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Now, I just don’t get it. If you know that you’re going to be pressing for drilling off the California coast, why do you go out two weeks earlier and announce that you’re not going to be doing that very same thing in Florida because you need to “protect” the pristine environment? That’s why they said we’re not going to drill in Florida, but the real reason is because the governor is the brother of the president.
Jeb Bush needs the votes down there, so they want to massage the environmentalist wackos. Years of educating the people that drilling does not equal destroying the environment went out the window in one day. We don’t want people in Florida to worry that they’re going to be living amongst oil spills and all that. We gave in to their fears rather than telling them that they’re unfounded.”
If drilling for oil and gas equals pollution, and that’s why we’re not going to do it in Florida, then how in the world is asking for it to be done in California going to fly? The Florida decision does not help the California case here. I told you that the environmentalists would use the Florida action to say “if it’s not good there, it’s not good in Alaska or anywhere,” and now, well…no comment. Just fill in the blank.

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