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Just to illustrate the point, there’s a story in the recent issue of Time magazine about this very phenomenon of the new-found alliance between American Jews and American conservatives. And there’s a quote from a seventy-two year old Jewish woman that lives down the road from El Rushbo in Boca Raton, “I’ve started listening to Rush Limbaugh a lot lately, and I’m liking what I hear.” That’s actually how the Time story ends.
Folks, there’s an opportunity here, and I think the White House knows this. I think this is one of the things guiding some of their potential policy moves.
This is upsetting to the Democrats, and if you know what to listen for, you can hear it in the things that they say. But the Democrats are hurting themselves with these personal attacks on Bush. Whether they mean them to be personal or not, that’s how they’re coming across – and it’s turning people off.

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