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But on January 3rd, with Rush’s return to the Golden EIB Microphone after a two-week absence, the topic of Rush – and specifically his successful cochlear implant surgery – had to be the topic. In short: the doctors at the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles called Rush’s surgery a resounding success. They implanted all 16 electrodes and tested them flawlessly at the St. Vincent Medical Center.
It will be weeks before the implant is brought online, so Rush still isn’t hearing – and even after the implant, he won’t have hearing anything like that he lost. He may or may not be able to talk on the phone, for example. Rush discussed the details of his implant, and his successful brain surgery, on his first day back. We’ll let you listen to what Rush has to say in his own words, again passing on Rush’s thanks for all your great well wishes.
But remember, folks, Rush is eternally upbeat even in the face of his hearing loss. After all, he doesn’t have to hear the sound of the phone ringing anymore, and you know how annoying that sound can be.

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