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George W. Bush, with a personal approval rating here of 85 to 87%, has a job to do, and I don’t think this report matters a bit to him. Even Algore and the DNC’s head punk, Terry McAuliffe, don’t want to question Bush’s legitimacy. The only big news here is that the Supreme Court had nothing to do with this. Those justices did not end up electing George W. Bush president. Bush won every recount – I think there were five of them – despite these liberal news organizations known as “the media consortium” paying half a million dollars to produce an Algore win.
At first glance last night, it appeared that again we had the media attempting to undermine the authority and the effectiveness of the commander-in-chief in the midst of a war between the civilized world and a bunch of barbarians – a war between good and evil, a war between those who cherish life and those who are mass murderers. But news works in strange ways. We had this airplane accident Monday morning, and the news of this election coverage probably is not being discussed much in too many places.
Look, George W. Bush is the president of the United States. We know that he is. Algore knows that he is. Terry McAuliffe, while stubbornly refusing to say Mr. Bush is legitimate, admits at least that he “took the oath of office” in the clips I played for you on Monday. We also know that most of the Democrats in Florida now say they’re glad that Bush won, anyway. So this is just the media trying to stir things up for their own ideological reasons. This is a golden, shining example of why people have so much trouble with the media.

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