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It appears that Stossel went out and talked to some kids in Pacific Palisades, California, a rather upscale area of Los Angeles, and attempted to demonstrate just how the environmental education they get is one-sided – brainwashed, you might say – particularly about global warming. After the interviews, no one said anything – until the environmentalist wackos clued the parents in that this was horrible. So now the parents are demanding that this show not air.
Now, let’s say that an ABC reporter such as Peter Jennings came in here, interviewed me, and after a couple of days passed, I became convinced that I’d been set up and sandbagged, or that I could have done a better job. So I call ABC and say, “I demand that you pull that interview and not air it!” Do you think that I would stand a prayer? No way!
Yet you liberals out there probably are fuming about the John Stossel story and hoping it will be – what you’d call it if the tables were reversed – “censored.” You’re probably saying, “Well, Rush, why should these children be taught a competing theory about global warming? Even if we’re wrong, it would be better to be prepared for it because only then can we fix it. You people don’t know what you’re talking about! It’s hotter out there every day. You ought to see me sweat.”

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