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I also want to make sure the story gets out with all the facts, because I’m a facts-first kind of guy. So I have always come before the Golden EIB Microphone and shared with you the truth of my hearing loss – and now, of the technology to restore it. We’ve linked below to all the information on my situation, including the latest on having my cochlear implant “programmed” or “mapped,” as I put it.
Based on my tests, I am about six to eight months ahead of the average recipient in understanding single-syllable words and multiple-word sentences. This process entails conducting a bunch of tests to determine what frequencies I hear and just how low the sound volume is before I lose it. All the testing gets put together and combined into a program or two that they then download to the processor that one wears either behind the ear or on the belt. That differs from person to person, based on your testing.

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