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Take the example of a call from Mark in Knox, Indiana. Mark called from a payphone to tell Rush, “I’m a former Democrat. I’m reformed because of you. You have turned me – and since 9-11, I’ve been listening to you.” It takes years of indoctrination, starting in kindergarten and going through college, to twist a child’s mind to the absurd idea that government can solve all problems and America is evil. We’re endowed by our Creator with a natural yearning for freedom that liberals try to beat out of us.
But in a few short months, Rush can turn these people on to the light of truth and get them thinking for themselves. People see that Rush is indeed a conservative, and not a Republican Party organ. Mark saw this and credited Rush for criticizing the things he sees the president and GOP doing wrong. This is the kind of shock people felt when they saw Rush support Bill Clinton on NAFTA. When people hear that, or just listen to Rush for the prescribed six-week period, they start to realize that all the BS panicked liberals have told them about this show has to be wrong.

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