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This is especially going to shock many of you moderates and liberals out there who are of the opinion that Bush is an empty suit and an empty head. It’s hard for anyone to admit they’re wrong, so when you hear me say this in the audio provided below from Monday’s show, you’ll hear me trying to teach, not rub your face in this. These are facts, and you liberals don’t want to just base your policy on emotions as you so often have, do you?
This idea grows from a basic EIB Maxim, namely that some clown gets elected to office and suddenly he’s an expert on everything. Well, what about the economy? Dub has a Harvard MBA and private sector experience up the wazoo. What does Daschle have? He has a political science degree and a life where he never worked for anything but the government. Look at these points:

Bush: Bachelor of History from Yale.
Daschle: Bachelor of Political Science from South Dakota State U.
Bush: a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Harvard
Daschle: no post-graduate degree in economics or anything else

Bush: 11 years as an owner and an employee in private business
Daschle: no private-sector experience. Never owned, never started, a business
Bush: 5 years as partner in revitalizing MLB franchise, the Texas Rangers.
Daschle: 5 years on the public payroll as an aide to an ultra-liberal senator.
Bush: Six years as chief executive of the 2nd-largest state of 28 million people
Daschle: Fifteen years, one of three statewide
representatives of the 46th-largest state of 696,004 people
Bush: Texas is the size of 36 New Jerseys
and has a 1,254-mile international trade border.
Daschle: South Dakota is the size of ten
New Jerseys and has no international trade border.
Bush: the gross state product of Texas ranks third of the 50 states.
Daschle: the gross state product of South Dakota ranks 47th of the 50 states.
Bush: In 2000, citizens of Texas earned $1,729 more per capita than
those in South Dakota and had $1,061 more in disposable income.
Daschle: In 2000, SD ranked ten states behind Texas in per capita income.*
Bush: Texans earned third place in total personal income for the year 2000.
Daschle: South Dakota earned 47th place in TPI for the year 2000.*
Bush: In 1999, a Site Selection’s corporate survey
ranked Texas’ business climate #1 of all states.
Daschle: In 1999, the corporate survey ranked
South Dakota’s business climate #22 of all states.

Now, these are all on a totally serious vein, as proposed by Dean here at RushLimbaugh.com, but let’s look at the personal too.

Bush: stands six feet tall.
Daschle: Five foot six inches in heels.
Bush: Big feet, big hands.
Daschle: Small feet, small hands. (You do the math.)

Bush: 32 teeth.
Daschle: Four rows of 40-teeth each, like a shark.
Daschle: Banned from Victoria’s Secret.
Bush: Not.
I wanted to throw that one in, and have fun with their heads out there. But these are amazing facts, are they not? You never, ever hear a word about President Bush having a Harvard MBA, do you? You never hear about him having a degree in history from Yale. It’s taken as conventional wisdom that Mr. Bush is a boob, a frat boy, and he just slid through life on his name. It’s not true, folks. Bush has experience on the economy – both in the classroom and in the real world – while all Daschle has ever studied and done involves winning elections in a small, relatively business-unfriendly state.
Who can we trust to know how nations revive economies and recessions and create jobs? The answer is crystal clear.

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