Your Questions Answered by Rush

What inspired you to be so outspoken in your conviction? It is too difficult to find conservatives who are willing to stand up and say what they think and be honest, even when it’s not popular. You manage to get up every day and say what you have to say. Where did you seriously earn that conviction from?

Rush: ”I’ve always known that if you don’t really believe what you’re saying no one else will either. I’m not a conformist. I have always instinctively avoided Conventional Wisdom and Groupthink. I consider Groupthink to be poison. But the best answer is that I do not worry what others will think of me. Master that and you are FREE to be who you really are. I’m confident, I believe I’m right and want to share that. A lot of people have helped me, people inspired me to believe in myself. It’s fun, actually. I like being right!”

Why did you decide to have an office in California? That just seems kind of odd considering that’s the enemy’s territory!

Rush: “I actually don’t have an office there. The reason we have a satellite studio in Los Angeles is for when I have medical appointments, such as follow ups to my cochlear implant surgery at House Clinic. I want to be able to broadcast so that I am not off the air for extended periods of time. I know you would miss me! Well, and to escape hurricanes!”

What is the most difficult thing about your job and about being Rush?

Rush: “To be honest, I am my own toughest critic. No matter how prepared I am, I often feel I am never prepared enough. I always think-was that the best show it could be? I would say the toughest part of the job is performance pressure especially in tough political times and dealing with extremely serious issues.”

What’s your favorite song?

Rush: “Oooh another toughie! I love music. One of my favorites is – I Can’t Help Myself by the Four Tops.”

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