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Random Act of Journalism on CNN

RUSH: The infobabe, Brooke Baldwin, was interviewing Senator Tammy Baldwin (Democrat-Wisconsin) about all these kids separated from their parents, crossing the border illegally.

Left Begins to Realize What Just Happened

RUSH: The parents — who are already detained — will continue to be detained and their kids will be detained for longer than 20 days. In other words, they'll be together in jail.

You Must Check Out Our New Store

RUSH: We’ve revitalized it. We’ve rebuilt it. It’s got all brand-new, top-quality stuff. It’s the new Rush Limbaugh Show Store.

It’s Trump’s Katrina — Again!

RUSH: One year ago was Trump's Katrina. Now this illegal immigrant thing is Trump's second Katrina. It's just evidence of how this stuff is manufactured.

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