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I’m not complaining, because I know that this is what happens with any story. You tell it once, and that person repeats it, and it keeps getting repeated with little changes. That’s why I chose to use my own bully pulpit here at the EIB Network to talk about exactly what happened.
You – and your friends in the media – can come right here and read the facts. You don’t need to listen to doctors who’ve never treated or examined me, nor talked to anyone who has. You don’t have to rely on 10-year-old video, or grainy sound bites.
The update is that I have to get used to things like turning off my phone ringers. One rang on Tuesday’s show while I was on the air, and I laughed, because I hadn’t turned it on in so long, turning it off had not mattered. That’s the latest little tidbit from this end. So remember, this is your one-stop news source for everything on Rush’s ears. Do you hear me?

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