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Reports Fox News: “Firefighters Tom L. Craven, 30, Karen L. Fitzpatrick, 18, Devin A. Weaver, 21, and Jessica L. Johnson, 19, burned to death while cowering under protective tents near the Chewuch River, home to protected species salmon and trout.”
Folks, salmon and trout are not endangered, but even if they were, should these four firefighters have been left literally dying for water so the fish could survive? These four people – Tom, Karen, Devin and Jessica – burned to death because their comrades couldn’t touch a body of water without going through reams of red tape. This isn’t an appropriate time for a See, I Told You So, but I’m sad to say I predicted to you that it was going happen.

This stuff is entrenched in federal law. The US Fish and Wildlife Service can, for the most part, proclaim any animal off limits using the Endangered Species Act. It doesn’t require an act of Congress or a voter referendum. They can take away your land, your home, your property rights, or sentence you to die in a fire, because some fish “might” be hurt. Don’t tell me this is the law of unintended consequences. The people behind this knew full well where it would lead.
The problem here is that these environmentalist extremist wackos are part of the Democratic Party coalition. That coalition is made up of a bunch of independent constituency groups. They are primarily single-issue oriented, but they have as their one common thread the belief in bigger, more powerful, intrusive government. That’s what unites them. In order to get contributions and votes from these people, the Democrats have to pay a lot of attention to the single issue the environmental extremists care about – namely this notion that humanity is what’s destroying earth.

Unfortunately, these extremists have disguised themselves as simply people who love nature, and have marketed themselves brilliantly. They’re smart enough to couch what they believe brilliantly. If you disagree with them, you must be for dirty water! If you disagree with them, you must be for dirty air! If you disagree with them, you must not care about pollution! Everybody wants clean air. Everybody wants animals to not be treated cruelly. We’ve got to protect our animals! They’re the very essence of innocence! They’re so harmless.
Yes, that’s all true – which is why it’s despicable to use the innocence of animals to forward your socialist political goals. They roll video of trees and mountains and animals to oppose drilling in ANWAR, but that’s now what ANWAR is. ANWAR is the size of South Carolina and we want to drill in an area the size of Dulles Airport! That’s why God put the oil there, so we wouldn’t have to disturb anything else!
Folks, we must face this question as a nation: How many people are going to have to die because of these wacko environmentalists and their policies before you take the blinders off? How many. Give me a number. How many people is it going to take, especially firefighters, cops, and others, whose sole reason for being is to save your life and save your property. How many of them are going to have to die over inane stupidities like this?

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