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JASON: This is good news. This is EIB’s High Note for the day. A new covid test that’s a heck of a lot more pleasant than having a Q-Tip shoved up your shnoz. Dogs, covid-sniffing dogs can detect covid. That’s why they’re covid sniffing. Their powerful noses can detect all sorts of things — drugs, explosives, you name it. You see them at the airport, right? Now they’re being trained, believe it or not, to detect covid, even in asymptomatic people.

There is apparently a new specialty detection. One of the places doing it is the Assistance Dogs of Hawaii program. And they’re working alongside Queens Medical Center. The chief physician there, Dr. Whitney Limm, tells us about this phenomenal discovery.

LIMM: This offers an opportunity for a noninvasive testing, adding a layer of security; so just an added lawyer of comfort that brings actually joy to people when they see the dogs.

JASON: Here’s my idea. No more tests, no more masks, no lockdowns, just dogs. We get enough dogs everywhere, we’ve got it made. They can be deployed to hospitals, airports, big events. It’s more effective than temperature checks. Oh, my goodness. They can trust, but verify. My goodness.

Can you imagine the double whammy. I got good news and bad news. Good news is you don’t have covid but you’re smuggling fentanyl. I mean, you know, it can — it can be good or bad, people. If you’re curious about how all this works, you’ll want to see the dogs in action.

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