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Robert Novak reported how badly disappointed Democrats were with Edwards’ performance on Meet the Press. I wanted to see if I could figure out what it is that Novak is talking about in terms of Democratic Party bosses being let down, appalled, shocked, disappointed, upset, or whatever it was, so I rolled the clips on Thursday’s show. Edward’s rheoric was tired and predictable, with every clich? in the class warfare playbook.
Edwards was the guy who would save them from Algore II in 2004. Novak says they’re afraid that the ticket is going to be Gore-Lieberman all over. They don’t want Algore, and they’re doing everything they can behind the scenes to try to persuade him not to run. They don’t think he is likable or able to connect with people. They want to move on.
If that’s true, it’ll mark the first time Democrats thought about trying a new idea instead of rehashing the old ones.

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