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Few people believed me then, just as they didn’t believe I was seeing the future clearly when I told you the SUV assault was going to happen. “Oh, Rush, overexaggerating,” they said. No, I wasn’t, because I know these people. I understand who they are and what they’ll do next. So it’s not a joke. There are people who are seriously going to try to figure out a way to tax the way you live if they don’t approve of it, making your business their business in a condescending sort of way. They want to tell us what to eat and not to eat and how to live and where to go.
This is the same bunch that assaulted Olestra. It’s amazing what you can get money to research these days. Reuters reports, “Drinking moderate amounts of adult beverages can help lower the chances of developing dementia, according to Dutch scientists who made the announcement [Friday].” Whether it is wine, beer, or whiskey, people over 55 who enjoy a daily snort are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s or other types of senility than those who don’t consume adult beverages.”
The Associated Press also had stories on this, as did pretty much every other news service. We heard that scientists believe that moderate enjoyment of adult beverages may reduce the risk of these problems through acetylcholine, the brain protein that helps to transmit brain messages. After saying that, we stumble across the obligatory “but,” as in “but too much alcohol is never a good thing.” Three glasses a day, though, go for it.
It’s another mixed message thrown out there to our society. Booze is bad. It’s horrible. We have Mothers Against Drunk Driving and all sorts of PSAs saying, “Don’t touch it! It’s bad!” Blah, blah, blah. We even make beer companies run a portion of their advertising which is oriented toward convincing people not to by their product, much like we tell the tobacco companies to do.
Yet now we learn it’s good for us in moderation. Is this going to be like oat bran? They told us for years and years that oat bran was the greatest thing in the world. They told us, “Eat it and you’ll live forever!” Eight years passed with all of us eating cardboard, and they reported, “Oops, we just discovered it really doesn’t have any effect whatsoever on your life.” They pulled the same thing with caffeine. Take this all in stride, my friends.

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