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Can you imagine how happy this makes bin Laden in his cave, to see us appear divided? Yet while the Daschles and Robert Byrds of the world look for political advantage in the blood of our soldiers, the real world goes on. In the real world, at least eight Americans were killed when two helicopters took enemy fire in the largest offensive of the five-month war to root terrorists out of Afghanistan.
These deaths occurred the day after Tom Daschle and the Democrats began this massive criticism of the president and the war, demanding to know when it’s going to be over and how much it’s “going to cost” to protect us from another September 11th.
Cost is something they’ve never cared about in the past, say, with the Great Society or the runaway fraud that exists in Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, AFDC, food stamps or any of the other programs that keep us slaves to the government and fail to help those they claim to. Yet aaaall of a sudden, they care about the cost of the war to protect us from an enemy who’s declared it their duty to get nukes and use them against us.

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