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In the second story, Gorbachev really reams Bill Clinton and praises George W. Bush. All the American socialists, leftists, and environmentalists are going to be totally devastated and shattered when they learn that Mikhail Gorbachev praised Dub, bashed Clinton and admits communism was never anything other than propaganda. It was never substantive, it was never real – other than the tens of millions the system starved. Yes, it was very real in terms of the tyranny and the dictatorship.
But in terms of its promise, it was smoke and mirrors – and Gorbachev is admitting it! This is why he had to open up that environmentalist extremist think tank. That’s the new home of communism, where they tell you what you can do with your land and your income. His goals haven’t changed, folks, so I’d be very wary of this. Remember, Gorby did not defeat or end communism. Maggie Thatcher and Ronaldus Magnus did that.
Gorby tried to parse out a little freedom – just for show – and you cannot do that. Once a people denied freedom their whole life taste a little freedom, it’s over for the dictators. Gorby admits that too. This is fascinating stuff, and I discussed it in depth after rolling our fantastic Gorbasm theme song. I made brilliant points, and asked brilliant questions, chief among them: “If Gorbachev admits that everything he said was propaganda, why are people still going to believe him?”

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