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You often hear people debate, especially after September 11th, why the rest of the world hates us. This was a big topic of discussion during Open Line Friday. In fact, Rush became so engaged that he kept talking and taking calls even after the show went off the air. Rush 24/7 Members were able to listen and take part via the Internet during what he dubbed “The Fourth Hour.”
Rush has always said the reason the world hates us all comes down to economics. The nations of the earth that have been around for thousands of years are simply jealous of the United States because it has only been around about 225 years, and yet it’s so far ahead in any way you want to measure it – economically, culturally, and spiritually. There is a deep resentment as a result of this success, and David Brooks really hits the nail on the head in describing why and how this came to be. The piece really opens your eyes, not to something new, but rather validates what you instinctively believed but never were able to put your finger on in totality. You can hear Rush read excerpts and comment in the links below.

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