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Thanks to cochlear implant surgery done at the House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles, by Dr. Antonio De la Cruz and others, Rush received a medical marvel – some say miracle. We’ve linked to various information sources here at RushLimbaugh.com, provided audio of Rush’s comments on his hearing, and included some important quotes from Monday’s program.
You want to get the news here, rather than from mainstream media types like CNN’s Judy Woodruff. Judy’s comment on Rush’s recovery? “Well, that’s good news for Rush Limbaugh.” Wrong, Judy. It’s good news for America. Furthermore, people are saying that Rush still had some hearing. He did not have any hearing, which is what made him a candidate for this surgery, which destroys the inner ear entirely. Only those who are totally deaf have this implant.
Along these same lines, many of you are e-mailing to complain that the media isn’t running with this story. Rush debunked this point in Hour 3, saying that he’s been flooded with kind media requests, but that he’s turned them all down. He just didn’t want to do the tired “walk along the river” TV interview, preferring instead to tell his story – unedited and totally accurate – from the Golden EIB Microphone.
There have been a lot of news reports since Thursday about the results of the activation of the cochlear implant, and in the process, the media reported some of these things that missed the facts. It’s just the way a story gets out and changes. But now, the facts are all out, and there’s no more excuse for not fact checking.

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