ms. Williams?


RUSH: Okay. So this has not been a good day for Biden. I don’t care what anybody says, it has not been a good day for Biden.

TODD: And these are the stakes! Well, number one, there’s Rush calling out this woman who is now in GOP leadership, as Liz Cheney is put aside in a non-leadership role in this capacity. Of course, as I say, the mockingbirds will now crown her the thinking person’s, the moral person’s GOP. She likes to say, “Well, I’m for the Constitution.” In her reading of the Constitution, then, presidents get to say, “You either get a shot or you put a muzzle on. The choice is yours, but those are the two choices you get to make.”

In her view of the Constitution, presidents get to say, “You know what? I think this race of people is going to get taxpayer money, but openly not this race of people.” He openly gets to do that. That in her view of the Constitution, apparently, Liz Cheney’s presidents get to have a method of simply destroying the suburbs, which is expressed in this Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing thing. Elise Stefanik seems a lot more like you and I, doesn’t she? With some common sense, understanding the stakes of us against leftism to preserve this country?

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