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TODD: It is Friday, and it is an opportunity to look at some of the fun Rush had on the air. If you’re a long-time listener, you know that Rush was a DJ before a radio talk show host, and his program was full of Easter eggs about songs, and artists. And we’ve gone back and found a whole bunch that we’re creating a playlist from. The next one even drummed up controversy over the origins.

RUSH: You know, let this be a lesson, ladies and gentlemen. When you want something, you have to ask for it. It was just a little over an hour ago that I asked the broadcast engineer to add a song to the bumper rotation, Shakin’ All Over, by The Guess Who. So the broadcast engineer went out and found it rather quickly. Since that time, I’ve heard it once.

I made the mistake of assuming the broadcast engineer would understand that I wanted to be blown away by it for the rest of the show. I’ve heard it once. So what I should have said was… You can’t assume. You can’t assume people know what you mean simply by asking a question. What I should have said is, “Go out and find Shakin’ All Over,” by The Guess Who, and then play it a bunch of times before the show is over.

(Shakin’ All Over plays)

RUSH: (stifling laughter)

(Shakin’ All Over plays)

RUSH: There we go. That’s what I’ve been jamming to the past couple days here.

(Shakin’ All Over plays)

RUSH: I’m getting so many e-mails from people, “Look, Rush. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Shakin’ All Over is not by The Guess Who, it’s by The Who.” No, it’s The Guess Who. Look, I am the former Top 40 deejay, my friends, I know this. They covered this in 1965 — and in fact, The Guess Who is all excited I’ve added their song to the bumper rotation. I’ve got an autographed picture of the band, I got two CDs with the song on it. It’s The Guess Who! Don’t doubt me.

TODD: Don’t doubt the Maha. Incidentally, I know that broadcast engineer, Mike Maimone. He’s a very well-intentioned man and he’s still with the network. He was forgiven the error.

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