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Useful Idiot: “How can Arafat call off terrorists when he’s cornered?”
TRUTH: He hasn’t been cornered for 32 years, has he? And he’s uncornered enough to make so many calls he runs down his cell phone battery!
Useful Idiot: “Israel’s military might hasn’t worked.”
TRUTH: No, Israel’s patience hasn’t worked, and their military hasn’t been unleashed.
Useful Idiot: “Sharon and Arafat hate each other. Why can’t they talk?”
TRUTH: Barak offered 90% of the country, and all his talk led to was the intifada!
Useful Idiot: “The Palestinians were thrown out of their homes.”
TRUTH: When you hear “homes,” the image of Palestinians sitting in their ranch houses barbecuing comes to mind. The truth is, the land erroneously called “occupied territory” was a desert. The Jewish people transformed it.

Folks, America and Israel have had presidents and prime ministers come and go from both parties, and nothing has changed. Yasser Arafat is the only constant in this crisis. What more can be done? If none of the presidents or PMs were good enough to deal with Arafat of Palestine – a man the Palestinians never voted into office – maybe he’s just been playing everyone for fools.
Despite what the wrongly named “peace activists” want so desperately to believe, Arafat doesn’t want to be a great Arab statesman like Anwar Sadat. He wants the end of Jews, and the end of the Jewish State. All the rest is just B.S., repeated by Arafat’s useful idiots in the media and elsewhere.

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