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My friends, what is the current campaign finance structure? I want to do something regarding campaign finance reform because it sadly and unhappily looks like it’s going to pass in the House and then go to the Senate. I think it’s time to review just exactly what’s on the books as being proposed so that we can actually go to square one and know what it is we’re talking about. You can hear me outline some highlights of the bill’s provisions in the audio links below, and play a an old EIB parody of the song Copacabana that does the same.
There is momentum behind CFR now generated by Enron mania that has brought fear to the surface. People who would otherwise vote against this don’t have the guts to, and that’s silly because there’s not a public clamoring for this, and Enron is not something that the people are worked up about anyway. But members of Congress, unfortunately, are influenced more than they should be by the media.
As far as members of Congress are concerned, Enron is all that’s going on in your mind, when it’s not. As such, it probably will pass, and the president has sent notice to members of his party and Congress that he may indeed sign this. I don’t pretend to know why, other than during the campaign he said he was in favor of some campaign funding reform.

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