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Lyndhurst, New Jersey Mayor, James Guida, is trying to place a limit on clapping in town meetings as well as a few other changes. Monday’s Bergen County Record reported, “He wants them to be able to use tape recorders only if they get permission in advance. He is pushing an ordinance that would also give him the right to order anyone removed from municipal meetings ‘at his discretion’ if that person is making ‘defamatory’ remarks or being disruptive.
The commissioners are scheduled to vote Tuesday night on these ‘Rules of Decorum for the Conduct of Public Meetings.’ Both supporters and critics of the measure expect it to pass. But some residents worry that the move is an attempt to quash free-speech rights, and they question whether the prohibition against so-called defamatory remarks will become, in essence, a prohibition against criticizing the mayor.”
Some? Just some? It ought to be all!

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