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This attorney general confirmation hearing is not about whether Ashcroft is a racist, because he’s not. It’s about the fact that, to the religious left, Ashcroft embodies all that they consider evil. The opposition to John Ashcroft is pure religious zealotry on the part of those who “worship at the Altar of Man”. These religious leftists have mounted a crusade against Bush’s nominee for attorney general. They see Ashcroft as a man who’s as committed to his heretical religious beliefs as they are in theirs – and this terrifies them.

To liberals, politics is the means through which devotion to their religion is expressed and “the word” of their creed is spread. It is they who impose their devout beliefs on us when they get in power, so they naturally (and wrongly) assume Ashcroft will do the same with his. Remember this when you hear a liberal say politics is no place for a conservative’s religion, or that Ashcroft will impose his beliefs on us from his office, because it’s they who use their offices to impose their beliefs on us.

That’s why the left has set out to destroy John Ashcroft. They imagine how they would use the power of the Justice Department to spread their creed, and can’t imagine that Ashcroft won’t do the same. The political arena is church to the left, and the god of that church is man, the state, the Washington bureaucracy. The left believes in the primacy of man above any absolute law or higher power.

To the religious left, any view that is in contrast to this creed is blasphemous, which is why many on the left who worship at the Altar of Man – the environmentalist wackos, the radical feminists, other militant extreme leftwing groups – oppose Ashcroft: he believes in just such a higher authority.

Liberals Think That [All] People Are The Way They Are

The left knows they’re corrupt, so they think everybody is corrupt. Imagine them applying this belief system to those instances where they have shown no respect for the law, or used the law as a tool to achieve an end. There are many examples of that kind of behavior, and they probably stay awake at night imagining all the cases where Ashcroft will similarly shred the rule of law.

For these religious leftists, politics is simply the means through which their devotion to the Altar of Man is expressed. Abortion, for instance, is the sacrament of the religion of the pro-abortion crowd. It’s the reason they exist – to ensure that their religion spreads and is practiced by as many people as possible.

They are the religious left, folks. They are as religious as anybody else – and they must practice and impose their religion on everyone else. Because, as with other religions, the Altar of Man charges its followers with spreading the word, and bearing witness to the power of their god.

The Religious Left’s Commandment: Our Way Or Else

This zealotry is why the liberals are not interested in debate with people from other points of view. After all, would you Christians give the Devil a seat at the table in the interest of bipartisanship or getting along? No way! Evil, however you wish to define it, is something that must be constantly fought, and something you must be ever vigilant against. You don’t extend the hand of friendship to it. In fact, it’s a sin to do so.

This is the way the extreme, radical religious left looks at conservatives. We’re evil. We’re a threat. Therefore, anything that they do to defeat evil is justified.

Therefore, when done to defeat a conservative, lawlessness is not lawlessness. It’s virtue.

To understand how it is those on the left consider themselves the presumptive authority over anybody else, put yourself in their place and look at politics as your religion. As a liberal worshiping at the Altar of Man, you go to church every day. You’re much more devoted to those who only go to church on Sunday.

Yes, if you look at the religious left’s objections to Ashcroft in this context, you’ll have a much better understanding of what motivates, energizes and inspires them – and why they hate and fear John Ashcroft so much.

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